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									                      Friedrich-Alexander-Gymnasium , Deutschland : Ateneo de Naga University, Philippines
                        Exchange Program on Education, Culture and Teaching Objectives

The EPECTO Memorandum of Agreement was signed on 30 November 2007, in Neustadt a. d.


Since then, and including the visit of Mr. Federico Jose Lagdameo and Atty. Maria Rose Sergio
(which occurred before the MoA-signing), we have already sent nine (9) Ateneo delegates to
Friedrich-Alexander-Gymnasium, and welcomed nine (9) delegates from Friedrich-Alexander-
Gymnasium to Ateneo (hereunder enumerated in order of appearance/arrival):

From AdNU to FAG:

April - May '07 Mr. Federico Jose Lagdameo (Philosophy) and Atty. Maria Rose Sergio (Political

November '07 Fr. Joel Tabora, S.J. (President, AdNU)

March - April '08 Mr. Rey Francis Hernandez (Philosophy) and Mrs. Carmel Padilla (History)

April - May '09 Mr. Kristian Cordero (Humanities) and Salve Carmela Poche (BS Entrep Student)

March - April '10 Jane Tam (AB PolSci Student) and Anna Patricia Saberon (AB Philosophy, cum

From FAG to AdNU:

December '07 - January '08 Herr Dieter Bernhardt (Mathematik/Physik) und Frau Katrin Kleinlein

July - August '08 Konstantin Mehl (FAG top graduate)

October '08 - April '09 Aglaia Bruetting (FAG Year 11 student, AdNU non-credit enrollee for a

December '08 - January '09 Frau Karola Klier (Biologie/Chemie) and Frau Annette Mettenleiter

August - September '09 Julia Ernst and Juliane Wiesinger (FAG Year 11 students)

October '09 - March '10 Josephine Henry and Lea Dippon (FAG Year 10 students, AdNU non-
credit enrollees for a semester)

December '09 - January '10 Saskia Huemmer (FAG Year 12 student)

Program Accomplishments --
EPECTO has succeeded -- on both sides -- with its bread-and-butter work, which is to send to
and/or welcome delegates from the Partner-Institute. With every visit, the interest in things
"German-and-Filipino" is nurtured, networks are expanded, and the program itself is promoted on
various institutional and auxiliary spheres. In our university, the reputation, productivity and
operations-consistency of EPECTO has by far -- in my opinion -- never been surpassed by any of
our other exchange programs. This is evident not only in the consistency and increasing number of
visits that we successfully make in a year; not only in the article-appearances that we create (whether
in the websites -- z.B. AdNU and USH, or in newspapers -- z.B. FLZ, Vox) but also in the rapid
growth of relevant -- and significant -- connections that we bring into existence, such as:

SCHOLARSHIPS (Stipendiatenfoerderung unter EPECTO). Through EPECTO, seven (7) scholars
are sponsored by various classes in our Partner-Institute: Niel Lalas, Sheanly Plofino, Zyrone Conde,
and Cyril Gargas (through Frau Andrea Borneis, and Klassen 5a, 6b, 7b und 7e), Jeff Rey Sto.
Domingo (through Herrn Udo Koch, and Klasse 5e)), Christy Huerte (through Frau Maria
Wuensche, Frau Verena Mueller, and Klasse 10d), and Christine Mae Mariano (through Frau
Annette Mettenleiter, and Klassen 5d, 6a, 6c, und 7a). Please see attachments for reference.

FUNDRAISERS. We have started holding small-scale fundraisers in Germany (to finance the flight
tickets of Filipino participants, and to defray the exchange program's operational expenses).

EMBASSY NETWORKS. EPECTO has established reliable connections with the team of Consul
Julius Ceasar Flores (of the Philippine Embassy in Berlin) and the team of Consul Markus Tschan
(of the German Embassy in Makati).

SOCIAL NETWORKS. EPECTO has forged reliable connections with dedicated individuals from
USHeim (with many thanks to you and to the Hecks), and has witnessed an increase in the number
of host families accommodating EPECTO guests -- and even a volunteer to coordinate specifically
on EPECTO-USH collaborations in the person of the young, 13-year old Judith Biller.

We have likewise received positive responses from CCMFi (through Fr. Wilmer Tria), INECAR
(through Dr. Emelina Regis), the Music Ministry (Band and Choir, through Mr. Joseph Reburiano
and Mr. Noriel Artiaga), and the academic units of the university. All networks have by far turned
EPECTO into a three-pronged program, which consists of an academic arm (classroom visits, non-
credit enrollment, teaching assistantships, etc...), a leisure arm (regular participation of guests in
ACPs as speakers, or the creation of symposia and other fora on cross-cultural themes), and a social-
involvement arm (participation of guests in INECAR activities, USIC activities, outreaches or
Schleissheimer-Tisch activities).

"EPECTO STUFF (or promotional items)." We have created a logo, a website (,
office supplies and T-shirts.

I believe these are all the major accomplishments that I can recall...

Prospects --

Following the three-pronged model, we hope to continue expanding and deepening our partnership
through the following concrete strategies:

(1) [Academic] To send more "academic" delegates from one institution to another. >From our side,
we hope to send more students to FAG, and to continue to lay the groundwork for eventually
sending an Ateneo student to study at FAG for six months (we are scheduled to submit a proposal
within the next semester).
(2) [Leisure] To hold a Franconian-Bicolano food excursion this year (we will have five FAG
students coming over in December for this particular pursuit) -- and to create a cookbook. And
since the expansion of social (or leisure-) networks is inevitable in an exchange program, we likewise
hope to increase the number (and the variety) of delegates this year.

(3) [Social Involvement] To create new social-action networks with Ina nin Bikol Foundation (this is
also already in the pipeline and will hopefully be formalized this year) and with some USIC sectors
(we are working on accommodating "Anderer Dienst im Ausland" volunteers from Germany, but
this plan is not yet on the front burner).

(4) To improve and animate this website this year, and to create more EPECTO promotional items
(maybe mugs, jackets and caps this time).

                                  Rey Hernandez, EPECTO Coordinator AdNU Wing

            Stipendiatenförderung unter EPECTO am FAG,
dem Friedrich-Alexander-Gymnasium,
        Comeniusstraße 4, D - 91413 Neustadt a. d. Aisch , Stand: 7.12.2009

über Frau Andrea Borneis:
4. Semester:
Studentenförderung von Juni 2008 bis März 2012
      Sheanly Plofino          (6b 2008/09)
      Niel Lalas               (7b 2008/09)
      Zyrone Conde             (7e 2008/09)
2. Semester:
Studentenförderung von Januar 2010 bis März 2013
      Cyril G. Gargas          (5a 2009/10)

über Herrn Udo Koch:
2. Semester:
Studentenförderung von Juni 2008 bis März 2013
      Jeff Rey Sto Domingo (5e 2008/09)

über Frau Maria Wünsche und Frau Verena Müller:
2. Semester:
Studentenförderung von Juni 2008 bis März 2013
      Christy B. Huerte        (10d 2008/09)

über Frau Annette Mettenleiter:
2. Semester:
Studentenförderung von Juni 2008 bis März 2013
      Christine Mae Mariano (5d, 6a, 6c, 7a 2008/09)

                                                                                Karola Klier,
                                                               EPECTO Coordinator, FAG Wing

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