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A hen night party is a British term for a celebration held just before the bride to be is due to be
married. The bride’s female friends gather together to give her one last night of “freedom” before
her marriage.

Whilst many brides-to-be view lively and even racy evenings on the town with their lady friends as a
time-honoured tradition well worth following, hen nights actually have roots that are nothing short
of demure.

This pre-wedding practice goes back centuries and is said to have evolved from a solemn
undertaking that was quite common in the 1600s when the bride would spend a night alone going
over the contents of her dowry.

As the years and centuries passed, the evening of solitude took on a new flavour with the birth of
bridal showers. Designed to help brides bolster their dowries, this event generally involves a
luncheon or formal dinner where gifts are bestowed upon the bride by other women be they
wedding party members, family or friends. Although showers are still quite common, more
formalised hen nights grew out of them, offering their own unique traditions.

Whereas showers are meant as gift-giving occasions, hen nights are all about pre-wedding revelry. It
is not at all uncommon for hen nights to include champagne toasts, free-flowing spirits and even
adult entertainment.

So, when exactly did evenings of spirit, song and even male strippers take the front seat whilst
demure gatherings were relegated to the back?

Although an exact date is difficult to pin down, the rise in popularity of hen parties in the United
Kingdom does seem to correlate to the sexual revolution of the 1960s. As more women stood up for
equality, a party to match bachelors’ pre-wedding festivities was deemed a priority for brides-to-be.

By the 1980s, the hen night (or bachelorette party across the pond) was firmly ensconced in pre-
nuptuial tradition. The hen night, in fact, follows many of the same traditions as the bachelor party.
For example, a wedding party member is typically tasked with organising the event. Attendance,
although not mandatory, is considered important for bridesmaids and close friends.

Today’s hen nights run the gamut in style and formality levels. Some brides-to-be still enjoy simple
and relatively quiet dinners with their female friends before they take the plunge. Other brides and
their friends, however, opt for more elaborate celebrations.

It’s not even out of the question for a hen night to extend over an entire weekend as the bride soaks
up the last fleeting moments of her “freedom.”

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In spite of its more subdued roots, the hen night tradition, like many others, is one that has evolved
over time. The only real rule dictating this type of celebration is making sure that the bride-to-be is
comfortable with the planned festivities. Beyond that – anything goes.

In this ebook we will take a look at all aspects of what makes a successful hen party here including:

       Planning
       Invitations
       Themes
       Dares
       Novelties
       Games
       Costumes
       Customised hen party t-shirts

Ideas to help with your hen night preparation are within including a free hen party planner and the
ability to design your own hen party t-shirts.

Please enjoy reading this short ebook – and have the best hen party possible....!

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Organising a hen party for a dear friend is a big responsibility, but it’s not without rewards. When
care goes into the planning, you will likely be able to kick back, relax and enjoy the fun right along
with everyone else. The trick involves putting things together beforehand to ensure a party that goes
off without a hitch.

 So, what do you need to do to ensure a hen party the bride-to-be won’t forget? Consider these
things as you plan and organise the bash:

The bride’s wishes – Hen party parties can range from simple, elegant get-togethers for ladies to
rather racy, spirited affairs. Make sure the bride’s wishes are understood. Not every bride-to-be is
comfortable with a night on the town that involves male dancers. Even if you’re planning a surprise
party, be certain the festivities don’t cross lines the lady of honour wouldn’t approve of.

The guest list – Consider who will be or should be invited to the hen party before setting plans in
stone. Traditionally, this event is for the ladies in the bridal party and other close female friends. This
isn’t necessarily an event where all the bride’s female family members need to be in attendance. If
they are to be invited, keep this in mind when setting entertainment for the event.

The duration – Whilst a hen party generally only lasts for a few hours, hen weekends are becoming
quite popular. In this spin on the traditional party, women go away together for a few nights at a spa
or other tourist destination.

