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									<title><H3>A Nuclear
Are there nuclear weapons hidden all over Iran that could result in mass
destruction as the United States government and they United Nations
continue to claim? One of the big red flags that was uncovered in 2003
was the high amount of uranium being transported to Iran. It is believed
this is the material they are using to create their artillery of nuclear
It is believed that Iran has very advanced forms of technology that they
have been able to access and implement for nuclear weapons. Finding out
if such materials exist though is much harder than one might think. The
information that is provided by Iran is only going to be what they want
to provide. Even a full search of the area at the hands of forceful war
wouldn’t mean these items could be located. If they exist then they will
also be very well hidden.
When asked about the large amount of uranium the stand from Iran is that
they are using it to develop a plant where the uranium can be transferred
into a resource for energy. While this is possible many people have
varied opinions on the issue. Iran can certainly afford to pay for the
cost of uranium due to the billons they earn annually with the sale of
oil to countries including China. Yet is it cost effective to convert
something like that into energy? Also, why was Iran being so secretive
about the amount of uranium they were buying?
Many people believe that the threat of a nuclear Iran is just too large
to ignore. They feel a war is on the horizon. Many feel that the only
reason why it hasn’t already taken place is that the United States is
still to heavily involved in issues taking place in Iraq. What the future
of this will be is unknown as Iran isn’t showing signs of wanting to work
well with either the United States or the United Nations when it comes to
the topic of nuclear weapons.
The threat of a nuclear war is one that no one really wants to think
about. Yet being prepared for such events is what will help our world to
survive if it should take place. Iran continues to be one of the
countries that is watched very closely due to the belief that they are
hiding large amounts of nuclear weapons. Given their shaky relationship
with so many countries around the world including the United States
though this isn’t a place you want to give the benefit of the doubt.

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