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					                               CCAC 2009 Leagues/Programs


SPRING 2009           League Meeting March 11, Entry Deadline April 17
All League meetings will be held at the CCAC Meeting Facility.
April 27-July 6       (Mon) Men’s A/B Division            14 games + 2 $550 off May 25
April 29- July 8      (Wed) Men’s B/C Division            14 games + 2 $550
April 29- July 8      (Wed) Women’s Division              14 games + 2 $550
April 26- June 28     (Sun eve) Coed Division             12 games + 2 $550 off June 7
April 29-July 8       (Wed) Men’s Day League              14 games + 2 $550
Thursdays             League Rain Dates
All game nights are double headers. League tourneys will be played on weeknights.
Note: $50 is tacked on the league fee to account for fundraising tickets. Teams may earn more the
$50. See website for more information.
SUMMER 2008           League Meeting June 25, Entry Deadline July 3
July 13- Sept 14      (Mon) Men’s A/B Division            14 games + 2 $500 off Sept 7
July 15- Sept 16      (Wed) Men’s Upper Division          14 games + 2 $500 off July 22
July 15- Sept 16      (Wed) Women’s Division              14 games + 2 $500 off July 22
July 19- Sept 16      (Sun eve) Coed Division             12 games + 2 $500 off July 26
July 15- Sept 16      (Wed) Men’s Day League              14 games + 2 $500 off July 22
Thursdays             League Rain Dates
All game nights are double headers. League tourneys will be played on weeknights.
Note: If you sign up for the S pring and Summer Leagues, your fee will be re duced by $50
FALL 2008             League Meeting Sept 3, Entry Deadline Sept 11
Sept 21- Oct 19       (Mon) Men’s Open 12”                 10 games + 2 $400
Sept 23- Oct 21       (Wed) Coed Division                  10 games + 2 $400
Sept 24- Oct 22       (Thurs) 16” (5 on 5 on 5)            10 games + 2 $400
All game nights are double headers. League tourneys are on Sat/Sun Oct 24/25
June 9- July 23       (Mon/Wed) T-Ball ages 5-6                 $45 per child off July 22
June 9- July 23       (Mon/Wed) Machine Pitch ages 7-8          $45 per child off July 22
May 27- July 24       (Tues/Thurs) Intermediate ages 9-10       $45 per child off 7/ 21-22
May 27- July 24       (Tues/Thurs) Minors ages 11-14            $45 per child off 7/ 21-23
May 26- July 23       (Mondays) Majors ages 15-18 Recreation $45 per child
League nights are scheduled to change based on participation numbers.
VOLLEYBALL            Entry Deadline May 2 and July 1
May 13- June 24       (Tues) Coed Volleyball Spring        10 matches + 2 $150
July 8- Aug 19        (Tues) Coed Volleyball Summer        10 matches + 2 $150
FLAG FOOTBALL Entry Deadline March 7 and Aug 15
March 18- May 13      (Tue) Open Flag Football             6 games + 1 $250
Aug 26- Oct 21        (Tue) Open Flag Football             6 games + 1 $250
CORPORATE SOCCER Entry Deadline March 14 and Aug 8
March 24- Apr 28      (Mon & Thurs) 6 on 6 Leagues         10 games + 1 $200
Aug 18- Sept 29       (Mon & Thurs) 6 on 6 Leagues         10 games + 1 $200
KID’S SPORTS CAMP Entry Deadline June 6
June 15-July 17       (M-F) Sports Camp                    5 weeks       $75
                                   CCAC STAFF

Karl Swihart- Director                   Sarah Tuttle- Administrative Assistant
Bobi Brumfield-Office Manager            Diane Wulliman-Concession Manager
Mike Garee-Maintenance                   Bob Wulliman- Maintenance
Amanda Smith- Pro Shop Manager

                            CCAC BOARD MEMBERS

Tim Goshert-President                    Larry McDermott-Vice President
Mary Kittrell -Treasurer                 Sibyl Nelson -Secretary
James Hall                               Bob Gonzalez
Tracey Rose                              Carl Sowers
Robert Litchenwalter


Kosc. Co. Church Softball Leagues Dave Sweeny 
Kosciusko County Soccer Leagues Tracey Rose   
Warsaw Wave Travel Soccer         Stephanie Strickland


