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Lavo Las vegas
The Tao empire expands

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                                                           The Latin
                                                            The heavies behind Tao present Lavo,
                                                            a high-concept Mediterranean bistro
                                                            and club. But are two similar venues
                                                            too much of a good thing?

                                                            By Ryan Slattery
Les Baines Douche, a restaurant and club in Paris,
provided the inspiration for Lavo, the latest addition
to Richard Wolf and Marc Packer’s nightlife empire.

S   o what do you do for an encore
    when you already have the top-
grossing restaurant and nightclub in the
                                                         “We’re a concept company,” explained
                                                         Tao owner Jason Strauss.“We were look-
                                                         ing for a fresh idea. Something the city
                                                                                                                designed space (the company is current-
                                                                                                                ly working on concept and designs for
                                                                                                                W Hotels in Philadelphia and Houston)
United States? Well, if you’re Richard                   would embrace. Something so sexy, so                   reflects this with worn-tile walls and
Wolf and Marc Packer, partners of the                    unique, so inviting that people would                  water-stained plaster. Overhead, 20-foot
Tao Asian Bistro and Nightclub empire,                   want to come back again and again.”                    ceilings of weathered wooden beams
you start from scratch and create a                      The inspiration for Lavo, said Strauss,                draw the eye upwards as diners sit in
totally new brand just a few hundred                                                                            leather booths at Moroccan-style tables.
yards from your successful cash cow,                                                                            Turkish water basins flank a glass-and-
and in Vegas terms, you roll the dice and                                                                       wood screened bridge that leads to the
hope that once again you hit the jack-                                                                          4,500-square-foot, second-floor boutique
pot—even in an economy on a decline.                                                                            nightclub, which features 40 bottle-ser-
Now it doesn’t hurt that Las Vegas at-                                                                          vice tables.
tracts 40 million visitors annually.That’s                                                                      “The name plays right into the concept.
a lot of bodies potentially to be lured                                                                         It only made sense to tell the story
for sushi or sake and, at the 44,000-                                                                           through the design,” said Strauss.“We
square-foot Tao, they have parlayed that                                                                        wanted to bring authenticity to life.”
into revenue of $66.6 million in 2007,                                                                          To do so, Strauss said Wolf traveled to
according to the New York Times.These                    AvroKO designed Lavo’s interior to reflect its Latin   Morocco and, wearing a backpack and
operators are no stranger to success                     translation, which means “to bathe.”                   carrying a notebook, scoured the coun-
though. Individually and collectively,                                                                          try for everything from tiles to light fix-
they are the force behind Tao New York,                  was Les Baines Douche in Paris.“It’s                   tures to fabric.The trip netted a bounty
Marquee Nightclub,The Stanton Social,                    one of the most famous nightclubs and                  of items, enough to fill three shipping
Rue 57, Avra Estiatorio, and Angelo &                    restaurants in Paris. We wanted to bring               containers, which were then sent to Las
Maxie’s Steakhouse.                                      that bathhouse concept to Las Vegas and                Vegas and ensembled piece by piece.
That brings us to Lavo, the company’s                    create something with ancient roots,                   The sound, lighting and video systems
new dining and nightlife concept at                      but something that was still modern and                installation was handled by a team from
The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in Las                   representative of Rome and Spain, with                 local firm FBP Group (Tao Las Vegas),
Vegas—a sister property to the Venetian.                 a Turkish feel.”                                       headed up by Frank Heinrich.
The idea here was to create a Mediter-                   Lavo, which means “to bathe” in Latin,                 For video stimulation, FBP’s Bob Athey
ranean bistro with a bathhouse look and                  carries that bathhouse theme to the                    and Matt Paupst designed a robust
vibe. And do it authentically.                           max. From the entranceway, the AvroKO-                 system that includes four BenQ USA
20                       November 2008
                                                                                                    raided the offices of Pure Management
                                                                                                    Group amid reports of inappropriate
                                                                                                    handling of cash and other receipts.
                                                                                                    But Strauss said he has no fears of Lavo
                                                                                                    and Tao competing with each other.
                                                                                                    He said he feels the opening of Lavo is
                                                                                                    beneficial to Tao because now it gives
                                                                                                    visitors another place to visit during
                                                                                                    their stay.
                                                                                                    “[The opening of Lavo] will keep peo-
                                                                                                    ple in the building,” said Strauss.“They
                                                                                                    are totally different experiences. Lavo
                                                                                                    has a more boutique feel. Now people
                                                                                                    staying here and wondering where to
                                                                                                    go on their second or third night have
Lavo’s restaurant seats 300, with a 20-person private dining room and a Strip-side hookah-smoking
patio with room for 100.                                                                            another option. Hey, Vegas is here to
                                                                                                    stay and will be for a long time.”

