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Motherhood: A time of excitement and preparation

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How morning sickness affects the would-be Mom and how to manage it

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“We know that birth takes a woman from one place in her life to another.
The birth of a child certainly does change her viewpoint of herself and I
believe her viewpoint of the world.” - Sameerah Shareef

You made it through your wedding and that honeymoon in the Bahamas. B ut
just when you thought you were already in the middle of the best years of
your life --- you get the news that you're pregnant!

For your, this is surely the very highlight of your married life. The
love you have for one another has now come to fruition right in your own

But soon enough, you learn that pregnancy is not all about celebration
and can also be a time of physical and emotional
strain. For the first time, you get to experience morning sickness and
all the discomfort, nausea, and vomiting that it entails. The sickness
can start just before you miss your first period and it is caused by the
sudden increase in hormones during pregnancy. Pregnancy is also a time
for learning, not only for the mom but for the dad as well. Any expecting
couple should know that conception takes place in three basic stages:
ovulation, fertilization, and the division of the fertilized egg.
Fertility varies significantly between couples, as it can take one couple
only a few weeks before the woman conceives, while with others have to
wait many years before they have a child. There are several factors that
may delay conception which may include drinking, smoking, taking certain
kinds of medications, obesity, drug use and exposure to heat and
chemicals among others. Morning sickness is also very common but is
usually gone by the second trimester. Aside from morning sickness, a
pregnant woman should also expect to feel fatigue, swelling of the
breasts, increased sensitivity to odors, frequent urination, and
abdominal bloating.

To help you have a safe pregnancy, you may want to consider the following

l    Avoid foods with smells that bother you
l    Eat a lot of carbohydrates like rice
l    Try gelatin desserts, sugared decaffeinated or herbal teas
l    Avoid rich fatty foods
l     Fruit is better at preventing nausea than sweeter snacks
l     Ginger was proven to be safe to use and help relieve sickness
l     Keep dry crackers by your bed and eat or two before getting up in
the morning
l     Don't let your stomach remain empty for more than a couple of hours
l     Trying acupressure
l     Take vitamins prescribed by the doctor
Carrying a baby should be the most amazing event in your life. Taking
care of yourself should be top priority which means you alwa ys need to
get a health check-up. Regular visits to your doctor will help ensure
the progress of your pregnancy. Eat a well-balanced diet as you are now
“eating for two.” Take folic acid and ample amounts of vitamin B-12,
which is found in fish,milk, eggs, and meat.

Being pregnant is a wonderful event and will affect your body for 9
months. Having a baby doesn't mean you have to give up a lot of enjoyable
activities. Make sure you get the proper prenatal care and it is also
alright to do light exercising during your pregnancy. Adapt a relaxation
technique that will allow you to be more prepared especially for the

As your baby grows. Take time to pamper yourself and bond more with your
husband. Better yet, get beautiful maternity clothes that enhance your
appearance. Having a baby doesn't meant you should stopped paying
attention to yourself and while you're in such a stage, explain to your
husband that is part of being pregnant that sometimes you have mixed
emotions. Although, your husband might not share with you the pains of
having a baby. He may understand your emotions and give the loving
support you need. After all, a happy Mom is also a happy baby. Celebrate
motherhood while it lasts. It is really something to look forward too.

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