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HPJ Machining Center


									Accu-Systems, Inc.                                       Impacting our Industry through Innovation

     •   Quick, accurate assembly
     •   Gain production times on CNC Routers and Point to Points by shifting horizontal boring to the HPJ.
     •   Combine operations into one setting eliminating labor content associated with manual operations.

                                HPJ Machining Center

  The HPJ is a Horizontal/Vertical Bore and Dowel CNC machining center used for case construction in cabinet
  and/or furniture manufacturing.
    The HPJ performs the following functions:

       •   Horizontal Boring
       •   Vertical Boring
       •   Dowel Insertion


       •   Routing
       •   Grooving                                         Heavy duty mounting
       •   Dado Construction                                plate and enclosed
                                                            E-Track are standard
                                                            on the HPJ

Strong Table base for
accurate alignment                                                                              Additional Spindles
                                                                                                 in Horizontal and
                                                                                                    Vertical are

Standard Features:                                               Consider ACCU-COMM Software Solutions

                                                                 An intelligent post processor used to combine orders
•    X,Y, Z Axis control for positioning                         together and create cut lists from your order entry
•    15” Industrial Color Touchscreen PC for programming         system. The information is transferred onto the parts
     and running programs                                        and into the machines at the critical points in
•    2 Zones                                                     manufacturing.
•    3 HP High Frequency 24,000 RPM Direct Drive Routing         ACCU-COMM connects ACCU-System machines
     spindle                                                     creating a seamless manufacturing environment.
•    Digital Mechanical readouts for height and depth
•    49” work zone                                               Advantages are:
•    Strong 2200 lb base                                         • Elimination of Paperwork
•    1” Thick Machined Aluminum Work Surface covered with        • Elimination of High Level labor content
     a 3M maintenance free non slip surface                      • Elimination of Complicated Machine Set ups
                                                                 • Reduction of Management over site of individual
Options:                                                            operations
•    Additional Horizontal Spindles                              • Reduction of Long Lead Times
•    Vertical Boring Spindle                                     • Reduction of Costly Rework Procedures
•    Longer table lengths
•    CNC Control of additional axes
•    Additional Work zones         1810 west 5000 south       Salt Lake City UT. 84118    Phone: 800-369-5746

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