How to Increase Your Internet Banking Security

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					How to Increase Your Internet Banking Security

Internet banking companies are working hard to make their servers as
secure as possible. They work with experts in the field of security.
They hire computer-hacking consultants to show them the vulnerabilities
of their systems. There are also things you can do.

The bank will suggest, if not require, that your browser have 128-bit
encryption. This just insures that your information will be safe as it
leaves your computer just as it is when it is on the bank's secure
server. If you do not have the latest version of your browser, you may
not have 128-bit encryption. Make sure you have it before you begin.

Your username will either be given to you by your clicks to bricks bank,
or you will choose it at your virtual bank. If you choose it, there will
be specific rules about how many characters it must have. It will also
tell you whether you must use both letters and numbers, and capitals and
lower case letters. Choose something that is not guessable.

Similar, if not the same, rules are given for your password for internet
banking. (You will always choose your password, no matter which kind of
bank you use.) Your password is even more important. There are certain
ways you can make your password more secure.

For one thing, you can base it on something you know or like. It can be
anything that no one would specifically relate to you. It could be a
line from a song, for example. You could take the first letters of all
the words and make a string of characters for your internet banking
password. Then, you could capitalize some of them, throw in some
numbers, and you have a password that will be hard to guess but easy for
you to remember.

In any case, you should memorize your password and destroy any paper
where it is written down. Then, you should change your internet banking
password frequently. Do not tell anyone your password, no matter how
close you think you are to them. Unless they are on the account with
you, there is no reason for them to know it.

It is always important to log off when you finish with your internet
banking transactions. If you use a public computer, it is even more
important. However, doing internet banking on a public computer, such as
one in a library, is not the most secure course.

An industrious internet thief can get your information off a public
computer without too much trouble. However, some internet banking
companies offer a special service that prevents your banking transactions
from going into a computer's cache memory. If you use this feature, it
makes banking at a public computer much safer.

It is also important that, if you do use your computer in public, you
assure that no one can see the screen when you are doing internet banking
transactions. You should not let anyone see you use your keyboard
either. While many people feel comfortable setting their laptops up and
doing their business anywhere, it is not always wise.
There are many ways to protect your personal information when you do
internet banking. It requires thought and caution, but it can be done.
It is important to remember that you are responsible for the way you
protect your information online.