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									             Red Hot Niche Report – Online Dating Industry

    An In Depth Look At The Online Dating Niche & How To Make
                          Money With It

Can We Help More? We Can Create An Online Dating Business For

                      Business Set-up Including Hosting

                    Business Set-up On Your Own Hosting

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              Red Hot Niche Report – Online Dating Industry


This book is supplied for information purposes only and the content inside does not
constitute professional business advice. It is sold with the understanding that the
authors/publishers/resellers are not engaged in giving any accounting, legal or other
professional advice. If legal/accounting or any other professional assistance is required, the
services of a professional should be used.

The authors and publishers of this book have used every effort to ensure that it has been
prepared in the best possible way – however the authors & publisher make no
representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability or completeness of
this book’s contents. They disclaim any warranties, merchantabilities or fitness for any
particular purpose. The authors/publishers/resellers do not accept any responsibility for any
liabilities resulting from the business decisions made by the purchasers/users of this book.

Please note – we cannot be held responsible for the actions & performance of external
affiliate/CPA programs. Please conduct your own thorough research before signing up to any
programs of this nature.

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             Red Hot Niche Report – Online Dating Industry

The online dating niche is huge – and growing at a very healthy rate. If you’ve ever
questioned the benefits of owning a business within this industry, take a look at these

   -   This year, the online dating industry is expected to be worth $1.049 billion in the
       USA alone - with an additional 10% growth expected for next year. This is an
       average figure - if the recent research from Marketdata Enterprises is to be believed,
       that figure rises to $1.8 billion with an additional $280 million from dating coaching

   -   In the USA, a report from Forrester Research inc revealed that online dating was the
       third highest revenue grossing industry around.

   -   Since the emergence of online dating in the early 1990's, the industry has bucked the
       impact of recessions. Even during steep economic downturns, this niche has
       continued to grow. This is primarily because the subject (companionship) is one of
       the key human needs.

   -   40 million Americans use online dating sites and social network sites to find a

   -   Eharmony has over 20 million registered users and spends $160m on it's advertising
       and affiliate promotions.

   -   This is important - online dating advertising is worth a staggering $23.4 billion. It's
       important because this is the pot of money that pays for your Adsense, CPA and
       affiliate earnings. And it's a big one.

   -   A research report by Nielson, there are 27.5 million visitors per month to the top
       online dating sites in the US alone.

   -   Turning to the UK, 69% of all first dates are now reported to come from online
       dating and social network sites.

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             Red Hot Niche Report – Online Dating Industry

   The best thing about the online dating niche is that there are numerous models that
   work, and many different sub-niches that you can carve a powerful income from. You
   can use a content model, or a membership model. And the vast variety of affiliate
   programs, residual income opportunities and CPA offers means there is always a good
   number of earning options.

   If you are reading this as a smaller individual site owner, I would really recommend
   setting up a quality content site instead of trying to compete with sites like Eharmony!
   This way, you can offer good content to the millions of people who want to know more
   about online dating, and still earn lavish affiliate commissions and CPAs from sites like

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                 Red Hot Niche Report – Online Dating Industry

          Additionally, Here Is A Large Listing Of Online Dating Sites – You Can Investigate
          Each One To Set-Up Additional Affiliate Programs.

          Not sure about how many different affiliate programs you could potentially earn from
          your online dating website? Here are some of the major players.



Asia Friend Finder

Asian Singles Connect


BBW Personals Plus




Canadian Personals

Catholic Mingle


Christian Cafe







Friends Reunited Dating


Great Expectations


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                 Red Hot Niche Report – Online Dating Industry



Its Just Lunch



At the time of writing, the highest CPA was $27 per lead – that means for every visitor who
clicks on an affiliate banner and creates a free profile, you get paid this amount.

Why do online dating companies offer such seemingly high rewards? Well, they work on a
recurring subscription model. So, for every member they recruit, they can earn say $20 per
month for an average of 2 years (just as an example). So, offering you even $27 per lead is
worthwhile from their perspective. The high competition in this niche from membership sites
is a good thing for you.

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             Red Hot Niche Report – Online Dating Industry

What You Will Need To Start Earning Money Within The Online Dating Niche…

If you opt for the content model I’ve talked about, here’s what you’ll need to get

   -   A very good site that has the perfect balance between written content,
       video, and ad displays. Your site should be easy to navigate and look
       professional. Here’s a screenshot of one of the dating sites I setup for clients:

   -   You will need hosting & a domain name.

   -   Well written content for the online dating niche

   -   You will want to have a Clickbank & Adsense account at least, and then start
       creating affiliate programs with the different dating membersites I have talked
       about above.

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             Red Hot Niche Report – Online Dating Industry

   -    An understanding of how you can generate traffic in the online dating niche.If
        you can do these things, you’re all set to start making money within one of
        the most potent online niches that exists today.

        Good luck!

Tuks Engineer


If you would like me to create a sensational online dating site for you (including content &
video) then take a look at the exclusive offer below:

                       Business Set-up Including Hosting

                     Business Set-up On Your Own Hosting

       Or – if you have skills create your own business with our PLR

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