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                     XXIII. TdSE — Terrae Rarae 2010
                       October 6 to October 8, 2010
                            Universität Bayreuth

P01 D. Girnt, P. W. Roesky,           A new Ligand for Actinide(III)/Lanthanide(III)
    A. Geist, C. Ruff, P. J. Panak,   Separation
    M. A. Denecke
P02 Y. Hinatsu, Y. Shimoda,           Magnetic Properties of Quadruple Perovskites
    Y. Doi, M. Wakeshima              Ba4LnM3O12 (Ln=Rare earths; M=Ru, Ir): The role of
    (Sapporo)                         metal-metal bonding in perovskite-related oxides
P03 L. Clark, H. E. Dyer,             Zwitterionic yttrium complexes for the amine-
    A. D. Schwarz, P. Mountford       initiated, immortal ring-opening polymerisation of
    (Oxford)                          rac-lactide: facile synthesis of amine-terminated,
                                      highly heterotactic poly(lactide)
P04 N. Schlosser, C. Wickleder        Crystal Structure and Luminescence Properties of
    (Siegen)                          EuSb6O8Cl5
P05 N. Schlosser, C. Wickleder        Crystal strucure of a new inorganic – organic
    (Siegen)                          composite material: La4Sb12O18Cl17 • 5 C6H14NO2
P06 N. Kunkel, H. Kohlmann,           Crystal structures and luminescence properties of
    M. Adlung, C. Wickleder,          mixed crystals of europium and strontium hydride
    A. D. Sayede, M. Springborg
P07 A. J. Wooles, D. P. Mills,        Phosphorus-Stabilised Rare Earth Carbenes
    S. T. Liddle
P08 S. J. Robinson, O. J. Cooper,     Phosphorus-Stabilised Rare Earth and alkali metal
    A. J. Wooles, S. T. Liddle        methanides and Carbenes
P09 D. Patel, D. M. King,             Unsupported Uranium-Transition Metal Bonds
    B. M. Gardner, S. T. Liddle
P10 B. M. Gardner, A. Cornish,        Uranium in Non-Conventional Ligand Environments
    A. J. Blake, W. Lewis,
    S. T. Liddle
P11 D. P. Mills, O. J. Cooper,        The Reactivity of F-Element Carbene Complexes
    L. Soutar, S. T. Liddle
P12 A. Protchenko, C. Tang,           Tin(II) and Mercury(II) Boryls: Potential Precursors
    D. Vidovic, C. Jones,             to Lanthanide Boryl Complexes
    S. Aldridge, P Mountford
P13 I. Latorre, M. Albrecht         Changing the ligand environment of lanthanum (III)
    (Aachen)                        in triple stranded helicates
P14 D. Rauschmaier,                 Amido-Stabilized Rare-Earth Metal Methyl and
    M. Zimmermann,                  Methylidene Complexes
    C. Maichle-Mössmer,
    K. Törnroos, R. Anwander
P15 N. Dettenrieder, C. Maichle-    Molecular Models for Y(AlMe4)3 @ silica
    Mössmer, R Anwander
P16 T. Abel, M. Albrecht, G.        Siderophore type ligands for 1 : 1 complexation of
    Haberhauer, E. Ziegler          lanthanide(III) ions
P17 A. Joosten, M. Soueidan,        Lanthanum generated zirconocene(II): unexpected
    C. Denhez, S. Médégan,          reaction outcomes in organic synthesis
    D. Harakat, F. Jaroschik,
    F. Hélion, J.-L. Namy,
    J.-L. Vasse, J. Szymoniak
P18 C. Walbaum, I. Pantenburg,      Crystal struture of [LaI2(B18C6)(THF)]I3
    G. B. Deacon, P. C. Junk,
    G. Meyer
P19 A. Momin, F. Nief, X. Le Goff   Heteroleptic Amido and Phospholyl Rare-Earth
    (Palaiseau)                     Complexes
P20 A. M. Ako, V. Mereacre,         Heterovalent Polynuclear Ce and Ce/Mn Aggregates
    C. E. Anson, A. K. Powell
P21 Kornelia Zeckert                Attempts to supramolecular architectures
    (Leipzig)                       incorporating main group metals and lanthanoid
P22 A. Nieland, A. Mix,             Crown-Ether Induced Formation of Cationic Rare-
    B. Neumann, H.-G. Stammler,     Earth Metal Methyl Complexes from their
    N. W. Mitzel                    Tetramethylaluminates
P23 M. Larres, A.-V. Mudring,       A new rare-earth telluride halide: La3Te4Br
    G. Meyer
P24 G. B. Deacon, C. M. Forsyth,    Two Rare Cases of C-F Activation by Lanthanoid
    P. C. Junk, R. P. Kelly,        Organoamidometallic Complexes
    J. Wang
P25 F. Aal, T. K. Panda, M, Tamm    New Approaches in Iminofunctionalized
    (Braunschweig)                  Cyclopentadienyl-Lanthanide- and Alkaline Earth
P26 D. Martin, S. Standfuß,         Rare Earth Metal Complexes and Their Application
    E. Abinet, T. P. Spaniol,       in Biomass Transformation
    J. Okuda
P27 J. Bauer, W. Plass               Building blocks for homo- and heteronuclear
