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Help for Poor Afghan Women Organization                                   ‫مؤسسه مساعدت با زنان بی بضاعت‬
                                                                      +39 (0) 799 310 658 / 0799 111 151:‫شماره موبایل‬
Mobil: +93 (0) 799 310 658 / 0799 111 151                             ‫آدرش دفتر مرکسی: حصه اول خیر خانه کوچه هفتم افسوتر‬
Add: Main Office:Hisi Awal Khair khana sarak hafum Afsoter                                                  ‫کابل افغانستان‬
Kabul Afghanistan.

        Date: 2008- December 10


        We would like to submit this proposal under the title of ‘protection of women against
        violence ’ in districts of (khulm, Kaldar and Hairatan) in Balkh Province

        We are requesting for an amount of US $ 205609 to conduct the Workshops in tree districts in
        Balkh Province we would like to request you for funding the mentioned amount, in supporting
        us to initiate a Project for 2680 Afghan Women, girls and men.

        We would welcome any changes or modification you would like to bring in the Project budget or
        any other parts of the Proposal.

        We are looking forward to your kind approval.

        Shamsia Sharifi
          Director of
           HPWO                                     Contact No:         +93 799 310 658 / +93 799 11 11
                                                        E-mail add:     hpwo.org@gmail.com

Help for Poor Afghan Women Organization                                   ‫مؤسسه مساعدت با زنان بی بضاعت‬
                                                                      +39 (0) 799 310 658 / 0799 111 151:‫شماره موبایل‬
Mobil: +93 (0) 799 310 658 / 0799 111 151                             ‫آدرش دفتر مرکسی: حصه اول خیر خانه کوچه هفتم افسوتر‬
Add: Main Office:Hisi Awal Khair khana sarak hafum Afsoter                                                  ‫کابل افغانستان‬
Kabul Afghanistan.

                        ELIMINATE VIOLENCE AGAINT WOMEN – 2008
                                        BUDGET SUMMARY
        TITLE OF PROJECT: Protection of women Against violence

        SUBMITTED BY: Shamsia Sharifi Director of HPWO
        1- Organizational information:
            Name of Organization: Helping for Poor women Organization (HPWO).

            Name of primary contact person: Shamsia Sharify

            Address: HPWO 2nd street of Labi Jare Hisay say Khair Khana Kabul Afghanistan.

            Telephone: +93 (0) 799 310 658 / 0799 11 11 51

            Email: hpwo.org@gmail.com/ fnf.org@gmail.com

            Registration with Legal Status: 1470 / 2003 new674 with ministry of Economy

           1. Title of Project: Protection of women Against violence

           Total Cost of proposal (USD) 62225.00

           2. Total Amount Requested (USD) 62225.00

            Goal and mandate of the Organization:

         To participate in rehabilitation of Afghanistan through initiating, planning & implementing
          different sustainable projects with a particular focus on increasing the Afghan economy and
          develop life of the vulnerable people in rural areas in the country.
         Providing basic literacy training to both men and women as components of activities to reduce
          domestic violence in communities.
         Providing opportunities for women to challenge rigid gender roles by learning hwo Islam,
          Afghan law and international human rights law safeguard gender equality and other women’s
         To help the women, head of families for become self-sufficiency.

         To provide assistance in different fields of development.

         Changing of handicrafts project after completion of training or learning, as a product section to
          the attendees of Projects.

 To provide Vocational Training and job opportunities for those unskilled, uneducated, and
   unemployed returnees Afghan women/ girls, men and street boys with the skills to works
   independently and become self-sufficient.

 To Provide and promote the handicrafts promotion of our dearest Countrymen.

 To serve for betterment of good lull life of our people in the country.

 To train for the better economy of women’s society.

 Preparations of readiness ground for the women about how to train their children in a good

 Preparation of a peaceful life and better peace residencies far from the violence and harshness
  and trample rights of women and men in the society and families.

 Understanding of men to respect on the rights of women and children according to Islam
  religion, human rights and Afghanistan new Constitution.

 To provide education for girls and children in the society according Islam and human rights in
  the country.

 To wipe out or find the solution in the mind of jealous people, ethnical races and regional races

 To make familiar the women’s society and make the identification of their rights.

 Training of shape trainers about the peace building and relieving of violence against women
   and introducing them to the governmental and non governmental organizations.
Technical Expertise:
           a) What are the qualifications of the key personnel to be involved in the
              implementation of the project?

