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									Carved Ivory

Since the end of the ice age ivory has been a common material carved into
various shapes. It isn’t done today legally in most locations around the
world so the value of these early works of art are even more precious and
valuable. It is believed the Greeks and the Romans are the ones that
really mad carving ivory into the form of art people have come to

Both of these cultures had numerous gods that they believed in. It was
common for places of worship to have statues of them in place. Each of
them was very detailed and full of live like features. Ivory was the
perfect choice of materials to use to create them. It was also used to
create beautiful boxes with various types of designs carved on them.

The Chinese are also believed to have exported huge amounts of carved
ivory since a very early time in history. This was a main was for them to
boost their economy and to engage in trade with countries around the
world. China has always been very good at trading in order to ensure they
have what their people need that they can’t supply on their own.

One of the interesting things about carved ivory is that you can   see the
changes in culture from the early works to those that take place   years
later. It shows that these cultures have continues to evolve and   that new
tools were emerging to work with. Even so, many of the primitive   types of
carved ivory are very well done. It is amazing when you think of   how
little they had to work with.

The process of carving ivory is one that is very time consuming   and
requires a great deal of patience. The skills were often passed   on from
one generation to the next. In many regards it was considered a   rite of
passage, especially among the Chinese to be taught how to carve   ivory
from the elders.

Most of the ivory around the world that has been used for carving has
come from elephants. As a result many of the species have become extinct.
Others are on the endangered list as their numbers have dropped very low
and it is difficult to get them back up.

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