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                  Current Services,
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                         Caring For Carers Ireland
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                                           Ennis, Co. Clare

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 Directors: Judith Ironside, Eilish Smith, Tess Hogan, Junette Dolan, Mary Savage, Susan Hogan, Noel P. Power
  Tel: 065 6866515 Mobile: 086 2469764 Email:
A Limited Company Registered in Ireland .No. 435288 Registered Charity No CHY 16691
                                     Table of Contents

Who we are:                                                                      page 4
    Mission Statement
    Carers Charter

What we do:                                                                      page 4
     Respite Care
     Information and Advice
     Training and Health promotion
     Advocacy & Social Inclusion
     Recognition of best practice programmes
     Conferences convened

Caring for Carers Ireland                                                        page 4
Current Services Activities & Functions
     Carers Charter
     National Network of Carers Groups
     Carers Centre
     Nurse Led Carers Clinic
     Respite Care Programme

Special Initiatives                                                              page 12
      Moving Forward Telecare Project
      Home Care Service/Packages of Care
      Health Promotion
      Patient Discharge Summary
      Carers Support Programme
      Training Programme
      Carers Record of Care
      E Health Programme
      Home Security

Community Development                                                            page 15
    North East Region
    Western Region
    West Waterford Region

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European working groups                                                          page 16

Caring for Carers Ireland affiliation
Partnership                                                                      page 17
Future Strategy
Caring for Carers Ireland Policy proposal
Studies and Publications

Caring for Carers Ireland -

National Network of Carers Groups                                                page 19

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                                         Caring for Carers Ireland
       Current Services Activities and Functions - Summary
Who we are:

Caring for Carers is an independent voluntary organisation which works in partnership with the
Department of Health & Children, Department of Community Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs,
Department of Social Protection, HSE and other statutory and voluntary organisations and is
supported by Soroptimist International Rep. of Ireland. It is a Registered Charity
(No CHY 16691) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registered in Ireland No. 435288).

Mission Statement:

Caring for Carers promotes the health, wellbeing and quality of life of Family Carers and those
for whom they care. It fosters social inclusion and furthers recognition of the role of Family
Carers. CFCI. Provides Respite Care, Information, Training, Telecare Services, Practical
Support, Carers Clinics, Group Development and Advocacy through its national network of 102
Carers Groups throughout the island of Ireland.

The Carers Charter, launched in 1991, is based on the UN Charter for Human Right‟s and sets
out the support required to enable the Family Carer to continue to care in a way that ensures a
high quality of life and promotes Social Inclusion of Family Carers.

The family continues to be the strongest and most reliable source of care for people who are
dependent in the community and require ongoing support within the home. (Carers
Charter 1991).

Since 1988 Caring for Carers Ireland has been to the forefront in leading the development of
inclusive Carers networks at local, national and European levels, as founder members of Care
Alliance and of Eurocarers, the European Association for Family Carers. Its National Network
comprises of 101 Carers Groups.

What we do:


   19th Annual Respite Weekend & Conference: “Sustaining Long Term Care A Fair Deal
    for Family Carers Galway 2010. Each year over 500 Family Carers attend. To date
    7.500 have availed of this respite. Supported by the Dept. Health & Children and HSE

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11          4
   National Respite Weekend & Conference a unique initiative. The 18th Annual Conference
    took place in Killarney 6th, to 8th, March 2009.

   We also provide Respite Breaks at local level and provide and promote Care in the Home.
    To date 5.500 Family Carers have availed of this service.

   Caring for Carers unique National Network of over 101 Carers Groups geographically
    spread throughout Ireland, promoting Social Inclusion and Advocacy for Family Carers.

   Social Inclusion for Family Carers is provided by the Group Development and Caring in the
    Home Training Programme. This is recognised and promoted by the Dept. Rural Community
    & Gaeltacht Affairs and implemented in the Community Development Programme in
    Counties Cavan, Monaghan, Galway, Waterford, Tipperary, Clare, Mayo, Donegal, Dublin,
    Louth, Westmeath, Longford, Cork and Kerry.


