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Diabetes _ Endocrine Center Streamlines Service_ Reclaims Space


Diabetes, we all heard this term many times. Western medicine called on the management of diabetes polyuria sweet nature, then the Chinese on the management of diabetes is called Diabetes is thin with polydipsia. Diabetes can be divided into two categories, reasons not clear, we call primary diabetes; and those with diabetes have special causes, such as pancreatic disease, not caused by insulin synthesis, secretion does not come out, or by other endocrine The confrontation caused too much insulin and other hormones; This is a secondary category of diabetes.

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									Diabetes & Endocrine Center Streamlines Service,
Reclaims Space With Electronic Filing Solution
Company/Industry:                                      “I told Sage (Software) that there would be no               features that make Panasonic scanners standard
Diabetes & Endocrine Center of Orlando                 home for all that paper in the new building and that         equipment in Sage Software’s integrated practice-
                                                       I wanted a fully integrated solution,” Ms. Howard            management solutions.
Challenge:                                             added. “I also told them I didn’t want a separate
“It was horrible,” Diabetes & Endocrine Center of      hardware guy, software guy and systems guy.                  “Our default scanning hardware is almost always
Orlando Practice Administrator Debbie Howard           That what I wanted was a single vendor providing             Panasonic,” he says. “We especially like the
recalls. “It was piles and stacks and mountains and    an end-to-end solution and that I didn’t care who            reliability and paper handling of the Panasonics, the
more mountains of paper. We had a 500-square           made the scanners as long as it was a first-tier             fact that they rarely jam, the long-paper scanning
foot document storage room with wall-to-wall filing    company with a reputation for maximum uptime                 for things like EKGs. Something else that’s very
cabinets and there were still patient records and      and minimum maintenance.                                     important to us is Panasonic’s willingness to allow
insurance forms everywhere.”                                                                                        our techs to participate in factory-training sessions
                                                       “They brought in a Panasonic KV-S3065C,                      so we can perform field maintenance and repairs
That was five years ago. Today, the document-          showed me how to use it, and it’s been a                     on the units ourselves.”
management area in the Center’s new building           workhorse every since. We’re now into the fourth
occupies only 49 square feet and calm keyboarding      year of a six-year lease on that initial scanner and         According to Jim Preuett, Panasonic
has replaced paper-shuffling chaos. Doctors,           it’s still essentially self-sufficient. We really don’t do   Communications Company’s East Coast Scanner
technicians and administrators have real-time          anything to it. It doesn’t breakdown, it doesn’t have        Business Development Manager , Panasonic’s
access to electronic medical, billing and scheduling   problems. When we started the project, we hired              line of high-speed, high-volume scanners is ideal
records from workstations strategically placed         temps who spent all day, every day just scanning             for healthcare providers transitioning to digital
throughout the facility and the space reclaimed via    and scanning and scanning. The end result was                document collection and computerized practice-
digitalization is being used to earn income rather     that we didn’t have to move a single paper record            management solutions.
than drain it.                                         except for some long dead files we are legally
                                                       mandated to keep as originals.”                              “The Diabetes and Endocrine Center is a major
Beginning the design process of its new                                                                             central Florida care facility with three doctors, four
headquarters in late 2004, Center administrators       Impact:                                                      nurse practitioners and numerous administrative
turned to Sage Software to provide the practice-       These days one employee using a PC, the                      and support personnel dealing with a year-round
management and electronic health records               KV-S3065C “workhorse,” and a Panasonic DP-                   average of more than 125 patients per day in one
applications and hardware integration needed to        8035 network multifunction product handles the               office,” Preuett noted. “The amount of scanning
cure its paper-handling pandemic.                      Center’s entire scanning and digital-media filing            required to fill the Center’s pipeline to enable
                                                       and organization needs.                                      Sage’s Intergy practice-management suite to
“I had to do something with all those charts and                                                                    integrate everything from chart management, to
folders,” Ms. Howard says. “Many of the folders        “We create a complete electronic record for each             electronic billing and remittance tracking, to ID
were almost four-inches thick and some patients        new patient starting with their first appointment,”          card inputting, to appointment book scanning was
had four or five folders. If a doctor wanted to        Debbie Howard says. “Doctors make electronic                 enormous.
compare something like a new ultrasound with           notes on charts using workstations in each
one that was two or three years old you had to go      examining room and lab reports and faxed                     “We are extremely proud that Sage Software
through multiple folders to find it.                   material are received directly by the DP-8035 and            has made our KV-30x line, with speeds up
                                                       transferred to the server without ever touching              to 166 images per minute, industrial-grade
Solution:                                              paper.”                                                      metal construction, and extended maintenance
The solution was to integrate low-maintenance                                                                       intervals, their scanner of choice for these types of
Panasonic scanners with Sage’s Intergy Suite           Sage Software Hardware Product Manager Tom                   applications.”
including Intergy for Practice Management and          Carter confirms that best-in-class reliability
Intergy EHR for electronic health records.             and ease-of-maintenance are among the key

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