Enlightenment women Salon of Mme Geoffrin by nikeborome

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									Salon of Mme Geoffrin
       Mme Geoffrin
(painting by Pietro Longhi)
"Abbé Delille reciting his poem, La Conversation in the salon of
                        Madame Geoffrin"

       Jacques Delille, "La Conversation" (Paris,1812)
“The Artist’s Daughters Chasing a Butterfly”
            (Gainsborough, 1756)
“The Graham Children”
   (Hogarth, 1742)
“Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher”
      (Gainsborough, 1795)
 “The Comforts of Industry”
(painting by Morland, 1790)
 “The Miseries of Idleness”
(painting by Morland, 1790)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
“Jean-Jacques Rousseau or the Man of Nature”
       (engraving by Le Grande, 1785)
“A Visit to the Child at Nurse”
 (painting by Morland, 1788)
“The First Steps or the Nursing Mother”
 (painting by Marguerite Gérard, 1800)
Mary Wollstonecraft

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