   The Nurse - led Carers Clinics Established in 2001 are unique to Caring for Carers
    Ireland. The nurse assess the needs of the Carer, provide access to health and other services
    and assist with appeals. The objective is to prioritise meeting the needs of Family Carers and
    those for whom they care and the provision of ongoing care.
   Carers Centres providing information, advice and social support, including development of
    local services and Carers Groups.
   Carers Newsletters, keeping Carers in touch with services and developments in health and
    social care.
   Careline providing information to Family Carers.


Training Programme for Family Carers a highly successful and unique initiative developed
by Caring for Carers Ireland in partnership with the Irish Red Cross and other agencies, with
98.7% attendance.

Care in the Home Course
This 14 week course gives the participants the opportunity to learn about all different aspects of
Caring for an Individual in their own home. It also provides Carer‟s with the necessary skills to
deal with emergency situations the skills required to protect themselves and the person that they
are caring for, e.g. Emergency First Aid, Manual Handling.

Other Courses include:
Basic Life Support
Safe Lifting of Patients
Healthy Living Programme

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11             5
Emergency First Aid
This short course is made available to those who are unable to commit to the full 14 week
programme, it gives them the initial skills required to deal with an emergency situation.

Personal Development.
This training programme develops personal skills, self-worth and empowerment of Family

Manual Handling
This course can again be provided to those individuals who can not commit to the full 14 week
programme, it provides them with the techniques that they will require to ensure that they can
safely look after the person that they are caring for without compromising their own health and

Mental Health First Aid
This training can be made available to assist individuals to monitor and look after their own
Mental Health. It can also raise awareness in the community about looking after ones mental
health, and provide Carers with the skills to identify when someone is experiencing a crisis with
their mental health.
Infection Control, this course enables participants to learn about how infections are spread, the
different types of infections and to learn skills and practices to stop the spread of infections.

Computer training
This training is made available to suit the needs of the participants, it recognises the different
levels of ability and loos specifically at what the Carer wishes to use the computer for, e.g.
Internet Access.

Therapeutic hand care
This course provides Carers with the skills to use touch as a form of communication, this is a
very important skill, especially for those individuals who can no longer communicate verbally.

Leadership/ Personal Development Training
This training looks after the Carers identity, it gives them the skills and confidence to assert
themselves and to deal effectively and communicate confidently when seeking services for
themselves or those for whom they care.
Recreation and Leisure Training. There are a variety of recreation and leisure training courses
available to Carers, these can include, cookery, photography, Arts and Crafts, Dance, interior
design. These courses ensure that the Carers get a break from their caring role and are enabled to
have valuable time with others in a similar position.

Stress Management
This course provides Carers with the necessary skills to identify when they are experiencing
stress and the skills to deal with these stressful situation effectively and in a timescale that will
enable them to continue in their caring role.

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11                  6
Safety & Security in the Home
Provision of home based security services to promote safety and quality of life for older people,
people within the ages of 18 and 65 with physical or sensory impairments.( Moving Forward

Caring for Carers Ireland contribute to the social policies agenda by addressing concerns
identified by Family Carers and working for the improvement of care services and supports.

   Carers’ Forum enables Family Cares to voice their concerns regarding all aspects of care.
   Carers Clinics
   Annual Pre-budget Submission to Government Departments.
   Presentations to Oireachtas Committees.
   Host to Local National and European Conferences.

 National Network of Carers Groups (101)
 Community Development Programmes in partnership wit Dept. of Community, Rural &
  Gaeltacht Affairs
 Carers Forum
 Advocacy Programmes
 Carers Consumer Panels

 Award winning e-Health project "Overcoming Isolation" supporting older people and
   their Carers. 2004
 Patient Discharge Summary providing information to patients and their Carers to promote
   the safe transfer of care from Hospital to Home.
 Carers’ Record of Care providing a comprehensive ongoing record of care in the home to
   promote integrated care.
 Carers Clinic established in 2001
 Telecare Programme in partnership with the Tipperary Institute, HSE, Ennis Information
   Age Town
 Moving Forward Telecare Project telecare supporting independent living for people with
   physical or sensory disabilities.