Brook Pointe Inn             4906 E 1200 N Bowser Rd   Syracuse       574-457-4466
Holiday Inn Express          3825 Lake City Highway    Warsaw         574-268-1600
Days Inn                     2572 E Center St          Warsaw         574-267-3344
Comfort Inn                  3328 E Center St          Warsaw         574-269-6655
Ramada Plaza                 2519 E Center St          Warsaw         574-269-2323
Super 8 Motel                3014 Frontage Rd          Warsaw         574-268-2888
Hampton Inn                  115 Robmar Dr             Warsaw         574-268-2800

                           OTHER LINKS AND NUMBERS

Convention & Visitors Bureau       800-800-6090
National Softball Association      859-887-4114
NSA Zone Office                    810-629-9551
Shirley Minnick (ST FP DIR)        260-350-2485
Jim Kimmel (ST Adult DIR           765-730-0891
Darrell Garbacik (BPA ST DIR)      574-261-0239
City-County Athletic Complex       574-269-6663
                             ABOUT OUR PARK

The 65+ acre facility was completed and opened in 1994. Prior to that year, the majority
of all recreation activity took place in downtown Warsaw at Center Lake Park. With the
expansion of Zimmer Headquarters, Mayor Jeff Plank took the initiative to improve
Center Lake Park, which is now called Central Park. With these improvements, of
Central Park was not able to house quality athletic fields so Mayor Plank proposed the
CCAC. The CCAC would also be used as a major source for developing economical
impact, for the County.

The CCAC was funded by many local businesses from the Community, along with
assistance from the City, County and several grants. Today, the CCAC still relies on
assistance from the City of Warsaw and the Kosciusko County Convention Visitor &
Recreation Commission. All monies generated from the CCAC goes back into
operations and improvements. The CCAC is a not- for-profit 501 (c) 3.

In 1994 the CCAC began running sanctioned leagues and tournaments through the
National Softball Association sanctioning body. Today the CCAC is recognized as one
of the top facilities in the Nation, hosting National Tournaments in Men’s, Women’s and
youth events.

The CCAC leases the facility to independent groups such as KCSL Soccer, Wave Travel
Soccer, Hispanic Soccer, NISL Soccer, and many individuals and teams.

In 2008 the CCAC was the 1st Indiana Park inducted into the NSA Fast Pitch Softball
Hall of Fame.

                              PARK IMPROVEMENTS

Over the past several years, many improvements have been made to the CCAC in
addition to the normal repairs and upkeep. Most recently the CCAC received grants from
the K21 Foundation to re-crown all 8 softball/baseball diamonds and from the
Community Foundation to build and install safety/shade canopies over all of the
bleachers on all 8 diamonds. In 2008/2009 the CCAC opened a Pro Shop that sells
sporting good equipment and an enclosed meeting/banquet hall that is available for year
round rentals.

In 2008 the CCAC added a concession/announcement building to our premier soccer
field. We continue to reinvest in our future with many new additions, programs and

The CCAC has initiated a brick paver fundraiser. The funds raised from this program
will pay for a marquee at the park entrance. You will find out more about this program,
along with your order form, within this brochure. The CCAC hopes to have the marquee
installed in 2009.
                      PROGRAMS AND DESCRIPTIONS


The CCAC has one of the finest softball leagues in the country. Our leagues are
sanctioned through the National Softball Association. We offer men’s (A, B and C
divisions), women’s, coed leagues and a fall 16” division, all of which are double header
leagues. We offer spring, summer and fall leagues for our teams to participate in.
Leagues vary in the number of games and cost, but have been made very affordable for
those who just want to play one season or those die hard enthusiasts. Team entry fees
include team sanctioning and a double elimination tournament, etc. There are registration
deadlines, so call today or visit our website for information on these programs. This
program is operated by the CCAC.


This is a new program for the CCAC this year. We have developed 2 new sand
volleyball courts at the CCAC. There will be 2 seasons, spring and summer leagues.
Teams will play the best of 3 games per match, with 10 matches and a single elimination
tournament, teams will consist of 4 players, 2 male and 2 female. This is great fun for
beginner and the serious players. For more information contact the CCAC.


