Georgia by truth4reviews



It will take several hours to pass through Georgia on
US Route 1, yet it only passes through one large city,
Augusta, at the very northern end of the state, and
ends at Folkston a very small town, on the southern

It is a rural route, passing through many small towns
and villages and large plantations with large fields
that produce enormous quantities of cotton, winter
wheat, corn, soybeans and peanuts. Georgia proudly
produces more peanuts than any other state in the
country, and Vadalia, Georgia produces the sweet and
coveted Vadalia onions in the spring.

US Route 1 has remained inland since Connecticut, but
in Waycross, Georgia, it begins an easterly route to
the Florida coast, where it will remain until its end
in Key West. For now, enjoy the beautiful rich, red
clay and large fields that make up Georgia.

If you were inclined to take a side trip while in
Georgia, Savannah is a beautiful old city that is well
worth the time. Take US Route 16 West in Oak Park; it
will bring you into Savannah and the beautiful area of
Tybee Island. There are a multitude of things to do in
Savannah, including visiting the “Garden of Good and
Evil” and numerous tours around this beautiful coastal

Okay, it’s almost the final leg of your trip south on
Route 1-a few miles an you will be in Florida-and you
thought Georgia was a long state!

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