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									Forgotten Reformer
Author: Frank Morn

Forgotten Reformer traces criminal justice practice and reform developments in late nineteenth-century
America through the life and career of Robert McClaughry, a leading reformer. As a warden of one of
America's toughest prisons, as a chief of police of Chicago, as a superintendent of two different
reformatories, and as one of the first wardens of the federal prison system, McClaughry developed and led
a reform movement that resonates today. As a founding member of the reformatory movement that sought
to "save" young first offenders, McClaughry advocated new sentencing structures, probation, parole, and
rehabilitative regimes within new institutions for young first offenders called reformatories. McClaughry
then successfully got these reformatory ideals placed into adult prisons. In addition, McClaughry became
American's main advocate for a criminal identification method called the Bertillon system. He set up the
first identification bureaus at the Illinois State Penitentiary...

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