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a            POP QUIZ!

How many millionaires were there
in 2007 in the U.S.?
 A. 850,000
 B. 1.9 million
 C. 5.1 million
 D. 6.7 million
 E. 9.3 million
 According to CNN Money and Reuters, the
  answer is D (6.7)
 Both estimates DO NOT include the value
  of a primary residence

How many billionaires (in U.S.
dollars) were there in the world in
as of 2/13/2009?
 A. 27
 B. 793
 C. 1125
 D. 1782
 E. 2899
 The correct answer is B
 There are 793 billionaires in the world,
  according to Forbes. After losing the top
  spot to Warren Buffet last year, Bill Gates
  regain the number one spot in 2009.
   Richest people:
        Bill Gates – 40 billion (down $18 billion)
        Warren Buffett – 37 billion (down $25 billion)
        Carlos Slim Helu – 35 billion (down $25 billion)
What is the highest denomination
U.S. banknote ever issued?
 A. $100
 B. $500
 C. $1,000
 D. $100,000
 E. $1 million
   The correct answer is D
   Although the highest denomination in circulation today is
    $100, it has only been about 30 years since much higher
    denominations were available. High denomination notes
    of $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 were last printed in
    1945, but continued to be issued for circulation until
    1969. However, the highest denomination notes ever
    printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing were the
    $100,000 Gold Certificates issued in 1934. These notes
    were used for transactions between Federal Reserve
    banks and were not circulated among the general public.
What is the lowest denomination
U.S. paper money ever issued?

 A. 3 cents
 B. 5 cents
 C. 25 cents
 D. 50 cents
 E. $1
   The correct answer is A
   During the Civil War period, people hoarded
    coins because of their intrinsic value. This
    created a drastic shortage of coins for
    circulation. To deal with this problem, the Bureau
    of Engraving and Printing produced "fractional
    currency" starting in 1862. The lowest
    denomination in this series was three cents.
    Fractional notes were discontinued in 1876.
How many women have ever
appeared on U.S. money?

 A. none
 B. one
 C. three
 D. four
 E. twelve
   The correct answer is D
   Martha Washington appeared on the face of the
    $1 silver certificate issues of 1886 and 1891,
    and on the back of the $1 silver certificate of
   Sacagawea appeared on the $1 coin
   Susan B. Anthony replaced Sacagawea on the
    $1 coin
   Pocahontas is depicted on the 1869-1878 $10
How many new U.S. banknotes are
printed every day?

 A. 2.1 million
 B. 6.4 million
 C.13 million
 D. 26 million
 E. 81 million
 The correct answer is D
 During fiscal year 2009, the Bureau of
  Engraving and Printing (BEP) printed 26
  million currency notes each day with a
  face value of about $907million.
 About 95% of the currency notes printed
  each year are used to replace notes that
  are already in circulation.

Who makes the final decision on
who will appear on U.S. bills?

 A. The President of the United States
 B. The Secretary of State
 C. Congress
 D. The Secretary of the Treasury
 E. The First Lady
   The correct answer is D
   The Secretary of the Treasury is responsible for
    making the final decision on who will appear on
    U.S. bills. Since U.S. law prohibits portraits of
    living persons from appearing on Government
    Securities, the Secretary has to ensure that the
    portrait is of a deceased person whose place in
    American history is well known.
If you had $1 million in $1 bills, how
much would it weigh?

 A. 225 lbs
 B. 1,435 lbs
 C. 2,203 lbs
 D. 11,210 lbs
 E. 22,650 lbs
 The correct answer is C
 454 $1 bills weigh one pound. A million
  one dollar bills would weigh 2,203 pounds.
If you had $10 billion in one dollar
bills and spent one every second of
every day, how long would it take
you to go broke?
 A. 112 years
 B. 229 years
 C. 317 years
 D. 378 years
 E. 401 years
   The correct answer is C.
Thequiz is over.
How did you do?
Class Project 1 –
Retirement Plan Option
 Follow the retirement plan process
  detailed in the reading packet
 4-7 page write-up explaining your findings
  and answering some questions
Class Project 1 –
Power Pay Option
   Follow the Power Pay process of debt
    elimination as outlined in the reading packet
     The person on whom you are completing the
      assignment must have at least 2 debts
     The process must be completed on all debts

   4-7 page write-up explaining your findings and
    answering some questions
Class Project 2 –
Spending Plan Option
   Create a personalized spending plan (i.e. budget)
   Track your income and expenses for a 2 month period
       Account for every penny that comes in and every penny that
        goes out
       If you are in a relationship with shared income and expenses,
        you must track this together
   Formulate goals and a plan
       It’s more than just knowing what is happening with your money,
        it’s creating a plan for what to do with your money
   4-7 page write-up explaining your findings and
    answering some questions
Class Project 2 –
Stock Market Option
   Invest a fictitious $10,000 in the stock market
   Track your progress over an 8 week period, with weekly
   Buy and sell as you wish
   Calculate the percentage increase/decrease weekly and
   4-7 page write-up explaining your findings and
    answering some questions
   Some websites to get started:

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