This is a new program for the CCAC. There will be 2 seasons for this program, a spring
and fall league. Teams will play 6 league games plus a single elimination tournament.
All games will be 2-20 minute halves, and all flag football rules will be enforced. Teams
will be made up of 7 players. All equipment will be supplied by the CCAC. For more
information please contact the CCAC. There will also be a youth flag football league this
year. Please call the park for more information 269-6663.


This was a new program for the CCAC in 2007, and was great for the participants. This
is a program designed for children ages 4 through 13 years of age. We developed this
program with the kids in mind. This program will consist of basketball, softball/baseball,
volleyball, flag football and soccer. The program touches on all five sports, and gives
your child a chance to try all of these activities to see what sport they enjoy. This is a
five week program that will teach basic rules and concepts of each sport, and participate
in each sport for one week. Each class is Monday thru Friday for 1 hour per class.
Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay for the program to watch their child’s
development. The cost of this program is $75 for the entire session. There will only be
one session this year from June 15 thru July 17. Classes will be broken into age groups
(4-6, 7-10 and 11-13), if numbers permit. For more information contact the CCAC.

This program is returning to the CCAC. The program will be held in the spring (Mar 24-
June 9) and fall (Aug 11-Oct 27). This is a 6 on 6 league and participants must be
corporate employees, one person may be non corporate. The leagues will play 10 games,
with a single elimination tournament concluding each season. The cost of this program is
$200. There is a deadline for team entry, so call or visit our website for additional

The Warsaw Girl’s Softball League is a recreational league that has been in existence for
over 36 years. This program offers girls an opportunity to play organized softball, while
learning fundamentals, sportsmanship and rules of the game. This program offers
affordable fees, experienced leadership and certified coaches. Every girl plays regardless
of the financial or athletic ability. Our league is not limited to girls in Warsaw. We
currently have players from Leesburg, Mentone, Elkhart, Goshen and many other
surrounding communities. For additional information, please email us at

                        INDEPENDENT LEAGUES/PROGRAMS

This program is designed for men’s, women’s and coed teams. The leagues are church
recreational with requirement that you attend church on a regular basis, that you support
the church you play for and that you play with a Christ- like attitude in word and deed.

Apr 21- Aug 18          (Tues) Men’s Age 16 and up              12 games + 2              $550
                        Single headers, includes tourney

May 14- Aug 20          (Thurs) Women’s Age 16 and up           10 games + 2              $450
                        Single headers, includes tourney

Aug 25-Oct 13           (Thurs) Coed Age 16 and up              12 games + 2              $400
                        Double headers, includes tourney

July 31-Aug 1           All Nighter (date/cost subject to change)                         $200

All tournaments are scheduled for weeknights of play. For more information please visit
The Kosciusko County Soccer League (KCSL) is a not- for-profit corporation that was
formed in 1988. Since that time it has been serving the youth of Kosciusko County by
providing recreational soccer leagues for all youth ages 5 to 16, regardless of skill level.
Our goal is to provide instruction, while keeping soccer fun. The league has been ver y
fortunate to have corporate sponsorships to fund a limited number of membership
scholarships to those in need. Registration numbers have grown steadily over the last
several years to reach approximately 650 players with some 100 volunteer coaches. The
league has formed an association with the Fever Academy which is a premier soccer club
in Northern Indiana. The relationship with the Fever Academy is evolving with plans for
KCSL to join with the Fever Academy and the Three Rivers Youth Soccer Association to
form a recreational plus soccer league. This alliance would create an avenue of play for
those players who are ready to move up from recreational play but not quite ready for
travel leagues. The KCSL remains a local soccer club with a local board and volunteers.
KCSL will benefit greatly from the expertise of the Fever Academy’s Director’s of
Coaching, by bringing our level of instruction to a higher standard. The league’s home
for the last several years has been the CCAC, with whom we enjoy a great working
relationship. For more information please contact Tracey Rose at

Warsaw Travel Soccer Club is a true travel soccer club. Our goal is to develop quality
soccer players through instruction in the fundamental skills of the game, strategy,
competition and sportsmanship. Our club primarily uses coaches who have college level
playing experience. Coaches are responsible for accomplishing goals and acquiring the
State required licensing for coaching at the travel soccer club level.