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11             7

         E-Health European Award 2004
         Soroptimist International Best Practice Award 1996
         Women of Europe Award 1992
         Patient Discharge Summary (ISQSH) 2005

 19 Annual Respite Weekend & Conference: “Sustaining Long Term Care A Fair Deal for
                                       Family Carers’ Galway 2010

        18th Annual Respite Weekend & Conference: „The Family Carer; Sustaining Care in
                              Challenging’ Times Killarney Co Kerry 2009

National Conference: „Partnership in Caring; The Crucial Role of the Family Carer‟ Dublin

  17 th Annual Conference & Respite Weekend for family Carers A Partnership in Caring: ‘The
            Crucial Role of the Family Carer‟ Clare Inn, Newmarket-on-Fergus, 2008.

  National Conference: Partnership in Caring: „The Crucial Role of the Family Carer, Dublin

 National Conference: „Creating a Caring Community: Examples of Best Practice. Athlone

     16th, Annual Conference & Respite Weekend for Family Carers, Castlebar 2007. Theme:
              „European Year of Equal Opportunity: The Rights of Family Carers’

  Tralee, Theme: „A Partnership in Caring – The Key Role of the Family Carer’ February

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11        8
National Conference: „Caring in the 21st Century: A Challenge for Society Examples of good
                                practice Ireland & Sweden‟, Dublin 2006

              15th Annual National Conference and Respite Weekend for Family Carers
          National Conference: „Creating a Caring a Caring Community, Dublin 2005’

14th Annual National Conference and Respite Weekend for Family Carers Theme: „Equality for
                                      Family Carers’. Bundoran 2005

    National Conference and Respite Weekend for Family Carers Theme: „Social Inclusion for
                                     Family Carers. Killarney, 2004’

Caring for Carers Ireland European Conference: Carers Charter – A European Challenge, Dublin
                                                 January 2004

Current Services Activities and Functions

Include implementation of the principles of the Carers Charter and the promotion of Social
Inclusion for Family Carers

   Annual National Respite Weekend and Conference. It facilitates over 500 Family Carers
    each year and provides 22,500 hours of respite.
   National Network of 101 Carers Groups. Facilitating over 5,500 Family Carers
   Establishment of Carers Centres in Clare, Limerick, Cavan, Monoghan and Tuam
   Establishment of Nurse Led Carers Clinic in Clare, Limerick and Tuam (Pilot Programme)
    with outreach services within the regions
   Provision of Respite Care in the home, at Local and National Level
   Provision of Home Care Service/Packages of Care)
   Provision of Financial Assistance (Respite Care Fund)
   Provision of Training Programmes. New National Two Year Programme supported by
    POBAL 2009/2010
   Provision of Information, Advice and Advocacy
   Health Promotion Programmes
   Community Development Project, Cavan/Monaghan, West Waterford, Galway and
    Tipperary Town and throughout the National network,
   Submission to Implementing Equality for Carers(The Equality Authorit2005),

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11           9
   Submission to the National Strategy for Carers Consultation Forum,
   Contribution to the Alliance of Caring Organisations National Strategy Submission,
   Submission to The Law Reform Commission,
   Presentation to The Economic & Social Forum,
   Annual Pre-Budget Submission and ongoing liaison with policy makers,
   Representing Family Carers on a number of local, regional and National committees
   Research and Development of new initiatives,
   eHealth Projects, Hospital to Home and "Overcoming Isolation",
   Security in the Home provision of home based security services to promote safety and
    quality of life for older people and their Family Carers,
   Contributors to European Carer related research projects

Carers Charter

The Carers Charter, based on the UN Charter of Human Rights was compiled with the help of
Carers and groups working with Carers (Appendix 1). It has been presented to the Minister for
Health & Children, Minister for Social Community & Family Affairs and An Taoiseach. To the
EU Commissioner for Social Affairs in 1994 and to the EU Women‟s Rights Committee. It was
also presented at conferences held at UNESCO Paris, AARP, United Nations, New York and EU
wide Conferences in Bonn, Brussels, Copenhagen, Alicante and at the 2nd Gerontology
Conference, Helsinki 1996 and W.H.O. Barcelona 2003.