   For implementation of this project we will sent the qualified personal of our Organization those
   who are experienced, therefore we have attached the copies of their CVs

                b) Please list your previous organizational activities pertaining to issues of
                   violence against women?

                                                                                        Date of Implementation

           Name of project                                              Amount of
                                                                                        Started date     Completed date

        Training of Tailoring for


                                                                            9000 US$    05/01/001        04/01/002
        women and girls

        Training of rights and            British

                                                                        5000 US$        12/11/002        May 2003
        Literacy for women and girls

        Training of rights, Tailoring

        and Engraving Stone in
                                                                        105,000 US$     01/11/2004       on going
        jewelries Section for women
        and girls

        Training of Rights and stone


        Engraving in jewelries Section                                      24548 US$   28/ June /005    28/ July/006
        for women and girls
                                           GTZ + R&D


         Training of Tailoring                                             10,000 US$      08/03/006        09/09/006

Preparation of lawn for the women and

  girls who are the supporter of their                                        20160     01/11/2004       on going

        Training of Rights and stone


        Engraving in jewelries Section                                      24548 US$   28/ June /005    on going
        for women and girls

CBS School for non going school girls

                                                                            21388 USD      May 2008         On going
       In Parwan Province

              c) What is the implementing organization (s) proven record on addressing violence
                  against women?
   Organizational capacity:
      a. Please submit the following documents with your application if you do not have an audit;
          please submit your most recent financial report.

   We have attached the copies of our financial reports of our implemented projects
2- Project details and Focus:
       Time Frame for implementation of the project (in month):

   1. On all Saturdays during the implementation of the project our trainers gate ready on
      their lesson plan for the days of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

      2. Project lesson plan on all Sundays during the project implementation (1st days) for
                     training of 25 people who are the beneficiaries of the project
S. N                 Description of the project activities                      Remarks
1         Introduction of the project goals and objectives                8:30 AM starting time
2         Dimension of violence
3         Tea break
4         Kind of violence that including
                physical violence
                sexual injury and annoy
                financial Violence
                seclusion violence
                Literal violence
                Social violence
                Political violence
                Mental violence
  5       Bases of violence against women in Afghanistan laws
  6       actions which are the basis factor of violence
  7       The silence Reason of women against the men violence
  8       Violence and its effects and unpleasant
  9       How to prevention from the violence against the women
     10         Lunch Break                                                        12:00AM to 1: PM
          To read the historical of violence:
           Violence against the women in ( ancient Roam , India,
             Japan, christen, Judaism , in Arabic Society before the
11        Violence against the women in Afghanistan
12        Local violence against the women as propagandist in             3:30 PM is the end
          Afghan society:                                                 of the program
              1- unhappy and sad enforce marriages
              2- there is no attend about the improvement of the
                  girls and women and solution of viewpoint of
                  Islam rule.

        3- Project lesson plan on Mondays ( 2nd days) for training of 25 people who are the
                                       beneficiaries of the project
S. N                Description of the project activities                       Remarks
1        Repeat of past day’s matters                                     8:30 AM starting time
2        On relation, site and nationality violence against women
3        Economical violence with its all kinds against women
4        To deprived the women from inheritance
5        Introduction of inheritance with its quantity and kinds
6        Violence against the women in the work affaires
7        Tea break
8        Description of marriage from the viewpoint of civil
9        Meaning of marriages on religious affairs
10            Pillar of marriages
11           condition of marriages contracts or conclusion
11       Child marriages
12       Promoter of take and giving marriages
     13       Lunch break                                                           12:00AM to 1: PM
     14       Women in force marriages
     15       Cells violence of girls and women
     16       some cases about the cells of women and girls
     17       Some cases, about the inherits
     18       Beating of women and girls
     19       Day’s matters Evaluation                                          3:30 PM is the end of
                                                                                 daily programs

 4- Project lesson plan on Tuesday (3rd days) for training of 25 people who are the beneficiaries of
                                              the project
S. N                   Description of the project activities                      Remarks
1           Repeat of past day’s matters                                    8:30 AM starting time
2           Solution of domestic violence from the viewpoint of
            Islam rule
3           Description of family
4           Responsibility of husband on his women affairs
5           Responsibility of the wife on her husband affairs
6           Tea break
7           Background and history of Gender
8           Meaning of Gender in word and dialect
9           Meaning of Gender in idiomatic
10               Intelligible and understanding of Gender
11              Knowing of Genders’ matters
11          Lunch break
12          Public needs of women
     13          Spatial needs of women                                              12:00AM to 1: PM
       14        Relations of Gender

      15        Governing of women’s feeble
      16        Distribution of Governing profitable ways for
                improvement and sustainability of women and girls.
      17        Day’s matters Evaluation
      18        Distribution of Certificate                                             3:30 PM is the end of
                                                                                        daily programs

   5- On all Wednesdays during the implementation of project, the project trainers will make the
      implemented activities and its result report to the project manager.

