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									                        Northstar Industries
                        1714 Broadway                  Main (713) 923-6688
                        Houston, TX77012               Fax (713) 923-5634
                        E-Mail:    Web:

                               “Your One Stop Service Center”

 •   Cause of failure analysis.                                  NEW MOTOR LINES
 •   Repair of A/C motors 220V to 4160V up to 5,000HP.            • Siemens, TECO-Westinghouse.
 •   Repair of D/C motors 500V up to 1500HP.                      • Baldor, Franklin, and Marathon.
 •   Random and Form windings.                                   STARTERS & CONTROLS
 •   VPI insulation standard on all rewinds above 100HP.          •   Sprecher+Schuh
 •   Sealed bearings standard.                                    •   Cutler Hammer
 •   Dynamic balancing of the rotors.                             •   Siemens
 •   Final Repair Reports standard for all repairs, includes:     •   AllenBradley
            o (10 min) PI test/HI-Pot/Surge test.
            o Winding analysis report.                           PUMP & BLOWER REPAIR
            o Balance reports.
            o Vibration reports.                                  • Repair services for the following pump types:
            o Running voltage and amperage reports.                    o Centrifugal Pumps.
                                                                       o Submersible Pumps.
VALVE REPAIR                                                           o Ejector or Jet Pumps.
                                                                       o Piston Pumps.
 • Repair services for the following types of valves up to 96”         o Helical rotor pumps
   in diameter:                                                   • Repair of the following blower types:
           o Actuators.                                                o Centrifugal.
           o Gate valves.                                              o Regenerative.
           o Ball valves.                                              o Positive displacement.
           o Plug valves.                                         • Balancing the rotating parts up to 7500lbs.
           o Check valves.                                        • Machining housings up to 6000 lbs.
           o Butterfly valves.
           o Globe valves.
 • Repairs per API 621 specifications.                           HYDRAULIC CYLINDER REPAIR
 • Welding procedures per ASME sections IX and B31.3.
 • Certified Welders per ASME section IX or higher.               • Overhaul hydraulic cylinders.
 • Hardness testers.                                              • Repair and grind shafts.
 • Dye-Penetrant and Magnetic Particle tests.                     • Fabricate and install packings.
 • Ultra-sonic thickness gauging.                                 • Hone cylinder barrel.
 • 25,000psi valve test stand. Methane leak detector.             • Pressure test units up to 5000psi.

OTHER & FIELD SERVICES                                           MACHINING SERVICES
 •   Repair of gearboxes and differentials.                       •   Custom shaft and flange fabrication.
 •   Turbine and impeller balancing.                              •   Cutting interior or exterior key ways.
 •   Motor Circuit Analysis (Field or Shop).                      •   Re-Babbitt bearings.
 •   Vibration analysis (Field or Shop).                          •   In-line Boring, grinding and metalizing.
 •   Instrument Calibration (Field or Shop).                      •   MIG/TIG/Flux-cored arc welding units.
 •   Field balancing.
 •   Laser alignment.
 •   Pipe spool fabrications and installation.
 •   Mobile installation and welding crews.
                    Northstar Industries
                    1714 Broadway                  Main (713) 923-6688
                    Houston, TX77012               Fax (713) 923-5634
                    E-Mail:    Web:

                                    SHOP CAPABILITIES
Pick up and Delivery:                                 24Hr/Day 7Days/Week
Lifting Capabilities:                                 Multiple Cranes up to 10 Tons

               ELECTRIC SHOP                                           MACHINE SHOP

Maximum Motor Capacity:                               Horizontal Boring Machine:
    • A/C – 10,000HP; 4160V                           • (4”) 40” x 48” table, outboard support, 6000 lb
    • D/C – 1200HP; 500V                                capacity.

Burnout Oven:                                         Vertical Boring Machine:
   • 15’ x 12’; Automatic temp. control; Sprinkler    • 54” diameter, 5 position turret head tool holder,
      cooled W/Digital temp. recorder.                  boring bar, side head, 6-5/8” sq. tool post.

Coil Winding:                                         Horizontal Lathes:
   • Enclosed A/C cooled winding room.                • 44” by 20’; 26” by 15’; 22” by 15’; 18” by 8’ long.
   • Form or Random coils.                            • 28” x 12’ tapering lathe.

VPI Tank:                                             Bridge Mills:
   • 12’ diameter by 15’ deep.                        • 20” x 80” automatic bridge mill.
   • Hermetic grade insulation resin.                 • 11” x 58” bridge mill.
                                                      • 10” x 49” bridge mill.

Dynamic Balancing:                                    Radial Arm Drill:
   • Computer controlled system; 7,500lb max. cap.    • 7’ radial arm drill.
   • Balancing reports; ISO 9004 standards.

Major Test Equipment:                                 Key Cutter:
   • Computer integrated Baker D12 winding            • 30” stroke inside key cutter.
   • Digital Core Loss Tester.                        Grinding Machine:
   • Digital 4160V test panel.                        • 25” x 15’ grinding capability.
   • 15’ x 15’ test pad on a seismic foundation.
   • Digital voltage and amperage recorders.          Dynamic Balancing:
   • Computer integrated Vibration analyzer with      • Up to 7,500Lbs and 15’Long.
       20,000HZ resolution.                           • Balancing Documentation Provided.
   • All test reports are provided for all repairs.

Warranty:                                             Hydraulic Test Bench:
  • One (1) Year on all rewinds.                      • 3000 psi cap., hydraulic cylinder test unit.
                                                      • 25000 psi cap., Valve test center.

Sand Blast/Steam Clean/Paint Booth:                   •   Northstar Gray, or to Specification

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