The club plays in Northern Indiana Soccer League (NISL) and Indiana Soccer League
(ISL) depending on the level of play the coach and team desire. The CCAC is the club’s
home field. Games are held Saturdays and Sundays in the spring and fall seasons. The
spring season begins practice in mid-March with games in mid-April. The fall season
begins practice in August and games the first weekend after Labor Day. Teams generally
practice 2 nights a week, at the CCAC.

The fees for this program are $225 per person, per season, and possibly more depending
on additional tournaments. The fee includes league fees, league tournament and one
additional tournament. There is an additional $95 fee (if you don’t already have one)
uniform fee, which is yours to keep. This is a competitive league for kids ages 9-18. For
more information visit You can also contact Rich Franco,
Director of Coaching ay 574-527-8551 or
                    CCAC TOURNAMENTS FOR 2009

                                 Girls Fast-Pitch

Apr 10-12    CCAC Spring Expose’ (WSQ)          10u-18u   5 Game

May 8-10     Fast-Pitch Fever (WSQ)             10u-18u   5 Game

June 5-7     Fast-Pitch Challenge (WSQ)         10u-18u   7 Game

July 10-12   Summer Slam/College Exposure       10u-18u   7 Game

Sept 11-13   North VS South Challenge (WSQ)     10u-18u   5 Game

Oct 9-11     Columbus Day Classic (WSQ)         10u-18u   5 Game

                                  BPA Baseball

Apr 17-19    Spring Bustout (WSQ)               9u-16u    3 Game

May 1-3      Baseball Bash (WSQ)                9u-16u    3 Game

May 29-31    Pro Shop Classic (NIT)             9u-16u    3 Game

July 3-5     Gear-Up WSQ (Easton/Worth)         9u-16u    3 Game

July 21-26   BPA World Series Ages 11,13, 14, 15, 16      $360

Aug 14-16    Director’s Cup (Festival)          9u-16u    3 Game

                                  Adult Softball
League Teams Only

Mar 21       Spring Volunteer Day                            9:00-4:00

Mar 28       Early Bird                  Men Women Coed      $125

June 19-21   Appreciation Tournament     Men Women Coed      $50 PAYP

Oct 24-25    Fall League Tournament      Men Coed            N/C

National Tourname nts

Apr 4-5      Bash For Cash State Qual.   Men B-C-D-E         $200
             Women’s State Qualifier     Women D-E           $175

Apr 24-26    Super NIT                   Men B-C-D-E         $275
             Women’s WSQ                 Women D-E           $150

May 16-17    Battle For the Bats (Festival) Men Women Coed   $75 PAYP

May 22-24    Player Draft                Men Coed            $15 each

June 26-28   11th Annual Firecracker Fest. Men Women Coed    $175

June 18-19   Bat Wars (WSQ)              Men B-C-D-E         $200

Aug 8-9      Showdown (WSQ)              Men B-C-D-E         $200

Aug 21-22    Open Roster All Nighter     Men                 $150

Aug 28-30    Open Coed All Nighter       Coed                $150

Sept 18-19   Men’s “C” World Series      Men                 $290

Sept 25-27   Player Draft                Men Coed            $15 each

Oct 3-4      Best of the Best Festival   Men C-D-E           $150

Oct 17-18    Halloween Havok             Men Women Coed      $150

                              CCAC Fundraiser
                             Brick Paver Order Form

The City-County Athletic Complex has initiated a fundraising program in order to make some
major improvements to the park and the community. The CCAC will be selling brick pavers in
order to purchase an electronic marquee at the park entrance. This marquee will enable the park
to post all park events, including tournaments, league information, sign ups, cancelations and
much more. Become part of the history of the CCAC by purchasing a commemorative brick
paver today.

Each brick paver sold, will be lined along the sidewalks of the CCAC, for everyone to see your
support. Brick Pavers are 4” x 8” , brown in color with black painted engraving. Each brick
paver is $50, which includes shipping & handling, engraving, placement and a certificate of
support for your home. Each brick also comes with a life-time warranty

The “Paver Program” is available immediately by contacting the park office.

                        City-County Athletic Complex
                        3215 W Old Rd 30
                        Warsaw, IN 46580

Each Brick Paver allows for three (3) lines of engraving, at 18 characters per line (spaces
are consider a character).

Name:           __________________________________
Address:        __________________________________
Phone:          __________________________________

Thank you for your kind support!

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