   6- On all Thursdays during the project implementation our trainers advocate and research
      about the women problems and types of violence to the society and domestics in villages,
      districts, schools and the trainers will be the partner of the committees.

   7- For one month we will submit 4 workshops and trainings for the project beneficiaries
      which include directly 25 person * 4 = 100 and for 6 months we will submit 24 trainings
      and workshops and will help and support 24*25 = 600 female and male groups

Project Activities

    Selection of location, selection of rooms and other physical arrangement (based on our
     discussion with the ministry of women affairs) in districts of (khulm, Kaldar and
       Hairatan)of Balkh Province
    Provision of place, materials, and transportation.
    Orientating of the program and training for the trainers
    Advertisement for selection of trainers, and after the advertising we will have interview with the
       trainers and after the evaluation and checking we will select 4 trainers.
    Training of TOT for the selected trainers by our respected experienced group, those who will be the
       key members of this project.
    On every months we will submit 4 workshops and trainings for the project beneficiaries
     which include directly 25 person * 4 = 100 and for 6 months we will submit 24 trainings
     and workshops with the helping and implementation of 24 workshops *25 beneficiaries =
     600 female and male groups
    The trainings and workshops must have the follow-up system

    The main Activities of the workshop is providing of Women Rights, Children Rights,
     Relieving the all kinds of violence, ending of forced Marriages & other rights
     problems in the Country
    Distribution of Human Right Books, News papers and Magazines that prepared by
     Afghanistan Independents Human Rights Commission to the Participants of Workshop
    Conducting the workshop
    Monitoring
    Citation ceremony
    Reporting

What form of violence against women does the project aim to address?
Please state only the forms of violence, not the nature of the problem

Implementation of the project will aim to address the fallowing sections:
   o E.g. Domestic violence
   o Sexual violence
   o Sexual harassment
   o Violence in public places
   o Trafficking of women and girls
   o Forced marriages

What is the need in your proposed geographical area for this intervention?

For a good implementation and covering of the project, the project needs to have a center to cover
all districts and have a formal address. therefore management and covering of the project as will
according the goals and objective of project donor we have need a house for rent in mazari sharif
      How many other organizations are working on issues of violence against women in the
In Balkh province work more then 100 organizations in deferent sections according their goals,
but in this program on the distracts of khulm, Kaldar and Hairatan there is no any other
organizations to run as such project.
What is the level of intervention of the project (e.g. National Level, sub – national / regional level
and local level)?

Implementation of this project will effect and support and improve as quickly on the national level
in Afghan society

Which of the five key pillars of the Fund does the project support?
      1. Access to Justice an protective Measures
      2. Lobby and Advocacy
      3. Research
      4. Awareness Raising
      5. Strengthening Knowledge & Learning networks.

Implementation of this project will support the five key pillars which are:
             1- Access to Justice and protective Measures
             2- Lobby and Advocacy
             3- Research
             4- Awareness Raising
             5- Strengthening Knowledge & Learning networks.

3- Problem, purpose and Strategies:

  Problems statement, State the problem that the project aims to address:
   A. What is the overall goal of the project?

            Provision of the right to free choice of profession and employment, the right to
               promotion security and all benefits and conditions of service and the right to receive
               vocational training and retraining, including apprenticeships, advanced vocational
               training and recurrent training;
              Development of the peoples’ knowledge to fine the ways that how can decrease the
               violence throughout the society and how to search the solve ways of this big
               problem in the society.
              Giving Information for project participators to be understood from phenomenon of
              To be informed the project participators in Islam rule and the low of civilization
               about violence phenomenon and its result.
              Improvement of women knowledge and their understanding that how they can solve
               their problems on their families and society.
              To establish legal Protection for the rights of women on an equal basis with men
               and to ensure through competent national tribunals and other public institutions the
               effective protection of women against any act of violence.
            Provision the right to equal remuneration, including benefits, and to equal treatment
             in respect of work of equal value, as well as equality of treatment in the evaluation
             of the quality of work.
          Introduction the right to social security, particularly in cases of retirement ,
             unemployment, sickness, invalidity and old age and other incapacity to work as
             well as the right to paid
          to advocating for the expansion and enforcement of the rule of law throughout the
             country to increase provision of formal justice mechanisms, the monitoring of
             informal justice mechanisms, and the availability of health, education and other
             government services.
          Providing of committee in schools, local shora in villages and districts to ensuring
             that an y efforts to prevent, protect against, and punish violence against women
             involve women themselves in the design and implementation of activities so as to
             draw on their lived experiences and ensure effectiveness, but also to serve as a
             means of empowering women to take action to make p[positive changes in their
             lives and etc….
   B. Project Justification

