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By: Taufiqullah Neutron (Masteropik)

Motor vehicles are one of the tools
transportation used by humans to move from
one place to another. Early 19th century's,
vehicle only functioned as a mere means of transportation, it's no wonder
if the manufacturing process has not been touched and aesthetic aspects
comfort. The important thing is the wheels can rotate, so that users can
achieve the goal with a shorter time.

Era of progress and development of automotive technology,
making life increasingly dynamic automotive world. This can be seen from
now motor vehicles not only as a means of transportation, but
developed into a means of creative and achievement, even
vehicles finally become a symbol of a person.
If viewed in terms of shape, the vehicle formerly only shaped
box with a purpose can be used for transporting goods or passengers.

But now, growing very varied forms of vehicles, namely
vehicle with an aerodynamic body, has many accessories and
completeness, and sometimes deliberately designed vehicles that have characteristics
typical of the manufacturer.

The materials used to make cars that time still
the form of wood, then turned into steel that has
good strength, but has a severe weight disadvantage.
Then shifted using eyser plate material, developing
using aluminum body, and present trends in body
fiberglass which has a very light weight.

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