The costs – The expenses involved in hen parties can be handled in a variety of ways. Typically, the
hostess pays if a party will take place at her home. Otherwise, participants pay their own way and
may help foot the bill for the honouree. If the plan is for an elaborate event, keep the costs well in
mind. It is possible that not every invitee will be able to afford a weekend at a resort, for example.

The timeframe – Whilst it’s possible to pull off a great hen party celebration with very little lead
time, the more breathing room you give yourself, the better. This is especially so if a lot of details
will go into the event. Try to begin putting things together as early as possible.

The date – Speaking of the timeframe, do make sure to set the date and try to stick with it. Ideally,
the celebration will take place a night or two before the wedding. This enables any out-of-town
guests to arrive without putting anyone out too much. Having a date is also vital for invitations and
booking reservations at restaurants, entertainment venues and even hotels.

The theme – Having a theme for a hen party isn’t 100 per cent necessary, but it can be fun. Whether
you’re thinking costume party, Hawaiian luau or something entirely different, setting this in advance
and letting attendees know can be important. Themes can also be useful for decorating and so on.

Other considerations - There are a variety of other considerations that may come into play. They
include food, party favours and transportation.

Putting together a hen party is a big job, but it can prove quite enjoyable. Just remember, it’s the
bride-to-be’s big night and set plans accordingly.


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Whilst it’s certainly possible to plan a highly successful hen night over the telephone and never write
out a single invitation, there is something to be said for taking this more formalised step. Not only do
invitations add a touch of class to festivities, they can also prove invaluable for reminding attendees
when and where they need to show up. They can also provide the hostess with a solid headcount,
making pre-event planning much easier.

Hen night invitations can take on a variety of forms as far as style is concerned, but they should
always contain a few very important pieces of information. The things to keep in mind when
ordering or creating invitations include:

The theme or style – If there is a theme planned for the hen night, make sure the invitations reflect
it. This will, for example, give guests plenty of lead time to get costumes ready or prepare for an
upscale night on the town.

The anticipated entertainment – Give guests a bit of a heads up of what type of hen night party to
expect. If it’s an evening at a spa, say so. If plans call for a dinner out, dancing and perhaps a male
revue, that should be indicated, too. Do make it clear whether guests will be expected to pay their
own way, such as for a restaurant dinner, or if the bill will be paid. It’s not fair to spring a costly spa
bill on an attendee without advanced notice.

The “surprise” status of the party – If a hen night celebration is intended to be a surprise party, be
completely certain guests are made aware. There’s nothing worse than having a well-meaning
bridesmaid spill the information in advance of the party.

The basics – Invitations should have the basic details, such as the date of the party, the time and the
location to meet at. It is also a good idea to mention whether transportation will be provided. Hiring
cars, for example, is frequently done to ensure hen night attendees don’t drink too much and drive.

R.S.V.P. information – If an advanced headcount is required, make sure guests know who to R.S.V.P.
to and when the cut-off date is if there is one.

The timing – If ordering invitations from a printer, make sure to provide plenty of lead time for the
process. After invitations are printed, they’ll need to be addressed and mailed with more than a few
days’ notice for guests. Even if you’re going with online, e-invites, make sure to provide enough time
for the notices to go out.

Invitations are not a must for hen night planning, but they do have their advantages. It is well worth
considering this step when organising.

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It’s up to you to ensure your friend has an incredible time at her hen night party. You want
everything to be perfect so she knows just how much she’s loved, but there is a problem. It seems
you’re stumped on what exactly to do to make the event one to remember.

Relax! There are some great ideas out there for hen night parties that range from very simple to
quite elaborate. No matter what direction you end up taking, remember to put your friend’s tastes
and wishes first. It is, after all, her night!

Here are some ideas that might just kick start your creative juices enough that you can customise an
affair to fit the bride-to-be:

At-home dinner party – If you can cook or arrange catering, this is one of the most simplistic ways to
go. Just invite the bridal party and a few other friends over for a dinner, music, movies, games or
even other entertainment as you see fit. You can set the tone to be as informal or formal as you’d

A night on the town – Select a restaurant to eat dinner at. Head out to a club or take in a show.
Whilst you might have to arrange reservations, tickets and transportation, this open does remove
the burden of entertaining in.