Afghanistan has gone through with the years of brutality, war and conflict, poverty, drought and
natural disasters. These all have distracted the life of the Afghan, socially economically and
physically, the infrastructure of the county has been damaged and destroyed; the road, building,
Houses, bridges, hospitals, schools and other facilities.
In social life, among all, the women have suffered inadequately, As the women are the most
important members of the society, For the last 24 years, they have been victims of different social
crisis: many cases of rape, humiliation, among the most communities. Women rights are still a

problem in the country; very few fortunate women have had the opportunities to pursue education
and learning but the others are forced to in the forced tasks.
A large number of populations did not have chance of education, they either had to migrate or join
one armed groups to earn living.

In Balkh province, the situation is calm and quiet, and each district includes some big
villages. HPWO Surveyors have already surveyed and understood that the situation is
suitable for conducting civic education program; most of the women are interested to
participate in the project and know something about the current situation of the country.
HPWO has much experience regarding this issue.

Presently, women are not very active in public activities. They also need to refresh their
knowledge toward democracy and civil society. Most women of the country are deprived from
such knowledge as they are living in a very bad condition without any access to health, education,
and other social rights. Actually, they are living like slaves under the custody of harsh men who
control their access to public life.

People in the remote areas continue to live under the pressure of local commanders/warlords and
their followers and the most of them have remained illiterate. 99% of people in the remote areas do
not know computer and other technical instruments; People in the remote areas need information
about the parliament elections, democracy, civil society, women rights, human rights, children
rights, in order for them to make decisions about their destiny. By getting knowledge about human
rights, parliament awareness and democracy; they will be able to participate very actively in the

These people get together and make decision on the life of other families members too.
For instance a problem is caused by someone in a community, there are the one who decide what
to do, for instance forced marriages which is called arranged marriage in Afghanistan, selling a girl
for large amount of money of in compensation to someone’s mistake, they would force a girl to get
married with someone whom she doesn’t know or like, She has no potion but to marry that person,
Such things increase hatred against women due to lack of knowledge of a good social life. But
most people are not aware of the fact that women and girls bear some of the worst effects of the
social ignorance, Lack of knowledge of social life etc. the women continue to face severe social
discrimination. Armed attacks, local warlord factions, and others too. To solve these Problems,
specially the women violence/ harshness, women rights and children rights.

   C. How will the project tackle the above issues?

Present Condition:

   1- Now is the chance for women to become more involved in public life. The majority of
      them are illiterate and do not have any information about the present situation of the
      country. They do not know any thing about parliament, democracy, human rights, civil

      society and government policy. They do not know how to participate to the community
      activities. They do not know anything about their rights. They are living traditionally under
      the harsh control of men. This NGO would like to provide the training materials about
      democracy, human rights, civil society, structure of government, education in a very simple
      language. Then distribute these materials among the people of the area.
   2- HPOW has implemented the seemlier project and the result is very good and the
      beneficiaries are very happy about the implemented of the projects and also
      implementation of this project tackle the above issues according that, therefore we sent our
      experienced male and female team for implementation of this project.

    D. Identify any laws, policies or action plans that the project will be supporting (E.g. The
        Afghanistan National Development strategy, National Action plan for the women of
        Afghanistan, etc) Please use bullet points.
We have explained the implementation plan to have positive effects on the improvement of women
society on project activities and project goals.