The Charter recognises and acknowledges the value of the role of the Carer. It sets out the
support required to enable the Carer to continue to care in a way that ensures a high quality of life
and promotes Social Inclusion. The five key elements of the Charter are: Recognition, Respite
Care, Information, Training and Advocacy to promote Social Inclusion.

The work of Caring for Carers has been governed by the principles of the Charter, which have led
to many innovative developments in the support of Family Carers in the home

National Network of 101 Carers Groups
See (Appendix 1)

Number of meetings per year                                                      1212

Approximate number of Family Carers attending each month                          2500
12 meeting per year.         Carers attending each year                          30000

This work is of key importance in assisting Family Carers to overcome isolation, to enable their
views to be heard and then presented to policy makers.

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11              10
Carers Centres

The Carers Centre is a user-friendly facility based in Ennis, houses both the National office of
Caring for Carers Ireland and Clare Carers Centre, with a further centre in Limerick, Galway and
Cavan. The Centres provide information and advocacy services for Family Carers including,
administration of Training Programmes, Carers Groups and Respite Care Services, co-ordination
of fundraising activities etc.

Nurse led Carers Clinics
In 2001 Caring for Carers in partnership with the Mid-Western Health Board established a Carers
Clinic based at the Carers Centre. The Clinic aims to meet the needs of Family Carers of Older
People and Older People who are themselves Carers, by providing confidential support,
information and advice and advocacy to promote their quality of life. The concept for the Carers
Clinic arose out of knowing that many Carers felt excluded and isolated and there was no place
where they could express themselves in terms of their own needs. Following the success of the
Ennis Clinic a second Clinic was opened in Limerick in 2003 and a third in Tuam in 2009.
Caring for Carers have implemented a detailed Carers Needs Assessment programme identifying
the health and social care needs of both the Family Carer and the person in receipt of care The
services of the clinic aim to respond to the needs as defined by the Family Carer. The Clinic is a
unique initiative, being the first of its kind in Ireland.

Aims of the Clinic are:
    To develop good practice in identifying and meeting the needs of Family Carers as
      identified by Carers themselves.
    To carry out a comprehensive needs assessment including housing, access to health and
      social services, income, entitlements, transport and social support.
    To provide a focus for Carers, where they are listened to in confidence and where they
      can feel that their concerns are being acted upon in their own best interests.
    To provide information, advice and support to the family.
     To promote an integrated approach to care provision
       To provide ongoing follow up care and support including bereavement support
       To promote the health and well-being of Family Carers

Development includes establishment of outreach Clinics at eight locations in Co. Clare and six in
Co. Limerick.

An audit of client‟s needs was conducted and the findings presented at the WHO/IJIC Conference
on Integrated Care, Barcelona 2003 (Carers Charter/Carers Clinic/Supporting Family Carers).

Respite Care Programme
The Respite Care Programme has benefited an estimated 19,000 Family Carers per annum who
would otherwise not have had a break from their 24 hour day caring role.

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11            11

Annual National Respite Weekend and Conference               Carers         Respite hours

Total number of Family Carers facilitated                    10.000
       Total number of hours respite                                           620.000

Carers Group meetings attendance
      (101 groups x 12 meetings per annum)                                     1212
      Attendance per annum                                                    30,000
      Hours respite                                                           620000
Home Care Packages (hours of service provided)                                84,000

Moving Forward Telecare Project
Funded by Pobal, through the Dormant Accounts, this project examines and implements the use
of telecare technology for persons with sensory or physical disabilities and their Carers,
promoting safety, security, enhancing independence and reducing risks. This project is
implemented on a National basis 130 packages have been installed.

