Are You Ready by P-RandomHouseGroup


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									Are You Ready?
Author: Amanda Hearty

Ready for... love?
Ready for.... a new job?
Ready to... grow up?
Ready for... change?

Life has been good for Ali, Molly, Ben and Sarah, things have seemed easy and uncomplicated and they
have had the world at their feet. But now as they say goodbye to their twenties and thirty looms they
begin to question themselves...

Is Ali really ready to get married and become a wife, or is everything moving too fast? Molly has followed
her dreams and changed jobs, but has she made a big mistake? Ben is still living at home -- surely it's
time he moved out? And will Sarah ever find someone to love or will she always be single?

Life is full of twists and turns and change is inevitable. Now they must ask themselves... are they ready
for it?

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