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        VOICE        O F O N TA R I O ’ S E N G I N E E R S

                                                                                                                               IN S IDE  THIS  IS S UE :

O S P E Turns 10!                                                                                                              l   Ten Years as The Voice of                    2
                                                                                                                                   Engineers in Ontario
The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) celebrates its 10th anniversary in
2010. See pages 2 and 3 for reflections on the past decade from OSPE President and                                             l   Are Non-Competition                          4
Chair Annette Bergeron, MBA, P.Eng., and from OSPE’s past elected presidents.                                                      Clauses Enforceable?

                                                                                                                               l   Public Policy and Advocacy Updates           7

                                                                                                                                   CALL FOR NOMINATIONS
                                                                                                                                   FOR OSPE’S BOARD OF
                                                                                                                                   DIRECTORS OPENS
                                                                                                                                   JANUARY 4, 2010

Awardees (from left to right) Front row: Lloyd Alexander McCoomb, PhD, P.Eng.; Dwayne R. Shirley, PhD, P.Eng.; J. Moyra J.
McDill, PhD, P.Eng., FCAE; Javad Mostaghimi, PhD, P.Eng.; Mohinder Singh Grover, PhD, P.Eng.; Radhey Mohan Mathur, PhD,
P.Eng., FCAE; Raymond Joseph Mantha, P.Eng.; Peter B. Sorensen, P.Eng. Back row: Thomas Szirtes, PhD, P.Eng.; Greg J.
Evans, PhD, P.Eng.; Nazir P. Kherani, PhD, P.Eng.; Ian Donald Moore, PhD, P.Eng.; Jeff Milligan; John D. Tofflemire, P.Eng.;
Edward Arthur McBean, PhD, P.Eng.; Chul B. Caleb Park, PhD, P.Eng. Inset: 2009 Gold Medal Winner Victor Milligan, P.Eng.
                                                                                                                                GREAT LAKES NEED HELP
                                                                                                                               The Great Lakes are in trouble and need our
The Ontario Professional Engineers Awards                       In honour of this year’s theme, “100 Years of                  help. The Ontario Society of Professional
(OPEA) Gala knows no boundaries when it                         Aviation in Canada”, Canadian astronaut                        Engineers and the ArcelorMittal Dofasco
comes to celebrating the best of the best in                    Dr. Robert Thirsk, a past OPEA Gold Medal                      Centre for Engineering and Public Policy at
Ontario’s engineering world – including the                     Award recipient, recorded his congratulatory                   McMaster University are pleased to present
boundaries of earth. A surprise message from                    video on the International Space Station while                 the second in a series of one day symposia –
space delighted the sold-out crowd at this                      circling the globe at 27,000 kilometers an                     Engineering in a Climate of Change: Making
year’s celebration, held on November 21 at                      hour! Dr. Thirsk explained that he would have                  the Lakes Great, a North American Symposium
the Toronto Congress Centre.                                    loved to have been there in person, but the                    – on April 29, 2010 at the MaRS Discovery
                                                                commute was a bit difficult.                                     District in Toronto.


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                                                T H E   V O I C E   O F   O N T A R I O ' S   E N G I N E E R S

                                                The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is the Voice of engineers and engineering
                                                in Ontario. We advance the professional and economic interests of our members by advocating with

                                                governments and offering exemplary continuing education, career advancement and affinity programs.
                                           VIEW                           FROm THE CHAIR
                                           I have been a passionate advocate for the           continue to work together with PEO to raise
                                           profession of engineering for over 15 years,        the Voice of our profession.
                                           starting with PEO in 1995 and culminating
                                           with my election to the OSPE Board of               During my tenure, some of our greatest
                                           Directors in 2002; then, serving as OSPE            accomplishments have been: growth and
                                           President and Chair in 2004/2005.                   stability of our membership; growth of
                                                                                               professional development; more career and
                                           During this time, I heard accolades from our        member services; demand side legislation;
                                           members on the great job we are doing but           establishing our profile with government, in
                                           they want us to raise the profile of our            the media, and with all of our stakeholders –
                                           profession even further. OSPE has made              not only in Ontario but across Canada.
Annette Bergeron, MBA, P.Eng.
President and Chair 2004/2005, 2009/2010   excellent progress but there is still work to do.
                                                                                               The challenges have included really winning
                                           With the thousands of member Voices we have         over our members because membership is
                                           already, we still need more to be heard loud        voluntary and distinguishing OSPE from PEO.