Home Care Service/Packages of Care
In partnership with the Health Services Executive Home Care Service/Packages of Care
have been introduced to support the care of Older People in their own homes. Funded by the
HSE the service is administered by Caring for Carers Ireland. The aim of this programme is to
provide home help, personal care and other services such as occupational therapy and
physiotherapy to support the care of dependent older people in their own homes. This service is
available through the Carers Clinics in Ennis and Limerick.

Health Promotion/Positive Health for Family Carers
As part of the Carers needs assessment, opportunities are taken to advise on Health promotion
issues, particularly in relation to Anti-Flu immunisation, Breast Self-examination, Cervical
screening, regular exercise and stress relieving measures. Family Carers are encouraged to
respect their own limits, to see caring as a partnership in which they share responsibilities with
other family members and health service providers and to understand that caring for themselves
is priority. A module on Health Promotion is included in each Caring in the Home training

Patient Discharge Summary

Caring for Carers Ireland has identified the need for the provision of information to promote the
safe transfer of care from Hospital to Home Care. This project was initiated and developed in
partnership with hospital and community service providers, to provide information to patients
and their Carers at the time of patient discharge from Hospital. When patients are provided with
information they will play a more effective role in their own care and Family Carers will be made
aware of the caring needs and risk factors relative to patient care. (See attached)
Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities 11/03/11               12
This project is being run at the four Community Hospitals in Co. Clare. Evaluation and feedback
indicate a high level of satisfaction expressed by patients and Family Carers, nursing staff, public
health nurses and General Practitioners. It is now proposed that this Discharge Summary be
introduced to the acute hospital sector.
September 2005 this programme was identified by the Irish Society for Quality and Safety
in Health Care ISQSH as an example of best practice.

Carers Record of Care
In conjunction with the patient Discharge Summary a Carers Record of Care has been developed,
which aims to provide detailed information regarding the ongoing needs of the person being
cared for. For example the persons daily routine, emergency contact numbers, medication,
treatments, visiting services, out patient appointments. This record will be available in the event
of planned or unexpected absence of the primary carer. The record remains within the patient‟s
home and will be maintained by the primary Carer and health service providers.

Carer Support Programme established in 2008 this programme provides in home practical help
for up to 2 hour per week to Family Carers who are not in receipt of any other service. To date
this scheme has provided service to 30 clients.

Local Respite weekends: Total number of Carers facilitated                             3.000
       Hours respite                                                                 150,000
Social outings number facilitated                                                      4,000

                                         Total Number of Hours Respite               774,000

Training Programme Caring in the Home
One of the most successful initiatives has been the implementation of a Skills Training
Programme developed by Caring for Carers Ireland in association with the Irish Red Cross
Society and other organisations. Family Carers benefit from meeting with local service providers
and receiving information about the various services available to them. Many Family Carers are
now required to provide complex treatments in the home and benefit from the information
offered, interaction with other Carers and the benefits of social interaction.

Caring for Carers provide the following training programmes:-

Caring in the Home                                                    Safe Lifting of Patients
CardioPulmonary Resuscitation                                         First Aid
Therapeutic Hand Care                                                 Personal Development
Volunteer Carers Course                                               Lifewise Course
Computer Skills Training                                              Basic Life Support

Estimated number of people who have undertaken training                                     8200

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11                     13
E Health Programme

