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									Full View Integrated
Technical Analysis
Full View Integrated Technical Analysis

Author: Xin Xie

Edition: 1

A fresh approach to technical analysis utilizing a full view (multi-time frame) integrated analytical system.

Has the bear market ended? Is the rebound lasting? Everybody wants an answer but nobody can provide
one with a good degree of confidence. While fundamental analysis is notoriously weak when it comes to
market timing decisions and price target forecasts, technical analysis is equally timid in providing any
concrete answers to the above fundamentally important questions for market participants. No existing
system has produced a firm answer with a respectable degree of conviction.

This book will present a system to answer those questions with a high degree of confidence.

Xin Xie is the Director for Institute of International Trade and Investment at the Upper Yangtze River
Economic Research Center, Chongqing University of Business and Technology and PRC Ministry of
Education. He has a PhD in Economics from Columbia University in New York and a Master of Arts
Degree in Statistics at Zhongnan University of Finance in China. He has extensive experiences in banking
and investment industries as Senior Economists and Strategists in Bank of America and UBS AG.The
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