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Ivory is a type of substance used to make different types of art work out
of. It is often carved with various details to depict pictures of people
and animals. In the Chinese culture ivory has often been used to carve
statues of the Buddha which is a very important part of their religion.
Most types of ivory artwork are considered to be antiques and they can be
very hard to come by.
This is the result of ivory being illegal in many parts of the world. Too
many animals were being slaughtered for their ivory and that was putting
them at risk of extinction. Even with such protective measures in place
though ivory is still in demand. As a result poaching has become a normal
occurrence. Many people involved in the killing of these animals and the
smuggling of ivory find the money to be too enticing to pass up.
Ivory is taken from the tusks of animals such as elephants and walruses.
It is also found in the teeth of them as well as the teeth of hippos. In
some locations ivory that has been ground into a powder is considered to
be an aphrodisiac. It has also been known to be used for various types of
materials that we commonly use.
Due to the restrictions on ivory though that has changed. For example the
keys on a piano were once all made from ivory. Today they are made from a
synthetic combination of various materials. Some of these imitations are
very good so you may think you are paying for real ivory.
Of course many people end up getting scammed this way as they think they
are buying ivory antiques. What the really got is a good copy of
something made from various types of plastic. This means they don’t have
anything antique and they have lost all of the money they invested. This
is why you should only buy ivory antiques from authorized dealers that
you can return to if you have any problems.
While early forms of ivory are out there it is important for people not
to buy newer ones. This is just going to continue lining the pockets of
those that engage in poaching. If they find there isn’t the market for it
the prices will drop and they will be less likely to do it. The
livelihood of some animals depends on the prevention of poaching for
their ivory.

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