A theme party – Whether you play host to this in your own home or a rented venue, a theme party
can offer a lot of fun for everyone involved. From costume parties to 1960s-themed events and
beyond, the only limit here is your imagination.

A hen weekend – If something a little more elaborate is what you have in mind, consider planning
an entire weekend of fun. Hen weekends are becoming quite the rage and many hotels, spas and
resorts are more than willing to help plan activities to accommodate bridal parties.

Coming up with just the right idea for a hen night will depend on the bride’s preferences, your
willingness to put time into planning and even budgetary constraints.

No matter the parameters, you can put together a fun affair if you put your mind and imagination to
the task.


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If you’ve been asked to host a hen night affair and want to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary,
setting a theme for the festivities can make all the difference in the world. Select the right theme
and not only will everything from invitations and decorations to food choices fall into place, but so
will potential activities to liven things up a bit.

Theme ideas for hen parties are limited strictly by the hostess’ imagination. The options to consider

Arabian Knights – This theme can run in so many directions, it is fun to ponder. Combine a “belly
dancer” themed costume party with tasty Middle Eastern foods and male dancers dressed the part
and guests will not soon forget the fun.

Camelot – If a more regal party is desired, a medieval theme can suit – with or without male
entertainers. This theme can also run in a number of directions, but it can be particularly enjoyable
to include costumes in the mix.

Sultry – There’s no use denying that hen party conversations often turn to the wedding night.
Embrace the bawdy and go with a theme that pokes playful fun at the inevitable. From decorations
shaped like a particularly important part of the male anatomy to asking guests to wear sexy
costumes and more, the options here are endless.

Hawaiian – Plan a luau-themed event and guests will go home with smiles on their faces. From
island food and hula costumes to island dancers, the potential here is fantastic.

1960s – Have guests dress in their favourite styles from the 1960s, pick the right music and this
theme will take care of itself.

Building a hen night party around a theme isn’t a must, but it is a great way to set the stage for

When the right theme is selected, it can guide the entire planning and organisation process and add
to the fun the bride and guests will have.

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You’ve set the date, invited the guests, lined up the entertainment and even started picking out
decorations for an upcoming hen night party. Still, you can’t help but think you’ve overlooked
something? Chances are that something involves gifts and novelties to add a little vigour and vim to
the festivities.

Making sure hen night attendees don’t forget the fun is easy when the right gifts and novelties are
added to the mix. There is a huge variety of items available that can spice up a party’s decorative
theme and ensure that guests don’t leave empty handed.

Whilst gifts and novelties are not mandatory when it comes to hen night festivities, they can add an
extra layer of fun to the celebration. The ideas for items to give away or even use in the overall
decorating scheme are nearly endless. They range from adorable tabletop props to downright saucy
food service items.

For those who want to add cheeky novelties to a hen night party, the options are plenty. Straws,
glasses, ice cubes and other similar serving products shaped like an important part of the male
anatomy are all available. Plus, there are plenty of lacy, frilly and racy decorations to complement
just about any theme imaginable.

Should a more demure tone be desired, novelty and gift makers don’t disappoint. Options for a party
where decorum is a must include traditional party favour type gifts, plants, flower arrangements,
“Girls Night Out” novelties and more.

When planning the gifts and novelties, do keep in mind the flavour of the party. Going totally cheeky
for a bride who is uncomfortable in such a setting could be seen as bad form. If the honouree likes to
live it up, however, there is no shortage of items to help along the way. Just have fun and do keep
your guest list, the bride and your budget in mind. It is quite easy to get carried away when there is
so much to choose from!