    (Jena)                           lanthanide assemblies
P28 H. A. Höppe, M. Daub             Mixed Phosphate Tungstates Na2Ln(PO4)(WO4)
P29 S. S. Sen, H. W. Roesky          New Class of Lanthanide Compounds Containing a
    (Göttingen)                      Ln-O-M Arrangement and Novel Chlorine Centered
                                     Lanthanide Clusters
P30 M. Brühmann, G. Meyer            Eight-coordinate endohedral transition metals in two
    (Köln)                           different environments – the extended cluster
                                     complex in {Os5Lu20}I24
P31 C. Rustige, G. Meyer             {ZEr3}I3 (Z = Ru, Ir) – two members of the distorted
    (Köln)                           monoclinic {ZR3}X3 family with seven-coordinate
                                     endohedral atoms
P32 D. Bojer B. Neumann,             Base Induced Reduction (BIR) Organolanthanide
    H.-G. Stammler, N. W. Mitzel     Chemistry
P33 L. N. Jende, R. Litlabø,         Rare-Earth Metal Alkylaluminates supported by N-
    K. W. Törnroos,                  Donor-Substituted Cyclopentadienyl Ligands:
    C. Maichle-Mössmer,              Structural Characterization and Performance in
    R. Anwander                      Isoprene Polymerization
P34 C. Döring, M. V. Butovskii,      Rare Earth Metal – Transition Metal Bonding: from
    F. R. Wagner,                    Bimetallics to Intermetalloids
    A. P. Sobaczynski, T. Bauer,
    A.-M. Dietel, R. Kempe
P35 N. S. Hillesheim,                New Cyclopentadienyl-N-silylphosphazene
    M. Elfferding, T. Linder,        complexes of REMs
    J. Sundermeyer
P36 O. Thomas, A. R. Petrov,         Dramatic Enhancement of the Stability of Rare-Earth
    K. Harms, J Sundermeyer          Metal Complexes with α-Methyl Substituted N,N-
    (Marburg)                        Dimethylbenzylamine Ligands
P37 N. K. Hangaly, A. R. Petrov,     CpPN Constrained Geometry Complexes of Rare-
    S. Helmstetter, M. Elfferding,   Earth Metals: Reactivity Towards Various Substrates
    J. Sundermeyer
P38 R. Huerta-Lavorie, V. Jancik     Molecular Lanthano Aluminosilicates
P39 A. R. Crozier, E. S. Erichsen,   Ce(IV)@PMS: Grafting of Cerium
    R. Anwander                      Tris[bis(trimethylsilyl)amide]chloride onto MCM-41
P40 D. Bubrin, M. Niemeyer           Formation of Novel T-shaped NNN Ligands Through
    (Stuttgart)                      Rare Earth Metal Mediated SiH Activation
P41 T. Bierke, G. Meyer              Rare earth managanese butyrates, RMn2(OBu)7 with
    (Köln)                           R = Ho-Yb
P42 E. T. Spielberg, J. Bauer, M.    Ferromagnetic Interactions between Gadolinium Ions
    Ferbinteanu, W Plass             through Hydrogen Bonds: Magnetic Signature of
    (Jena)                           Hydrogen Bond Breaking in Solid State
P43 J. Jenter, P. W. Roesky         2,5-Bis{N-(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)-
    (Karlsruhe)                     iminomethyl}pyrrolyl Complexes of the Divalent
                                    Lanthanides and the Heavy Alkaline Earth Metals
P44 P. Matthes, C. J. Höller,       Investigation of the reaction system LnCl3 /4,4’-
    K. Müller Buschbaum             bipyridine with focus on the reversible formation of
    (Würzburg)                      Ln-N-MOFs
P45 A. Mietrach, T. W. T.           [La(H2O)5(BTS)] and [Eu(H2O)4(BTS)]:
    Muesmann, C. Zilinski, J.       First Lanthanide compounds of Benzene Trisulfonic
    Christoffers, M. S. Wickleder   Acid (H3BTS)
P46 U. Betke, M. S. Wickleder       Sm2Nb2O2(S2O7)(SO4)5 and SE2[W2O3(SO4)6] (SE =
    (Oldenburg)                     Sm, Eu, Ho): Rare Earth Sulfates with Niobium and
P47 M. Wiecko, G. B. Deacon,        Grignard-Type Reactions for the Synthesis of
    P. C. Junk                      Lanthanoid and Alkaline Earth Metal Pyrazolates
P48 M. Adlung,                      Lumineszenzeigenschaften von Tm2+- und Dy2+-
    C. Wickleder                    Ionen in CaFCl
P49 E. Zych,                        Directing Eu3+ Into Diferent Positions in BaHfO3
    A. Dobrowolska                  Host with Y3+ or La3+ Co-Dopants
P50 Gregor Fornalczyk,              Heteroleptic and Heterometallic Lanthanide
    Robin von Hagen,                Precursors: Synthesis, Property and Applications
    Thomas Fischer,
    Johannes Schläfer,
    Sanjay Mathur

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