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Ivory is banned from being used to create products in most places around
the world today. Therefore the prices for antique ivory items has gone
through the roof. Sometimes you can find great deals on them though
because people clear out old boxes and things from storage. They may not
realize what they are selling for a few dollars is actually antique
Due to the make up of ivory from the tusks and teeth of some animals, it
lasts very long and keeps very well over the decades of time. It is
believed carving in ivory began during the final stages of the ice age.
Many of these pieces of work from then have been very well preserved and
are even in museums around the world. Collectors are often willing to pay
a premium though in order to get their hands on something they really
Some of the different types of antique ivory are very old and date back
to the very early periods of time. The Greeks, Romans, and Chinese all
engaged in making various types of art out of ivory. These early antiques
are very hard to come by but they are also able to offer you some amazing
insights as to their cultural heritage.
In addition to various types of statues and carved boxes that are
antiques, there are also pipes that are made from ivory. Many of them
were part of the early cultures and used in their ceremonial dances. They
were also used to offer music and peaceful gatherings. If those antique
ivory pipes could talk they would certainly be able to tell us quite some
interesting facts from the past.
There are many great looking types of synthetic materials out there used
to replace ivory. As a result of this you do need to be careful while
shopping for such antiques. You don’t want to get taken advantage of when
someone is passing off imitation ivory as the real thing. It is a good
idea to get it appraised by an expert before you decide to pay for it. If
you have something that may be made from ivory it is also a good idea to
have it appraised before you sell it.

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