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									Helping our clients achieve
Working with you
Our aim is to help you achieve what you want.                                We move with the times and our high-calibre teams of diverse and
                                                                             specialist lawyers ensure that you get the best advice. We offer a range
At Phillips, a central part of our beliefs is our commitment to providing    of comprehensive services to business and private clients, from all
exceptional service to our clients – by listening to your needs, taking an   walks of life.
intelligent and professional approach to each case and thereby enabling
you to achieve what you want to do.                                          With our large professional team, we are able to serve the needs of the
                                                                             business and private communities; several of our partners are fluent
We recognise how busy your life is and that your time is valuable, so        in French, German or Spanish. Our support teams are made up of
we aim to make your life easier… not harder. We take the client view         legal assistants and secretaries, with additional staff handling finance,
from the initial contact right through to the resolution of your case.       administration and marketing.
We strive to provide imaginative yet pragmatic advice and solutions,
derived from a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives.          We look forward to working with you.

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         The quality of work produced by
         Phillips during the acquisition of
         The Continuity Group enabled the
         transaction to progress and conclude
seamlessly. Our expectations are high and we
foresee a long-term relationship with Phillips”

Mr Rafi Razzak
Centerprise International
                                                                     Our commercial law teams have a wealth of experience in providing
                                                                     successful commercial solutions to businesses ranging from small,
                                                                     owner-managed businesses to large, public limited companies.
                                                                     Understanding the complexities of the law is our business.

                                                                     We aim to help our clients in a no-nonsense way, free from jargon
                                                                     but focussed on first understanding your needs, then on applying
                                                                     the law to help you achieve the outcome you want.

Business services
Corporate and Commercial Law                                                       lawyers work with employers and employees, covering the whole range
Successful commercial solutions are achieved by seeking a full                     of legal issues in employment law, giving practical advice on all matters,
understanding of your business and its objectives from the very                    whether simple or complex. Our expertise extends to preventative measures
beginning. This understanding underpins the work of our commercial                 as well as to representation at Employment Tribunals or before the Court.
team, together with the highest quality technical knowledge,
commitment, integrity and good judgment in finding legal and
commercial solutions that work for our clients.                                    Commercial Property
                                                                                   The complexities of commercial property law are likely to affect all
                                                                                   businesses, whether they are sole traders or multinationals. A company’s
Commercial Litigation                                                              property portfolio often represents a sizeable slice of its assets, so our
Our litigation and dispute resolution practice combines market-leading             clients value our pragmatic solutions, tailored to their business. Our
local capability with a unique expertise in litigation, trials and local           commercial property team will steer you through every stage of a
arbitration. Our mediation service, delivered through Town Gate                    transaction, providing straightforward, commercially-minded, practical
Mediation, can assist with commercial disputes, helping to reduce                  advice, and taking care of the legal aspects of complex transactions.
disruption to the business and to avoid high court costs.

Employment Law
Employment legislation is changing all the time and is fast becoming the
greatest area of risk for claims against employers. European directives and
statutory requirements now make it essential for employers and employees
alike to keep up to date with their obligations and rights. Our specialist

Call us on: 01256 460830                                                                                              
        I can’t thank you enough for
        your kind and professional
        help in getting me through a
        very difficult time”

Mrs Evans
                                                                Throughout life our circumstances change. We can never be
                                                                sure what the future holds, but our clients can be certain that we
                                                                at Phillips hold tight to traditional values whilst striving to be a
                                                                contemporary, professional practice.

                                                                Whatever your need, you will be in safe hands with our teams of
                                                                specialist lawyers who will give you good advice and help you make
                                                                the right decisions. We don’t expect you to know the ins and outs
                                                                of law, that’s our job, so what we try to do is give sensible solutions
                                                                to your problems that you can understand.

Private client services
Residential Property                                                            the personal attention of one of the private client team – someone on
Moving house is a very important event in your life and can be                  whom you can depend and trust to give you expert advice, no matter
stressful, especially if you are trying to buy and sell property at the         how sensitive the problem may be.
same time. We recognise that we are often dealing with your single
most important asset. So we listen very carefully to your needs. Our
clients value our local knowledge and competitive prices, as well as our        Disputes and Family Law
depth of experience that helps us to keep everything running smoothly.          Many relationships go through a bad patch but when a relationship or
                                                                                marriage breaks down, it is not unusual for one or both parties to seek to
                                                                                separate or divorce. There will be emotional as well as practical issues to deal
Wills and Probate                                                               with and you will need our constructive and conciliatory approach to help
One of life’s certainties is that things change. We can help clients to         you through these processes. Our team at Phillips specialises in all aspects
anticipate and manage those changes. At Phillips we have been helping           of the breakdown of the family unit, especially when it involves complex
individual clients to manage their family affairs and advising them on          financial and property matters and – most importantly – children.
all aspects of wills, trusts and related matters for many years. It seems
that as we grow older life becomes more complex so you may need
our advice on Inheritance Tax, Lasting Powers of Attorney and elderly           Town Gate Mediation
client concerns. Our clients come from all walks of life and each has           Mediation is one of the most sensible and cost-effective ways of
                                                                                resolving family problems when a couple’s relationship has broken
                                                                                down. Separation and divorce usually involve a major crisis for
                                                                                a family but at Phillips we believe in the power of talk to resolve
                                                                                disputes. It’s often the best way to get a resolution that both parties
                                                                                are happy to stick to – and which often costs considerably less than
                                                                                outright litigation. Using our sister business, Town Gate Mediation, we
                                                                                offer mediation services to businesses and private clients.

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        I transferred to
        Phillips from my
        London solicitor on
        the advice of a friend
and I’m very glad I did”
Mr Wilkerson
How we can help you
We are committed to helping our clients succeed. You can be sure       We are regulated by the Law Society, observe their protocols and have
that we will give you the best advice to help you make the right       many important accreditations. Please visit our website for full details.

We are respected for being progressive and modern, focussing           Putting you first
on your individual needs, offering the same level of service           We work with you to help to achieve what you want. Part of this is in
as a London law firm but with the advantage of being local,            the way that we work with you.
approachable and cost effective.
                                                                       You will have access to the partner who is overseeing your matter. If
Each of our teams is partner-led and all our high-calibre lawyers      you call us and we’re in a meeting we will always return your call; if
operate solely in their specialist area, so you can have peace of      you email us we will reply; if you want to meet with us then you can.
mind that you will receive advice from specialist practitioners.       We agree at the onset how we will work together with you and you’ll
                                                                       find us approachable, helpful and professional. We give you full
Phillips Solicitors has been in the heart of Basingstoke since 1986,   written fee details.
expanding from a small office to our modern premises at Town
Gate, London Street, and most recently acquiring the listed building   If you would like more information about our services, and about
next door. Approximately 50 of us work towards achieving the best      how we can help you to achieve, please contact us by phone on 01256
outcomes for our clients.                                              460830, or visit our website:

Call us on: 01256 460830                                                                               
        Phillips are the only solicitors I
        could recommend wholeheartedly.
        I have used them for years for all
        our property negotiations and they
have never disappointed us.”

Sarah Beeny
Property Ladder
Services from Phillips Solicitors

For businesses
•    Corporate and Commercial Law
•    Employment Law
•    Civil and Commercial Litigation
•    Commercial Property

For private clients
•    Residential Property
•    Disputes and Family Law
•    Wills and Probate

For businesses and private clients
•    Town Gate Mediation –

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