Ennis based Caring for Carers Ireland, qualified for the finals of the e-Europe Awards for e-
Health 2004 following a rigorous selection process involving 109 entries from throughout
“Building Bridges between Hospital Care and Care in the Home – Overcoming Isolation”
focused on promoting the integration of Information and Communication Technologies into the
daily lives of Older People and their Family Carers. A project was established at six locations in
Co. Clare with a target group of 3,000 older people. The aim was to provide remote interactive
access for older people and their carers to link with the Carers Clinic, to obtain information on
services and entitlements.
Resulting from this award funding is being made available from the Department of Health and
Children to support the development of an ICT project in partnership with Tipperary Institute. A
unit housing prototypes of Assitive Technology promoting safety and security in the home,
telehealth and telemedecine has been developed.
Links with healthcare professionals, health and social care providers Irish Society for Quality and
Safety in Health Care ISQSH have been established. This centre provides an opportunity to test
these technologies providing remote and unobtrusive monitoring, promoting independent living.

Home Security System

A Social alarm system to support security and safety in the home for older people has been
introduced. This system can trigger an alarm when the user is unable to do so as a result of a
severe fall or loss of consciousness. This project has been grant aided by the Department of
Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs.

National and Regional Committee Membership 2006/2007

Working Group on the development of Standards for Residential Care settings for Older People
2007 HIQA
Regional Advisory Committee for Elderly Services HSE
Ennis Information Age Town Task Force (1997/2006)
National Advisory Committee on Implementing Equality for Carers 2005

Submissions to Research Programmes:

 Equality and Social Inclusion in Ireland Research Project UCD/QUB, 2005 Report published by
the Equality Authority “Implementing Equality for Carers “ 2005.

Study to examine the future financing of long-term care in Ireland Dr. Eamonn O‟Shea NUIG.

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11             14
National Carers Strategy

National Positive Ageing Strategy


Social Isolation of Older People

‘Open Your Eyes To Elder Abuse’


Training and Carers Group North East Region
In response to identified needs in the Cavan area, Caring for Carers Ireland in partnership with
the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, has embarked on a three year
programme to provide Training courses and Carers Group development to foster Social Inclusion
and Community integration for Family Carers. This programme commenced in Counties Cavan
and Monaghan in 2004.
Since the establishment of Caring for Carers North East, areas in Co. Cavan have been identified
as having a need for Family Care Support, these areas are Bailieboro. Kilnaleck. Cavan Town,
Bunnoe and Killeshandra, Co. Monaghan includes Ballybay, Carrickmacross, Castleblaney,
Monaghan Town and Cootehill. In association with the Irish Red Cross and Health Professionals
in the Northeast a 13 weeks Caring in the Home Programme was completed in the five identified
areas with a further four in year three, with 250 Family Carers attending.

Training in practical Care giving Skills and Computer learning, they also have Advocacy through
the National Organisation by contributing to the Annual Pre-Budget Submission. They have
established links with Local Support Agencies like Cavan Partnership, The RAPID Programme
and the HSE North East Community Services and Carers Groups in Monaghan and Cross-Border.
They have also taken part in Research projects with U.C.D. and Queens University Belfast and
the local Southwest Cavan Community Development Project, which had specific relevance to
Carers. A network of 11 Carers Groups have been established in the North East
The future aims for Caring for Carers Northeast, is to network for the Family Carer and promote
Social inclusion within the Community.

Caring for Carers Ireland Western Region 2005/2007

Through the successful launch of Caring for Carers West training programme 'Caring in the
Home', Tuam 2005 the second phase of the Community Development programme was initiated.
Training programmes in Headford and Balinasloe. Tuam, Gort, Dunmore, Clifden
Year two of this programme has seen training programmes and carers groups being established in
Dunmore, and Clare Galway, Galway City Headford, Athenry, Loughrea, Portunma and Tuam.
Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11          15
A training programme has also been provided for the Forum organisation in Clifden in
partnership with the HSE, Udaras na Gaelteachta, VEC and Irish Red Cross Society

Caring for Carers Ireland West Waterford 2006/2007

Building on the programmes established in the Galway, Cavan and Monaghan regions in 2006
four training programmes have been undertaken in West Waterford, Dungarvan, Cappoquin and
Tipperary Town. This led to the establishment of three Carers Groups and promotes the
partnership concept which will ensure the integration of family carers into the community
support network.

