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									Veterans of Future Wars
Author: Donald W. Whisenhunt

The Veterans of Future Wars (VFW) was a short-lived student movement that came in response to the
bonus paid to World War I veterans in 1936. The VFW began at Princeton University, but quickly spread
across the United States, attracting attention from allgroups of American citizens. It was extremely
popular on college campuses, but it engendered vocal and intemperate opposition from the Veterans of
Foreign Wars, the American Legion, chambers of commerce, and other citizens. The student leaders
were branded as Communists, Fascists, or other similar subversive groups. The group attracted attention
from political leaders; some members of Congress were supportive, but others attacked the group on the
floor of the House of Representatives. The student group ended about four or five months after it began.
Despite its short life, it was a successful movement that attracted wide support and caused serious
discussion about the role of the federal government in providing bonuses to veterans.

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