Real Life Bully Prevention for Real Kids by P-RowmanAndLittlef


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									Real Life Bully Prevention for Real Kids
Author: Catherine DePino

Many states currently mandate character education, and school districts across the country need anti-
bullying education programs to counter the rising tide of aggression and relational aggression that is the
norm among many students. In fact, many schooldistricts now require teachers to include lessons on
bully prevention in their curriculum. Real Life Bully Prevention For Real Kids addresses this pervasive
problem by offering students hands-on activities. Teachers will want to use this book in their classrooms
with their students as part of the school's anti-bullying curriculum. As an added bonus, the activities
reinforce English/language arts, social studies, and health education curricular goals. Counselors,
therapists, and school administrators can also use the activities in large and small group instruction.
Additionally, leaders of after-school programs and youth leadership programs, such as scouting,
dramatics classes, and religious education classes, will find the...

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