European Working Groups

EUROCARERS The European Association for Family Carers, Founder members of this
organisation in 2005 Caring for Carers Ireland have played a key role in the establishment of this
European organisation for Family Carers. Formed in Maastricht in Nov 2005 this organisation
brings together representatives from carer national organisations, research and development
organisation. Eurocarers as a European wide organisation represents and provides a voice for
carers.Founder president Brigid Barron leads an executive which includes Henk Neis, The
Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare, Marja Pijl, LOT, Dutch Carers Association,
Raimondo Mandis, AIMA, Associazione Italiana Malattia di Alzheimer, Imelda Redmond,
Carers UK, Mary McMahon CEO Caring for Carers Ireland.

CARMEN Member of the Care and Management of Services for Older People in Europe
Network (CARMEN) under the auspices of the European Health Management Association
(EHMA) and supported by the European Commission‟s “Quality of Life and Management of
Human Resources” programme. Made up of a consortium of 40 European organisation from 11
European countries. Publications include Integrating Services for Older People A resource book
for managers (available from

The project goal is to evaluate the situation of Family Carers of elderly people in relation to the
(non-) existence, (non-) familiarity, (non-) availability, (non-) use and (non) acceptability of
supporting services. Supported by the European Commission, as part of this project Caring for
Carers Ireland have completed a report of the situation for Family Carers in Ireland published in

Caring for Carers Ireland is affiliated to the following organisations:

     Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Health Care

     Irish Health Promoting Hospitals Network

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11              16
        The Wheel, Voluntary Statutory Partnership

        Eurocarers. A European organisation supporting informal carers

        Care Alliance Ireland

        Irish Hospice Foundation


  Department of Health & Children
  Department Community, Rural & Gaelteacht Affairs
  Department of Social & Family Affairs
  Tipperary Institute of Technology
  Clare County Enterprise Board
Soroptimist International Rep. of Ireland
Irish Human Rights Commission
Equality Authority

Future Strategy:
 Sustain and consolidate National Development programme for Family Carers

 National Respite Weekend and Conference to continue

 Sustain Special Community Development Initiatives

 Phased introduction of Nurse lead Carers Clinic and all services country wide.


         Patient Discharge Summary (ISQSH) 2005

        Finalist eEurope Awards for eHealth 2004. Cork.
         Presentation of ICT Project “Overcoming Isolation”

        “Best Practice for Health” awarded by Soroptimist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland
         (29 countries). Caring for Carers were the first recipients of this award, 1996 for their
         services to Family Carers

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11             17
       Irish Laureate – The Women of Europe Award. Presented to Judith Ironside on behalf of
        Soroptimist International of Ennis and District, 1992 in recognition of the work
        undertaken to support Family Carers.

    Studies and Publications:

 European Year for Equal Opportunities: The Rights of Family Carers
    Caring for Carers Ireland 16th, Annual Conference and Respite Weekend, Castlebar 2007.
    Conference Papers &DVD

 National Conference Caring in the 21st, Century: A Challenge for Society Examples of Good
    Practice – Ireland and Sweden, Dublin 2006. Conference Papers.

 Support for Carers in Ireland: A Technology Guide 2006

   EUROFAMCARE Study: Supporting dependent older people and their Family Carers –
    European Research Project
    (29 Countries) Irish report - Caring for Carers Ireland) published 2005.