IT’S BEEN                                  and clear – particularly among students. They
                                           are the future.
                                                                                               I think that confusion is diminishing. OSPE and
                                                                                               PEO are very passionate about engineering
                                                                                               and we all want what’s best. That will continue

                                           When I was elected for my second term, I            to drive us for the next 10 to 15 years to best
                                           promised that I would continue to push our          serve the engineers and the public of Ontario.
                                           profession forward while serving as an              Working together will make our Voice even
                                           important memory for our new board. We also         louder. I look forward to the next decade!

DECADE!                                    have excellent new staff in place and we will

                                           10 YeArS
                                             AS The Voice of engineerS
                                             in onTArio
                                           The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers       with OSPE becoming self-funding in January
RENEW YOUR                                 (OSPE) celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2010.     of 2004.
MEMBERSHIP                                 The advocacy and member services body for
                                           Ontario’s engineers, OSPE was the result of a       Since that time, OSPE has made considerable
ONLINE AT                                  two-year process to separate regulatory and         gains in fulfilling its mandate including:
WWW.OSPE.ON.CA!                            non-regulatory affairs for the profession in the
                                           province. A referendum of Professional              In Advocacy:
Take advantage of OSPE’s fast, easy        Engineers Ontario (PEO) members found 80%
and secure online membership renewal,      support in favour of the separation. OSPE           l   Qualifications-Based-Selection (QBS)
or simply call 416-223-9961 ext. 229 for   became a legal entity in April 2000, with           l   Energy
personal service.                          operations beginning in December that same          l   Climate Change
                                           year.                                               l   Clean Water
                                                                                               l   Brownfields
                                           The successful transition to independence
                                                                                               l   Engineering Labour Market

                                           from PEO took place over the next three years,

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In celebration of OSPE turning 10, we asked our past elected presidents to briefly
reflect on the last ten years.

Robert Goodings, P.Eng.,
President and Chair 2001/2002

OSPE started out in 1998 as a child of the PEO’s Joint Implementation Committee commissioned to sort out how
to create an organization that would be an advocacy voice for professional engineers in Ontario. The result ended
up with a clear mandate given by PEO members to create OSPE. The first board members elected in 2001 along
with its professional staff and those that followed right up to today have been exemplary in their commitment to
be the Voice of Ontario’s Engineers. I see a bright future for OSPE. It is an honour to be associated with them.

Catherine Karakatsanis, M.E.Sc., P.Eng.
President and Chair 2002/2003

Medicine and law have had advocacy bodies for decades, so PEO members voting to establish a similar
organization for engineering knew we had to catch up. I am honoured to have been on OSPE’s first elected board
and to be a Past President and Chair. OSPE has done an excellent job of inventing itself and on having a significant
impact on advocacy. I encourage PEO members to support OSPE so that in the next 10 years we see OSPE’s
further solidification as the voice of engineers in Ontario.

Daniel J. Young, M.Eng., P.Eng.
President and Chair 2003/2004, 2006/2007

Looking back over the past decade, it’s fulfilling to see how far OSPE has come as the Voice of Ontario’s engineers.
But we need more. For OSPE to effectively compete, we need every engineer in Ontario to step up to the plate,
join OSPE and add his or her voice to our efforts. While we may not have the resources to be the loudest
profession out there, one thing is for sure, the more voices we have, the more we will be heard –
and that will help us all.

Chris Cragg, M.A.Sc., MBA, P.Eng.
President and Chair 2005/2006

Looking back, a lot has been accomplished in ten years. OSPE has built a credible voice for Engineers at Queen's
Park through representation on such public issues as drinking water, energy, infrastructure, building codes and
environment. The government has in turn invested in engineering projects which is crucial for jobs in today's
tough economic climate. OSPE has also served members by creating a broad spectrum of support services and
continues to seek ways to put the interest of members first.

