March horizontal boring

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Leasing of conventional cranes              Bryan F. Pepin-Donat, Director,
Heavy Lift Services (to 3,000 tons)         Contracts/International Business
Heavy Transport Services                    P.O. Box 6510
Rigging Engineering                         607 East Columbia Drive
Heavy Fabrication                           Kennewick, Washington 99336
Machining Services
                                            509.586.0411 Fax: 509.586.0825

Lampson International LLC was founded in 1947 by Neil F. Lampson and provides
a very wide range of conventional cranes for leasing to end users. In addition
we have conventional Heavy Lift Cranes with capacities from 100 tons to 750
tons. We also provide Heavy Lift Transi-Lift cranes which were designed,
engineered and manufactured by Lampson International LLC. These Transi-lift
Cranes provide capacities from 500 tons to 3,000 tons.

Heavy Transport services using Goldhofer type rubber tired trailers and SPMT (self
propelled motor trailers) with capacities to 2,000 tons are available as are Heavy
Transport Crawler Transporters with capacities to 4,000 tons.

We have provided consulting services to various Ports for the purposes of
installing conventional lifting equipment to serve the Ports customers as well as
specialty consulting services for provision of container handling equipment.

We have a full range of fabrication services including heavy fabrications and
machining. Our large lathes can turn 5’ diameters. We have horizontal boring
machines which can machine 15’ vertical and 30’ horizontal. Vertical boring
machines with capacities to 12’ vertical and 12’ diameter are also available.

We serve the Untied States domestically as well as Canada and Mexico. We
also have considerable expertise in Pacific Rim countries and South America.

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