MP771 projectors controlled by Coolux                inside the nightclub, which will be open
Pandoras Box MediaPlayers. Paupst                    six nights a week from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.         SOUND, LIGHTING, VIDEO
also designed the simple but effective               The restaurant, which seats 300 and
lighting system, which includes Martin               includes a 20-person private dining             22 - Electro-Voice Evid c8.2 8.2 LP
Professional Atomic strobes around the               room and space for 100 on a Strip-side
dancefloor, and 60 Color Kinetics iCove              hookah-smoking patio, dishes classic
LED fixtures hidden around the edge of               Mediterranean all meant for sharing.            20 - Dynacord D 8 speakers
a giant dome, perhaps the club’s most                Menu items include a wide range of              18 - Dynacord H5000 amps
stunning eye-catcher.                                dishes with Spanish, French and Italian
                                                                                                     18 - Dynacord RCM-26 DSP cards
Bob Athey designed an Electro-Voice-                 influences.
based sound system, using EVID speakers              Now anyone who has popped into a                18 - Martin Professional MAC 250
for background and the big guns from                 Las Vegas nightclub recently can see                Krypton moving heads
Dynacord for the dancefloor (including               that these once-overstuffed spaces have         17 - Dynacord D 15-3 speakers
20 D 8 speak-                                                                  some room to
                                                                                                      8 - Dynacord Cobra-2 PWH
ers, two Sub
112 subwoof-
                     ‘The downturn in the economy                              walk around.
                                                                               The downturn              subwoofers
ers and a P-64       is obvious and the feeling from                           in the economy         6 - Dynacord Sub 18 subwoofers
processor).                                                                    is obvious and
Taken togeth-          some insiders is that Vegas                             the feeling from
                                                                                                      6 - Dynacord Alpha V-1/90 speakers
er, the sys-           may have had its heyday....’                            some insiders is       6 - Dynacord LX 3000 amps
tems render                                                                    that Vegas may         4 - Dynacord Cobra-4 subwoofers
the venue as                                                                   have had its hey-
                                                                                                      4 - Martin Professional Atomic 3000
technologically advanced a “bathhouse”               day and the opening of new nightclubs
as you’re likely to find.                            is leading to the cannibalism of the                strobes
Painstaking attention to detail is perhaps           industry, especially with only a handful         4 - Martin Professional Atomic
what led to a run-in with billionaire                of operators—Pure Management Group
                                                                                                         color scrollers
resort owner Sheldon Adelson, who,                   and Light Group included—running the
upset with the delay of Lavo’s opening,              show.                                            4 - BenQ USA MP771 projectors
filed a lawsuit and at one point even had            In fact, the Las Vegas Review Journal            3 - Pathway Pathport R-series DMX
the locks changed during the build out.              has cited sources saying the nightclub              management tools
Strauss refused to discuss the conflict              industry is taking a hit and revenues
and downplayed the situation, saying the             have dropped by as much as 25 percent            2 - Coolux Pandoras Box Media-
company is pleased to have two venues                or more at some venues. Even those                  Players
at the property.                                     payoffs to celebrities to “host” parties         2 - Dynacord Sub 112 subwoofers
Resident DJs Vice, Five, Crooked, Garcia,            have dropped dramatically, and the clubs
                                                                                                       1 - Dynacord P-64 processor
Reach, and Berrie, with a monthly resi-              are seeing fewer A-listers as a result.
dency from DJ Steve Aoki, spin the music             It doesn’t help, of course, that the IRS
                                                                                                          November 2008                     21