Michael Monette, MBA, EDP, P.Eng.
President and Chair 2007/2008, 2008/2009

Nearing the end of the decade OSPE stands proud, volunteers and staff, having established strong relationships
based upon integrity with its membership, PEO, Engineers Canada and affiliated parties including Government
who know The Voice of Ontario’s Engineers. Focus is now outward to address Climate Change, Energy Mix,
Sustainability, Innovation, and most fundamentally the well being of our multicultural engineering
community who are the economic foundation and innovation engine for the next decade.                              3
                                                   Are Non Competition Clauses                          l   whether the non-competition clause is overly
                                                                                                            long or whether it covers too broad a
                                                                                                            geographical area; and

                                                   Employment agreements often contain non-             l   whether a non-solicitation clause would be
                                                   competition clauses (which prohibit departing            sufficient to protect the employer’s interests.
                                                   employees from conducting business with
                                                                                                        In balancing the rights and obligations of
                                                   former clients and customers) and non-
LEGALEASE                                          solicitation clauses (which prohibit departing
                                                   employees from enticing customers or other
                                                                                                        employers and departing employees, Courts
                                                                                                        have consistently held that, in most
                                                                                                        employment situations, if a non-solicitation
                                                   employees away from their former employer).
                                                                                                        clause can protect an employer's interests, then
                                                   As a general rule, while non-solicitation clauses    a non-competition clause is probably
                                                   are enforceable in employment agreements,            unreasonable and will not be enforceable.
                                                   non-competition clauses will only be
                                                   enforceable in exceptional circumstances. The
                                                   reason for this is that non-competition clauses      If you would like additional information or have
                                                   restrict an employee’s ability to find               specific questions, contact Kathy Sutherland
                                                   employment in their field of work.                   directly at (613) 567-7824 ext 228 or
                                                   In determining whether a non-competition
                                                   clause is enforceable, the Court will consider
                                                   the following:                                       OSPE Members save
                                                   l   whether the employer has “proprietary            7.5% on legal advice
                                                       interests” worthy of protection, such as long-
Kathryn G. Sutherland, P.Eng.                          standing customer and supplier
Barrister and Solicitor                                relationships;

(continued from page 1)

Continuing with the aviation theme, former         This year’s 16 distinguished awardees included
astronaut Dr. Bjarni Tryggvason – a friend and     engineers from academia, government, and
colleague of Dr. Thirsk – gave the keynote         the private sector. The Gold Medal recipient
address. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of     was Victor Milligan, P.Eng., an international
powered flight in Canada, Dr. Tryggvason had       expert in dam construction and founder of
piloted a replica of the Silver Dart in February   one of the world’s most successful consulting
2009.                                              engineering firms, Golder Associates. Sadly,
                                                   Mr. Milligan passed away on March 4, 2009
Co-hosted by the Ontario Society of                while vacationing in Mali, West Africa. His
Professional Engineers (OSPE) President and        award was accepted by his son Jeff Milligan.
Chair Annette Bergeron, MBA, P.Eng., and
Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) President     Beyond the award presentations and the
Catherine Karakatsanis, M.E.Sc., P.Eng., the       speeches, it was an evening of re-uniting with
evening’s events also included a                   past acquaintances and making new friends.
congratulatory message from Ontario Premier        The evening ended with attendees dancing to
Dalton McGuinty, read by Minister of Revenue,      the dulcet tones of a live band and a
the Honourable John Wilkinson, MPP.                wonderful time was enjoyed by all in
                                                                                                        Dr. Bjarni Tryggvason gives keynote address

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and the ArcelorMittal Dofasco Centre for Engineering and Public
Policy at McMaster University continue their quest to collaborate and create greater public awareness of engineering
and public policy knowledge. Below are two articles from McMaster – one from a graduate, and one from a current
student – describing their experiences at the Centre.