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Turning an ordinary hen night celebration into an affair the bride and guests will never forget is
easier than many organisers realise. Declare a costume party theme and the fun is guaranteed to

Including costumes in a hen party theme has becomes such a popular practice that finding just the
right outfit to wear any time of year is now a breeze. Manufacturers even tout special lines designed
specifically for adding spice to hen night parties. It is possible, in fact, to include costumes into just
about any theme imaginable.

If an anything goes costume theme is desired, building a party around this notion can really pay off
with lots of fun for everyone involved. Hostesses can encourage guests to don costumes by making
this theme known in the invitations.

To spice things up further, they can even run a contest, complete with awards for the sexiest
costume, the skimpiest, the most creative ensemble and so on. Awards can be as simple or as
elaborate as hostesses want to make them. The idea simply is to add more spice to the celebration.

As costumed hen night parties catch on with planners and attendees, this extra layer of fun for the
festivities is even gaining ground in events that take place outside of a hostess’ home.

Clubs, restaurants and entertainment facilities and other venues are well accustomed to seeing hen
night attendees decked out as French maids, fairies, sexy brides and so on. This means attendees
don’t have to worry about feeling out of place.

Finding costumes for a hen night affair isn’t a difficult task. Options are widely available through
locations that not only sell party novelties, but also through Halloween costume stores. It’s also
more than possible to craft a costume from the ground up.

When there’s a desire to add some imagination to a hen night party, costume themes will succeed.
After all, it’s a whole lot easier to cut loose and have fun when attendees dress the part.

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Put several women in the same room for a hen night party and you are either going to end up with a
rousing affair or an event that feels more like an afternoon tea than a celebration.

So, how do you ensure that guests let their hair down, have a little fun and enjoy the cheeky good
time that’s meant to be had during hen night festivities?

As the organiser, it’s your job to break the ice and make certain guests – especially the bride –
loosen up and let go of their inhibitions (within reason, of course). One of the best ways to make this
happen is to engage attendees in a few hen night games.

Whilst you might think you left party games behind as a child, it turns out there is no shortage of
games with rules just right for a hen night to remember. The options in hen party games range from
mildly saucy to downright blush-inducing racy.

Some of the games that make a splash during hen night celebrations include:

Dare cards – This twist on the slumber party favourite has the bride-to-be and guests answering
questions with “truth” cards or acting out dares.

Twenty questions – Before the party, ask the bride to answer some personal questions about
herself. Ask the questions during the party and award a prize to the guest that gets the most right.

Unsolicited advice – Have party guests write down their best honeymoon night advice for the bride.
Award a prize for the craziest idea, the most romantic idea and even the idea the bride says she’ll
put into action.

Sexy scavenger hunt – Break up attendees into teams and have them go on a scavenger hunt for
“adult” items. Things on the list can include lingerie, an aphrodisiac, a bloke’s underwear, an adult
toy, a racy movie, an unused condom. This idea works best for hens weekend events where guests
will be staying in the same hotel.

Charades – Pick your favourite romantic, sexy and steamy movie titles and have teams compete
against each other in charades. Award prizes to the team that gets the most titles right.

Breaking the ice quickly and effectively can mean the difference between a ho-hum hens night and
an affair that goes down in the books. Games can quickly loosen things up and encourage everyone
to let their hair down.

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Including games in a hen night party isn’t a mandatory step, but it’s one that can certainly liven
things up quite a bit. This is especially so if a pack of dare cards is tucked into a purse before the
festivities begin.

Dare cards are basically pre-printed truth or dare cards. In this game, players draw cards from either
the “truth” or “dare” pile. Typically the game starts out with draws from the truth pile. If a player
doesn’t want to answer the question posed, she pulls from the dares and must perform the stated

For hen night parties, dare cards put a racier spin on the old-fashion slumber party game. Rather
than simply asking ladies to kiss and tell, this form of the game gets into serious, and sometimes
embarrassing, questions and often boasts amusing dares.

