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									On Thin Ice
Author: Debra Lee Brown

The Alaskan tundra—a land whose pristine beauty was overshadowed by the darkness of winter, the
danger of corruption. Her career hung in the balance, her life was on the line, and, after one reckless
moment in a stranger's embrace, Lauren Fotheringay's heart was, too....He was a tribal cop working
undercover as an oil rig roughneck to catch a corporate thief and win back his FBI job. But Seth Adams
hadn't counted on murder. Hadn't been prepared to fall for his prime suspect. Instinct, however, told him
the beautiful geologist was innocent, a mere pawn in a deadly plan. And as the danger around them
escalated, the passion between them intensified as they raced against time to survive....
Author Bio
Debra Lee Brown
An award winning author, Debra's ongoing romance with wild and remote locales began at an early age
and is reflected in her books. Born and raised in California, and drawn to the rugged Sierra Nevada
mountain range like a fish to water, Debra was an accomplished outdoorswoman by the time she finished
high school.After earning a degree in geology, Debra went to work for British Petroleum as an exploration
geologist, working in Alaska on arctic drilling projects. She loved the adventure, the travel, and the thrill of
discovering oil. She kept journals during her years as a geologist and always knew that someday she'd
write about her experiences.Debra's life changed dramatically after she returned to school to earn her
Master's Degree in Business Administration. She didn't return to geology or the oil industry, choosing
instead to return to California and settle a stone's throw from her first love, the rugged mountains of the
Sierra Nevada.There she met her husband James, a native of Scotland, and adopted their dog, Seamus,
a 160 lb. mastiff. Both provide inspiration for her writing. Together, the threesome spends weekends
camping, fishing, hiking, and skiing.Debra began her writing career in 1997 and, after winning the
Romance Writers of America Golden Heart award in 1998, sold her first book to Harlequin in early 1999.
In what is fast becoming a trademark of her writing, Debra loves nothing better than to strand her heroes
and heroines in rugged, often dangerous settings, then let nature take its course!Debra invites you to
write to her in care of Harlequin Readers Service, P.O. Box 1325, Buffalo, NY 14269.

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