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									  POEM ANALYSIS METHOD:                  TPCAS TT: Title, paraphrase, connotation, Attitude, Shifts, Title and Theme

                                                 TPCASTT Analysis                            Paraphrase

After Great Pain, A Formal
      Feeling Comes                     T: What is Dickinson’s great pain – Time will help us recover fro m
                                           physical or emot ional? Either?   the immediacy of a painfu l event
         by Emily Dickinson                What is a formal feeling? One      and give us greater perspective.
                                         rationally explainable and distant?
After great pain, a formal feeling                                                           ~
comes--                                                   ~
                                                                                 Tragedy or trauma can be
The Nerves sit ceremonious, like       C: nerves sit ceremonius, like toombs numbing, and it may be hard to
                                             = simile and personification
Toombs--                                                                      feel anything anymore. Though
                                        The nerves are compared to a to mb the active pain may have ceased,
The stiff Heart questions was it He,   which would be a house of the body, there is a residual effect fro m the
                                        the process or action leading to the
that bore,                                                                                  pain.
                                                     death is over
And Yesterday, or Centuries before?
                                        C: contentment like a stone = simile
                                                and personification
The Feet, mechanical, go round--              Stones have no feelings
Of Ground, or Air, or Ought--
                                         C: mechanical feet: they have no
A Wooden way                                 independence or volition
                                                                                 People, after pain/trau ma, go
Regardless grown,
                                       C: rhyming patterns – last two lines of about their daily business but they
A Quartz contentment, like a stone--   each stanza showcase the focus on the have lost their meaning and their
                                                     end (death)                 purpose in it. They just do it as a
                                                                                 matter o f routine. They have no
This is the Hour of Lead--             C: Freezing persons recollect: When feeling.
                                        people freeze it is at first painful but
Remembered, if outlived,                 then they lose the sense of it before
As Freezing persons recollect the                     they die.
Snow--                                 C: What is the hour of lead? The hour
First--Chill--then Stupor--then the    before letting go, the hour before dying, If you survive the pain/trauma,
                                           the time before we let go of our      then you can remember how
letting go--                                         pain/trauma?                painful it was and your shock –
                                                                                 but if you can no longer let the
                                        S: Steps of separation until there is no pain/trauma affect you, then it is
                                           longer a connection = letting go      only a memory and you can go on.
                                        There is a shift from shock (lines1-13)
                                       to detachment from physical self (lines 14-
                                                     18) ending in
                                          letting go (resolution) in last line

                                         A: great pain, tombs, mechanical,
                                        wooden, stone, hour of lead, freezing,
                                        snow, chill, stupor, letting go = anti-
                                                   life, depression

                                         A: Why are there so many uses of
                           Theme Investigation
Plot: person experiences great pain and basically goes into a form of shock .
Subject: Great pain ~ Title Revisited: Time is an analgesic for a Great Pain
  Theme : Recovery fro m suffering a great loss will either end in death or,
          will take stages of loss and then accepting ("letting go)

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