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									The Baby Swap Miracle
Babies and Brides

Author: Caroline Anderson

Sam Hunter had only intended to help his brother fulfill his dream of having children, but now, through an
IVF mix-up, a complete stranger is pregnant with his child! To make matters worse, she's utterly
gorgeous....For warmhearted widow Emelia Eastwood, this child was meant to be the final legacy of her
husband. The hospital's discovery turns her world upside down.Sam begins to feel fiercely protective of
his accidental family, and soon he and Emelia discover that fate can lead to a love you never expected....

'Oh, stop dithering and get it over with!'Putting the car back in gear, Emelia turned into the IVF clinic car
park and cut the engine. In the silence that followed, she could hear her heart pounding.'Stupid,' she
muttered. 'It's just an admin hiccup.' Nothing to feel so ridiculously wound up about, but she was tempted
to drive away again right now.Except she couldn't, because she couldn't stand the suspense another
minute. She just had to know.She took the keys out of the ignition and reached for her handbag. The
corner of the envelope stuck out, taunting her, and she stared at it for a second before getting out of the
car. There was nothing to be gained by rereading the letter. She'd nearly worn the print off looking at it,
but she wished she wasn't on her own—'Emelia?''Sam?' Her heart stalled at the sound of his voice, and
she spun round, not really believing it—but he was there, not a figment of her imagination but the real
flesh and blood Sam Hunter, walking towards her with that long, lazy stride, in a suit she'd lay odds was
handmade. She'd never seen him in a suit before. He'd usually worn jeans or casual trousers, but he
looked good in it. More than good—he looked even more gorgeous than she'd remembered.Broad
shoulders, long lean legs, and those eyes—spectacular eyes the colour of slate, fringed with sinful black
lashes. They had the ability to make her feel she was the sole object of his attention, the focus of his
entire world, and as they locked with hers she felt a rush of emotion.'Oh, I'm so pleased to see you!' she
said fervently. 'What on earth are you doing here? Not that I'm complaining! How are you?'He smiled,
those eyes crinkling, the tiny dimple in his lean, masculine cheek turning her legs to mush. 'I'm fine,
thanks. And you—you're looking...''Pregnant?' she said wryly, as his eyes tracked over the lush, feminine
curves that had grown even curvier, and Sam gave a little grunt of laughter and drew Emelia into his arms
for a quick hug. Very quick, because the firm, round swell of her baby pressing against him sent a
shockwave of longing through his system that took him completely by surprise. He let her go hastily and
stepped back.'I was going to say amazing, but—yeah, that, too,' he said, struggling to remember how to
speak. 'Congratulations.''Thank you,' she murmured, feeling a little guilty—which was silly, because it
really wasn't her fault that his brother's wife still wasn't pregnant when she was. 'So—what are you doing
here? I thought Emily and Andrew were taking some time out from all this?''Yeah, they are. "Regrouping"
was the word Andrew used.'She scanned his face, really puzzled now; his smile was gone, and she felt
her own fade as she read the troubled expression in his eyes. 'So—why are you here, Sam?' she asked,
and then apologised, because it was none of her business. Only, without Emily and Andrew, the
presence of their sperm donor was—well, unnecessary, frankly.'I've got an appointment to see the
director,' he said.Hence the suit. Her heart thudded and she felt another prickle of unease. 'Me, too. I was
supposed to come this afternoon, but I couldn't wait that long. Sam, what on earth do you think is going
on? I phoned, but they were really cagey. All they'd tell me was that it's an administrative anomaly and
he'll explain. What's an administrative anomaly when it's at home?'He frowned, his dark brows drawing
together, his firm, sculpted mouth...

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