Focus Groups, Volume I by P-RowmanAndLittlef


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									Focus Groups, Volume I
Author: Graham R. Walden

This volume is the first of two volumes that address the most recent ten years (1997-2006) of focus group
studies and research literature. Volume one provides coverage of the arts and humanities, social
sciences, and the nonmedical sciences, and volume two concentrates on the medical and health
sciences. These volumes cover the English-language academic literature (books, chapters in books,
journal articles, and significant pamphlets) available in libraries via interlibrary loan and online. A variety
ofmaterials are included: instructional guides, handbooks, reference works, textbooks, and academic
journal literature. In Focus Groups, Volume I, the following subject disciplines have been considered: in
the arts and humanities—linguistics, music, religion, and sports and leisure studies; in the social
sciences—anthropology, business, cartography, communication, demography, education, law, library
science, political science, psychology, and sociology; and in the...

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