   E. What are the expected results?
   F. Indicate the concrete immediate, medium term and long term results that the project wishes
      to achieve?
      E. F. Project results
    Rancor, hatred, offense and pessimism will be removed against the women and the
      women would rather be more strengthened
    The women participants will be able to read, write and get new information, they will
      be happy and optimistic about their future.
    The Participators will be able to know the women and children rights in Afghanistan
    Provision the Relieving of Violence from the families and societies by who are the
      implementers of Rights and democracy in the region.
    In the long term, violence/ harsh against the women will be removed and the unfair
      traditional bias will slowly end and replaced by equal rights of each citizens
    The participant's way of thinking will be changed toward broad minding and positive
    The women will be rescued, from misfortune and violence which dominated them
      through years of war and conflict and they will be able to contribute to a modern
    the participants will share the learned lessons of the workshop in their family as well
      as in their society
    justice, righteousness and caring will be developed in the society and ignorance,
      illiteracy, anger and ill-cultural bias will be ended gradually

   What are the main strategies that the project will be deploying? Check all that apply and gives
   details in the narrative

                                       Advocacy

                                        Public outreach
                                        Community Mobilization
                                        research
                                        Capacity Development
                                        Creation of the committee

What capacity development will be done throughout the project?
              6- Access to Justice and protective Measures
              7- Lobby and Advocacy
              8- Research
              9- Awareness Raising
              10- Strengthening Knowledge & Learning networks.
              11- With the application of the project Committee personal we will run the
                  vocational trainings for development of their capacity and creation of job

Of whom and for what purpose?

For development and strengthening of women society we will select the poor, widow, emigrants,
uneducated and other women and girls

How will these capacities contribute to sustain ongoing changes/ activities after the completion of
the project?
For ongoing and improvement of the women society after the completion of the project we will
create women Committee therefore after the completion of project the committees will work as
sustainable on women affairs and the committees will be a relation between the government,
supporters’ organizations, Independent Human rights Commission and other justice and rights
organizations to improve and solve the problems of women society.

4-Beneficiaries, partners and stakeholder:

Who will benefit ( primary beneficiaries) from this project?

Project beneficiaries which are including:
    Women & girls in general
    Rural women
    Women survivors of violence
    Migrant worker
    Adolescent girls
    Men

Whit whom (secondary beneficiaries)? These are the group/s With whom you will work in order t
change the lives of primary beneficiaries (Check all that apply)
            Primary beneficiaries (Check all that apply)
            Government Officials
            Media

            Teachers
            Faith Based Groups
            Parliamentarians
            Health Service Providers
            NGOs
            General Public
            Legal System (judges, lawyers)
            Men and / or boys
            Uniformed Personnel (Police, Military)
            Community Leaders / Members
For bricking a good changes on the project beneficiaries lives we (project Committee as
independently) will have partnership with:
                   Community leaders and members
                   Judges, and lawyers organs
                   General publics
                   Health services providers
                   Agriculture and livestock providers
                   Governmental official organs who are working on the security and other
                      social affairs.

Who are key partners in the project?
  1- Shamsia Sharifi: provider of relation. And has a good experienced as a director
  2- S. Abdul Hadi Sajadi: provide and manage all project activities and reporting to the donor
      and has a good experienced more then 9 years as director, manager and itc……
  3- Rashida Ahmadi: provide all financial activities of the project and has experiences in
      financial affairs and has work in HPOW as finance manager
  4- Afzoon Aziz: provide the project workshops and trainings as master trainer. And has
      experienced from 1985 up yet in deferent sections as teacher, trainer and provider of
      workshops and seminars. for your more information we have attached the copy of CV
  5- Khatima Muslih provide all planning of the project workshops and training of TOT and has
      a good experienced on implementation of workshops, teacher training, seminars and from
      1984 up yet for your more information we have attached the copy of CV
  6- Friba Hanifi project supper visor and has a good experience for your more information we
      have attached a copy of her CV.
  7- Shukoor Sharifi: Logistic Manager of the project and he has a good experience on logistic
      system with the HPWO and ministry of Defense
  8- Mahtab Adil: Admin Assistant and has more then 6 years experience.

Is a Media strategy relevant to the project (keeping local and national communities informed on
issues of violence against women – including community meetings, radio, reflects and etc)? if yes
Please outline your strategy

For implementation of the project and knowing of the peoples we will have a media inform
programs if you have need we will submit you all information about the program.

. Implementation plan:

       We will select suitable place for the workshop that will have a good location to be easily
        accessible for women and girls in the districts and villages
       Providing materials for the workshops on project site
       Providing the transportation.
       Preparing and renting house for implementation of the project programs.
       Recruiting experts
       Recruiting of high-qualified persons.
       Giving admission to the women, men and girls, and organizing the classes.
       Beneficiaries would be the whole community.

