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									Dreyfus Liquid Assets

Dreyfus is a leader in the industry of mutual funds which is one of the
top liquid assets that individuals choose to take part in. They have only
been in the business since 2004 but the amount of money that they bring
in is unbelievable. Their net assets are $1.8 billion and they continue
to climb.

Many people have come to trust them for their investments with liquid
assets because of their great leadership and reputation. They also like
that Dreyfus pays out dividends on a monthly basis instead of quarterly
or annually as many other companies choose to do. Dreyfus has many goals
in place for their own accomplishments as well as to ensure they can
offer the best of benefits to all that they work with.

One of the ways in which they help to ensure people make money and
minimize the risk is to have a very diverse portfolio set up. This means
they don’t have all of their money invested in just one or two entities.
This means that there is more of a chance of some of them doing well. The
saying that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs into one basket really
comes into place with the integrity of Dreyfus.

Many customers of Dreyfus appreciate their honesty as well. Nothing is
sugar coated and they are informed from the start that there is a risk
involved. There is no guarantee that they will be making any money but
there is a chance it can happen. They are also very careful to hire only
the best people to manage the portfolios. It is nice to know that you are
in such great hands with Dreyfus.

Money market funds have become one of the many ways in which people have
started to invest their money. They are confident in liquid assets and
love the fact that they can sell them without incident when they need to
get their hands on cash that they may need. With Dreyfus as your leader
it is easier than ever to take that plunge and invest in liquid assets.
It can be fun as well as a great way to make some money for your future.

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