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By: Taufiqullah Neutron (Masteropik)

The development of today's telecommunications market in the 1990's can be expected to
reach 500 billion U.S. dollars. This growth will continue to rise until it reaches one trillion
U.S. dollars in the 2000s. This trend is the increasing needs of users and industrialization.
Developing countries like Indonesia, a high potential for growth of the telecommunications
equipment market.

Already we can guess that there is a very close relationship between gross national income
(GDP) a country with a population density using the phone. Consider Figure 1 below. The
figure depicts the relationship between the countries that have a certain GDP with the number
per 100 persons in the group of people who already have a phone connection.

We will agree to say that the telephone as a means of communication or telecommunication
is a binder (catalyst) in the framework of efforts for economic growth. However, we should
not conclude that the higher a country's economic growth will result in a high density of
telephone users. The number of telephone lines per 100 population has been widely used in
statistical surveys to show signs of developing a country. Many developing countries 70-90%
most of the people living in remote rural areas.

This picture also indicates a group of 100 people who have not a single community phone
line. Such countries classified as very low state of development, both economically and
telecommunications. To achieve this goal telephone service to everyone in the world,
including in Indonesia, by the year 2000 has been proposed that everyone in a society which
is 5km away, a phone connection should already reach.

Decent we know that to provide telecommunications connections at a low population density
areas is very expensive. In addition, rates of return on capital that has been issued to be very
little. The provision of telecommunications networks in rural areas memerlukaan providing
substantial funds, because there needs to be good planning.

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