   5- Monitoring and Evaluation:

Please provide the details of your monitoring and evaluation plan, Details what steps will be taken
to track and monitor project implementation. How will evaluation be undertaken and what tools
will be used an how will lessons from the evaluation process be fed into subsequent stages of
implementation , the plan should be built on benchmarks and indicators that are included in the
results framework. Each grantee will be expected to conduct an evaluation and impact assessment

        One monitor will be responsible for monitoring and supervising their daily activities
        and report to the project manager, the project manager will be responsible for
        reporting the projects progress report and implementation by the end of each
        workshop (one week) to the HPWO office. The HPWO office will be reporting to the
        donor in every three weeks time during the Project implementation.
        A final report will be submitted to the donor, Ministry of women affairs, local
        governmental organization by the completion of the project. Any sort of auditing,
        evaluation and monitoring by donor, the local and central governmental organizations
        will be welcomed at any time during the project implementation or after the project
        has been implemented and be come sustainable

Please do not forget to submit your most recent annual report and external audit report with your
Therefore every application should include, where possible, the following:

   a)   1 completed application form;
   b)   1 completed budget summary;
   c)   1 completed results framework;
   d)   The organizations most recent audit report (organizations that do not have an audit report
        should submit their most recent financial report)

7- Project Budget

The project following can be factored in: a maximum of 7% of total budget for administration,
additional costs for monitoring activities and additional costs for capacity building activities
(Attendance of trainings, etc.)

   1- For encouraging of Participators, Vehicles Rent:
No            Description                    Unit           Per person vehicle rent    Total in US$
 1      Beneficiaries of the Project         600 person                     51US$               9000
            Sub total                                                                      US$ 9000

            1- Staffing Budget
S.N           Description                    Number            Monthly Payment               months             Yearly Payment US$

1     Project Manger                           1                            500                         6             3000
2     Project supervisor                       1                            500                         6             3000
3     Financial & Admin officer                1                            450                         6             2700
4     Trainer                                  4                            350                         6             8400
5     Monitor                                  1                            400                         6             2400
6     Logistic Manager                         1                            350                         6             2100
7     Watchmen                                 1                            150                         6             900
8     Cook                                     5                            150                         6             900
Sub total                                                                                                           23400.00
2 Manuel and posters with brusher, preparation Budge
Manuel preparation Budget                                                                                             2000
Brushers and posters cost (2500 * 0.70)                                                                               1750
Media publicity script 2 times                                                                                        1900
Sub total                                                                                                            5650.00
3- Other Expenditures:
S.N           Description                      Unit                     Unite Price          months             Yearly Payment US$
1     House rent                             A house                         400                 6                    2400
2     Completed Computer                       Set                           700                 2                    1400
3     Projector/ Or PowerPoint                 Set                          1200                 1                    1200
4     Generator                               1 Set                          800                 1                    800
5     Fuel for Generator                      Liter                         1.10                     3120             3432
6     Office Desk and Arm Chair                1                            270                                       270
7       Transportation of project
                                        Toyota Tunis                        1000                 6                    6000
             personal on site
                                                                Subtotal                                           15502.00
4- food Alliances

S.N                  Description                      Number           Daily          Monthly          months       Total Expenses
                                                                     expenses         Expenses
 1     Project Manger                                   1               2               26                  6            312
 2     Project supervisor                               1               2               26                  6            312
 3     Logistic Manager                                 1               2               26                  6            312
 4     Trainer                                          4               2               26                  6            1248
 5     Project financial and admin officer              1               2               26                  6            312
 6     Watchmen                                         2               2               30                  6            720
 7     Cook                                             1               2               26                  6            312
           Subtotal in USD                         3528.00

S.N                     Description                   Number   Unite Price    Total price US$
 1      Note book ( large size )                       600         2                            1200
 2      Flip chart paper                               600        0.9                           540
 3      Board Marker                                    25         5                            125
 4      Large White board with frame                    3          80                           240
 5      Chairs for Participants and Trainers            50          9                           450
 6      Desk for Trainers                                4         80                           320
 7      Digital Camera of Audio and Video               1         400                           400
 8      Files for Participators                        600         1                            600
 9      Photocopy Machine                               1        1000                           1000
10      Paper A4 ( ramp )                              100         3                            300
Subtotal                                                                       US$ 5175.00

      1- transportation cost project participators:                           US$   9000.00
      2 – Staffing budget:                                                    US$   23400.00
      3- Manuel        and posters with brusher, preparation Budge:           US$   5650.00
      4- Other Expenditures:                                                  US$   15502.00
      5- food Alliances:                                                      US$   3528.00
      5- Stationary:                                                          US$   5175.00
      Total Budget                                             US$ 62225.00


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