   CARMEN project: Managing Integrated Services for Older People. The European Health
    Management Association (11 Countries) Irish partner-Caring for Carers Ireland. 2004.
   Carers Clinic – Supporting Family Carers of Older People, B Barron, 2003

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Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11         18
                                                                      National Office
                                                                      Carers Centre
                                                                      2 Carmody Street Business Park
                                                                      Ennis Co Clare
National Network of Carers Groups


Co Cavan                                 Caring for Carers Cavan
                                         Caring for Carers Kilnaleck
                                         Caring for Carers Balieborough
                                         Caring for Carers Bunoe
                                         Caring for Carers Killashandra

Co Clare                                 Ennis Carers Support Group
                                         Ennistymon Carers Support Group
                                         Kilrush Carers Support Group
                                         Miltown Malbay Carers Support Group
                                         Scariff Carers Support Group
                                         Shannon Town Carers Support Group
                                         Shannonside Carers Support Group
                                         Peninsula Carers Support Group
                                         Newmarket-on-Fergus Carers Support Group

Co Cork                                  Soroptimist Carers Support Group
                                         Boherbue Carers Support Group
                                         Duhallow Carers Support Group
                                         West Cork Carers Support Group
                                         Bandon Carers Support Group
                                         Ballyphehane Carers Support Group

Co Down                                  Banbridge Carers Support Group
                                         Camloch Carers Support Group
                                         Crossmaglen Carers Support Group
                                         Kilkeel Carers Support Group
                                         Mayobridge Carers Support Group
                                         Mullaghbane Carers Support Group
                                         Newry & Mourne Carers Support Group
Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11                19
                                         Newtownhamilton Carers Support Group
                                         Portadown Soroptimists Carers Support Group

Co Donegal                               Donegal Carers Raphoe
                                         Letterkenny Carers Support Group
                                         Ballyshannon Carers Support Group
                                         Innis Eoin Peninsula (11 Groups)

Dublin                                   Dublin Carers Support Group
                                         Helping Hands Tallaght

Co Galway                                Dunmore Carers Support Group
                                         Headford Carers Support Group
                                         Tuam Carers Support Group
                                         Athenry Carers Support Group
                                         Headway Support Group
                                         Ballinasloe Soroptimist/Carers Group
                                         Galway City Carers Support Group
                                         Gort Carers Support Group
                                         Clare Galway Carers Support Group
                                         Clifden Forum Carers Support Group
                                         Loughrea Carers Support Group
                                         Portumna Carers Support Group
                                         Connemara Carers Support Group

Co Kerry                                 Killarney Carers Support Group

Co Kildare                               Clane Carers Support Group
                                         North Kildare Soroptimist/Carers Group

Co Leitrim                               Carrick-on-Shannon Carers Support Group

Limerick                                 Alzheimer‟s Assoc.
                                         Wheelchair Assoc.
                                         Soroptimist Carers Support Group
                                         Schizophrenia Association
                                         Newcastlewest Carers Support Group
                                         Caring for Carers Limerick
                                         Hospital (Co Limerick) Carers Support Group

Longford                                 Longford Carers Support Group

Co Louth                                 Drogheda Carers Support Group
Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11         20
Co Mayo                                  Achill Carers Support Group
                                         Ballina Carers Support Group
                                         Ballyhaunis Carers Support Group
                                         Castlebar Carers Support Group (Incl):
                                         Castlebar Town
                                         Erris Carers Group
                                         Lacken Carers Support Group

Co. Monaghan                             Ballybay Carers Support Group
                                         Carrickmacross Carers Support Group
                                         Castleblaney Carers Support Group
                                         Clones Carers Support Group
                                         Monaghan Town Carers Support Group
                                         Shercock Carers Support Group

Co Sligo                                 Sligo & District Soroptimists
                                         Ballymote Carers Support Group

Co Tipperary                             Tipperary Town Carers Support Group
                                         Clonmel Soroptimist/ Carers Support Group
                                         Roscrea Carers Support Group
                                         Thurles Carers Support Group

Co Waterford                             Caring for Carers West Waterford
                                         Caring for Carers Dungarvan/Soroptimist Carers Group
                                         Caring for Carers Cappoquinn

Co Westmeath                             Athlone Carers Support Group
                                         Mullingar Soroptimists

Co Wexford                               Gorey Carers Support Group

Co Wicklow                               Bray & District Soroptimist Carers Support

Caring for Carers Ireland. Current Services, Functions & Activities   11/03/11             21

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