If you like the idea of spicing up a hen night with dare cards, there are a number of ways you can
approach making the game happen. Pre-printed dare card sets are available and on the market
designed specifically for hen parties. It’s also possible to create truth or dare cards from scratch,
using index cards.

So, why would you want to include this game in your hen night festivities?

Dare cards are essentially icebreakers that can entice attendees to let down their hair, have fun and
live a little. In most cases, the questions and dares are saucy, but harmless.

When it’s time to add a little more fun to a hen night party, dare cards can get the job done. Keep in
mind that not all “truth” questions or dares might be appropriate in all situations. If this is a concern,
just edit a ready-made pack before the party or create personalised cards for the occasion.

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When you go out for a hen night, what do you wear? One of the favourites is a T-Shirt, personalised
to reflect where you are going or perhaps a theme of the party. Alternatives can include decorated
veils, silly costumes, L-plates, flashing earrings.

So the big night (or weekend) is all planned out for your hen party. Everyone is invited, the location
is set and you cannot wait to get the celebrations started. One essential item you certainly do not
want to forget is a hen party t-shirt for you all to wear personalised for your hen party.

T-shirts are a must for any hen party. Show people who you are and what you are there for and what
better way to do that than with a customised t-short that you have designed yourself. It is so easy to
do as well and design your personalised hen party t-short online then have it delivered in time for
the event.

You can even have one design for the bride, one for the bridesmaids and one for the hens if you
really want to mix it up a little.

Online design facilities allow you to insert your own text, graphics and even photographs on to a t-
short template then once you are happy with your design simply order as many of your chosen t-
shirts as you wish so that everyone can wear them at the hen party.

The t-shirt will make a great keepsake of the night as well so you can all remember what a great time
you had every time you see it. Even use your t-shirt to “relive” the hen party on say an annual
reunion night out with the bride and other hens.

Be sure to design your customised hen party t-shirts and all look co-ordinated. And smart too.


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Half the battle in planning a hen night party that no one will soon forget is figuring out where to hold

At-home parties are certainly enjoyable, but sometimes a night on the town or a weekend away just
feels right. When you’re looking for the perfect venue for festivities, the U.K. does not disappoint.
From Bristol to Liverpool and beyond, there are some great places to consider.

Keep in mind there are cities and towns all over the U.K. that offer their own special destinations for
hen night affairs. These are just some of the possibilities that await in:

Bath – Put a spin on the city’s name and you’ve got the makings for a hen night or hen weekend that
will pamper everyone in luxury. Bath is home to a number of nightclubs and entertainment spots
that work perfectly, but it’s the Thermae Bath Spa that will enable everyone to indulge.

Edinburgh – This stately destination has tons of upscale hotels ready to serve as home bases for hen
night or weekend events. The city is also home to plenty of comedy clubs, dance clubs and more.
Plus, for a more adventuresome time, the Rivers Tay and Tummel are ideal for white water rafting.

Liverpool – This city is famous for more than the Beatles. It is also home to top notch night clubs. It’s
ideal for a club-hopping hen party. Plus, if a little culture is desired this city won’t disappoint.
Liverpool was named the “European Capital of Culture” in 2008 and has more museums that you can
shake a stick at.

London – This capital city’s nightclubs are legendary and so is its theatre scene. A hen night
celebration held here will present with so many possibilities, choosing will be the problem. Some of
the more popular clubs to consider include 93 Feet East, Fabric, Matter and Egg.

Manchester – This city teems with potential for a hen night celebration. It is home to dozens of
popular night spots, comedy clubs and bars. In addition, it has its fair share of cultural spots and spas
for daytime enjoyment.

Southampton – Sail away to this U.K. city and hen night participants will find themselves in the heart
of yacht country. With more than its fair share of nightclubs and bars, this getaway destination will
have the hens hopping.

The United Kingdom has no shortage of places and destinations that turn up the heat on hen night
fun. Consider the possibilities and you’re likely to discover staying in just can’t compare to what
clubs, spas and entertainment venues have to offer no matter where in the country you find


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