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Iran   is the primary home of the Islamic faith and culture that you will
find   in the world. They are often people misunderstood and many of them
that   come to other countries to seek a better way of life aren’t given a
fair   chance from society to do so at all. Iran is located in the Middle
East   in the area that lies between Iraq and Pakistan.

While the climate of Iran is very mild and the area is full of plains as
well as mountain areas it is highly polluted. The amount of industry
there due to producing so much oil has really taken a toll on the
environment. There aren’t any laws there about clean are or emissions.
The focus is always on having a healthy economy at any cost.

The economy of Iran is very strong due to the amount of oil and natura l
gas that they have an abundance of. They government of Iran is very
private and they strive to keep things under wraps. This doesn’t sit well
with other countries though that definitely feel Iran has plenty to hide.
They want to be able to gain access to more information. Yet the leaders
of Iran continue to deny access to their areas or to really sit down and
talk with leaders of other countries unless it has to do with helping
them out economically.

There has been a great deal of controversy with Iran and other countries
including the United States. Iran has long been accused of developing
various types of nuclear weapons. In 2003 they were attempting to state
that large volumes of uranium that they were importing were for research.
Yet it is believed it was actually for the further development of more
advanced nuclear weapons.

Iran has also been involved in various acts of terrorism around the
world. Some of them groups from Iran have readily taken credit for.
Others they have been blamed for even though the country continues to
deny any connection to such events taking place. As a result there have
been sanctions in place to prevent the purchase of oil from Iran and to
cut off dealings with financial resources in the United States. There are
peaceful talks in the works with the United Nations and Ian though to
help iron out some of the problems that haven taken place in the past.

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