Maria Topalovic                                                               George Shaparew
B. Eng & Mgmt ‘08                                                             President, Innisfil Hydro
MEPP Candidate ‘10
                                                                              After completing graduate degrees in Business and Law, I was looking for
                                                                              another program that would help develop my acumen in sustainability. I’ve
The Engineering & Public Policy program has taught me to look at social,
                                                                              chosen the Masters of Engineering and Public Policy program from
political and environmental problems in a holistic way in order to
                                                                              McMaster because sustainable development is not only in vogue, it’s social
determine sustainable solutions. What I find truly remarkable about the
                                                                              enlightenment. The program provided me the opportunity to do research
program so far is that I continue to look at problems in a different context
                                                                              in Sustainable Energy, Green Engineering and Emerging Issues, which has
every day. It is only in this program that you can find a room full of
                                                                              directly influenced my vocational field. I am presently the President of
engineers and scientists discussing the importance of water security in
                                                                              Innisfil Hydro and I have recently been invited to sit on the Strategic
developing nations, the effectiveness of policy development on a local,
                                                                              Steering Committee on Performance, Energy Efficiency and Renewables
national or global scale, and methods of incorporating green engineering
                                                                              for the Canadian Standards Association. This program can help us make
principles into a business. I look forward to completing my degree and the
                                                                              a difference.
opportunities that lie ahead.

                                                                                                           Engineering in
This year’s event features keynote speakers:        John W. Campbell, P. Eng.
                                                                              (continued from page 1)
                                                                                                           a Climate of
Maude Barlow
                                                    John Campbell is President and Chief Executive
                                                    Officer of Waterfront Toronto (formerly known
                                                                                                           Change Making
Maude Barlow is the National Chairperson of
the Council of Canadians and chairs the board
                                                    as the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization
                                                                                                           the Lakes Great
of Washington-based Food and Water Watch.
                                                    Join us as we discover how engineers are
                                                                                                           For more information on
Dr. Ian Burton                                      attempting to advance efforts to mitigate,              registration and/or sponsorship
                                                    adapt and build resilience to the effects of a          of the Engineering in a Climate of
Dr. Ian Burton is Emeritus Professor at the
                                                    changing climate. The symposium will examine
University of Toronto and a Scientist Emeritus
                                                    the large lakes of the world, including the            Change Making the Lakes Great
with the Impacts and Adaptation Research            Laurentian Great Lakes region that contains            Symposium on April 29, 2010
Group of the Meteorological Service of Canada.      one-fifth of the world’s supply of surface
                                                                                                           please visit

Minister of Revenue, the Honourable John Wilkinson, MPP brings a congratulatory       (L-R) Catherine Karakatsanis, M.E.Sc., P.Eng., PEO President; Annette Bergeron, MBA,
message from Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.                                         P.Eng., OSPE President and Chair; Jeanette Southwood, P.Eng. Ontario Professional
                                                                                      Engineering Awards Committee Chair

10 Years of The Voice
(continued from page 2)
                                                             In Continuing Education:

                                                             l   Specialized programs and courses designed
                                                                                                                      “With the thousands of
                                                                                                                      member Voices we have
                                                                 specifically for engineers at any stage in
In Members Services:
                                                                 their career                                         already, we still need more
                                                             l   Preparatory courses as administered by PEO
l   Preferred rates on group insurance through               l   Special courses for Internationally Trained          to be heard loud and clear –
    The Personal Home and Auto Insurance                         Engineers (ITEs)
l   Newly introduced Professional Liability                                                                           particularly among
    Insurance                                                For more information about what OSPE has
l   Legal Services                                           accomplished, and continues to accomplish as             students. They are the

    Life and Health Insurance
    Travel and Entertainment
                                                             the Voice of Ontario’s engineers, please visit
                                                             our website at
                                                                                                                      Annette Bergeron, MBA, P.Eng.
                                                                                                                      OSPE President and Chair

