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									Social Security Handbook
Author: Federal Government

The Bernan Press edition of the Social Security Handbook: Overview of Social Security Programs, 2009
contains information about the benefit programs administered by the Social Security Administration. The
Handbook includes the provisions of the Social Security Act (the Act), Code of Federal Regulations
sections issued under the Act (Title 20, Chapter III and Title 42, Chapter IV), and precedential case
decisions (rulings). New regulations and amendments to regulations are published in the Federal
Register. The completely updated Handbook, organized by section number, is a readable, easy-to-
understand reference for understanding complex Social Security programs and services. It contains
information on: • How Social Security programs are administered • Who is and isn't covered under
retirement, survivors, disability, and hospital insurance programs • Who is responsible for submitting the
necessary evidence to support a claim • How claims are processed by the Social Security...

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