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									Walking with the Lord
Author: John-Roger
Table of Contents

1. Why Spiritual Exercises?
2. What’s the Value of Doing S.E.’s?
3. Preparation and Practice
4. When Should I Do S.E.’s?
5. How Long Do I Do S.E.’s?
6. Where Do I Focus?
7. Looking and Listening
8. What Do I Do About
My Mind and Emotions?
9. The Inner Journey
10. Soul Transcendence
Chart of the Realms
About the Author

For anyone interested in spiritual exercises, or for anyone who wants a deeper relationship with God, this
guide is indispensable. It is a handbook that provides instruction in meditation, in chanting the name of
God, and in dealing with mental and emotional distractions that tend to get in the way. It also describes
the quality of empathy that awakens through doing spiritual exercises and explains the various realms of
the Spirit that meditators may visit.

I teach what God taught: spiritual exercises.
This isn’t mine. It’s not new. It’s as
old as the ancient of days. It’s as old as God.
And it’s God’s method that’s being done.
All in this line of the Travelers have done it
the same way.
Author Bio
John-Roger is the founder of the Institute for Individual and World Peace and received the Peacemaker of
the Year award from World Arts Expressions. He is the author of Spiritual Warrior, Loving Each Day,
Loving Each Day for Moms and Dads, and Relationships. He lives in Los Angeles.<br/>

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