In the second half of 2009, OSPE continued its               l   McMaster University                                  keynote address at the 2009 National
outreach program to Ontario universities,                    l   Queen’s University                                   Conference on Women in Engineering
paying particular attention to Career Fairs and              l   Ryerson University                                   (NCWIE), hosted by the University of Toronto
presentations to engineering students as a                   l   University of Guelph                                 and the Canadian Federation of Engineering
whole. Presentation topics included                          l   University of Ontario Institute of Technology        Students (CFES).
information about OSPE as well as strategic                  l   University of Ottawa
career planning and “how to get a job after                  l   University of Toronto                                OSPE also attended the annual PEO Student
graduation”.                                                 l   University of Western Ontario                        Conference at Queen’s University on
                                                             l   Waterloo University                                  November 28 where Ms. Bergeron gave a
Universities visited included:                                                                                        welcoming address to the attendees of the
l Carlton University                                         On November 28, Annette Bergeron, MBA,                   Gala dinner.
l Laurentien University                                      P.Eng., OSPE President and Chair, gave a

ANd AdVOCACY UPdATEs                                                                               EVENTS

OSPE released a policy statement on nuclear
                                                 new residential, commercial and industrial
                                                 buildings with a gross floor area of over 2,000
                                                 square metres. OSPE is working with the city’s
                                                 Technical Advisory Group to build awareness
energy following the suspension of the RFP for
                                                 of the implications of the by-law to engineers
a new nuclear facility at Darlington. OSPE
                                                 in the GTA.
                                                                                                   • ONTARIO ENGINEERING
recognizes that base load nuclear is an
important component of Ontario’s energy
supply mix and can act to counterbalance         Building Code                                      Hosted by the University of Waterloo, the
intermittent solar and wind output.                                                                 January 29-31, 2010 competition features the
                                                 OSPE submitted feedback to the Ministry of         theme “Redefining Engineering”. Visit
Economy                                          Municipal Affairs & Housing on proposed    for more information.
                                                 interim changes to the Building Code
Since June 2009, OSPE has reached out to         requesting that the Building Code recognize
more than 250 members by hosting a series of     the qualifications of professional engineers in   • NATIONAL ENGINEERING
career planning seminars with practical career   the same way as those of architects. A more        MONTH
advice on retraining programs, industry          extensive consultation on the Code will take
                                                                                                    This year’s National Engineering Month features the
trends, job search skills and resume writing.    place in early 2010.
                                                                                                    theme “Design the Future” and includes dozens of
Career planning seminars will continue in                                                           engineering-inspired activities for all ages with
2010.                                            Accessibility Standard                             events located right across the province – Ontario’s
                                                                                                    programs will run from February 27 to March 7, 2010.
Research & Innovation                            Throughout 2009 OSPE worked with a                 Watch for a special Globe & Mail supplement on
                                                 government-appointed standing committee            February 25, 2010.Visit
                                                 tasked with developing accessibility standards for more
Public-private partnerships and related
                                                 for new and extensively renovated buildings.       information.
themes are discussed in OSPE’s new policy
                                                 The committee will reconvene in early 2010 to
statement on research and innovation,
                                                 discuss input gathered during the public
released in September 2009. OSPE is excited to
                                                 review period, which closed in October.           • CLIMATE CHANGE
profile innovation success stories in
engineering and to offer tips on applying for                                                        The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE)
                                                 For a full update on these and other               and the ArcelorMittal Dofasco Centre for Engineering
federal and provincial funding programs.
                                                 issues of concern to engineers,                    and Public Policy at McMaster University are pleased
Watch for details in Society Notes, OSPE’s
                                                 please visit our website at                        to present the second in a series of one day
electronic newsletter.
                                                                           international symposia – Engineering in a Climate of
                                                                                                    Change: Making the Lakes Great – on April 29, 2010
Climate Change
                                                                                                    at the MaRS Centre in Toronto. Details and
                                                                                                    registration available at
The City of Toronto has passed a by-law
requiring the construction of green roofs on

                                                                                                   • OSPE AGM MAY 5, 2010
                                                                                                    Watch for details.
Are you missing out on our Society Notes and Advantage Career Services
electronic newsletters? Or on important emails? If you are not receiving
                                                                                                    For full details on these events,
emails from us, please visit to update your member                                   visit our website at
profile and email address, or contact Kris Light at,                    
416-223-9961 ext. 231.  You should also ensure that your anti-spam
software is set to “allow” emails from OSPE.
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