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					                                   Blue Demon
Replaceable blades and rotary drag bits for water well, quarry, seismic, shallow oil and
gas, and construction applications, auger bits for vertical and horizontal drilling, and
directional pilot bits and reamers for horizontal boring.

Blue Demon Company was started in 1948 by Herb Hawthorne as the Hawthorne Bit
Company. It was the first company to develop a replaceable drag bit for use in drilling
waterwells, shallow oil and gas wells, and construction holes with a mud rotary drill rig.
They were awarded a patent for this product in 1948.

The company continued through the 1950’s and in 1960 the company was sold to Hughes
Tool Company where it remained a part of this company until 1987 when it was sold to
Sandvik Rock Tools. In 1992 the company was purchased by former employees of
Hughes and at that time the product name also became the company name.

The production facility was ultimately moved to Sedalia, Missouri where it continues to
produce the original replaceable blade bits, BD drill heads (originally developed by
Austin Powder), as well as directional pilot bits and replaceable backreamer bits which
we supply to numerous OEM’s and distributors.

Outside of our own product line we also produce carbide parts for a number of
manufacturers in allied businesses. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by
e-mail, phone or fax and we’ll be happy to assist you.
Blue Demon large diameter drill bits                                                 file:///M:/WWW/blue%20Demon/Pg9-unitized-bit-forpdf.htm

                                           BLUE DEMON UNITIZED BITS
                 Popular Blue Demon Unitized Insert Bits have high quality tungsten carbide inserts on all cutting
                 surfaces. A special grinding process produces superior cutting edges for faster drilling. Patented
                 Blue Demon Deflectors minimize bit plugging by formation cuttings.

                 Use of high fluid volumes through a specially designed large water course gives speedy drilling
                 through sticky clay and shale. Results - less recutting of the drilled formations and faster removal
                 of cuttings from the hole.

                                                   Part                                                     Weight
                                                  Number                      Description                  Each (lbs.)
                                                  ECU3173S               3 7/8" w/ 2 3/8 API                   4.66
                                                  ECU4003S               4"     w/ 2 3/8 API                   4.74
                                                  ECU4113S               4 1/8" w/ 2 3/8 API                   4.82
                                                  ECU4123S               4 1/4" w/ 2 3/8 API                   4.90
                                                  ECU4143S               4 1/2" w/ 2 3/8 API                   5.14
                   Unitized Step Type             ECU4163S               4 3/4" w/ 2 3/8 API                   5.46

                                        Other sizes are available upon request
                                                       Part Number                                            Weight
                                                                                 Description                 Each(lbs.)

                                                         ECU3723C        3 7/8” Chevron w/ 2 3/8 API            5.02
                                                         ECU4023C        4"     Chevron w/ 2 3/8 API            5.10
                                                         ECU4123C        4 1/8" Chevron w/ 2 3/8 API            5.18
                                                         ECU4223C        4 1/4" Chevron w/ 2 3/8 API            5.26
                                                         ECU4423C        4 1/2" Chevron w/ 2 3/8 API            5.50
                                                         ECU4623C        4 3/4" Chevron w/ 2 3/8 API            5.82

                                                         ECU5734C        5 7/8" Chevron w/ 3 1/2 API           16.34
                                                         ECU6034C        6"     Chevron w/ 3 1/2 API           16.88
                                                         ECU6134C        6 1/8" Chevron w/ 3 1/2 API           17.15
                                                         ECU6234C        6 1/4" Chevron w/ 3 1/2 API           17.42
                 Unitized Chevron Type
                                                         ECU6434C        6 1/2" Chevron w/ 3 1/2 API           17.74
                                                         ECU6634C        6 3/4" Chevron w/ 3 1/2 API           17.96

                                                             Available in 4" and 4 1/4 " Mayhew Jr. Box

                                       Scratcher Bit

1 of 1                                                                                                                    2/12/2009 4:39 PM
                 Economy Line Drag Bits

       Step Type blade bits are available in 3-                                    Chevron Type bits are forged from high
       way step designs. They are made to deliver                                  quality steel and use heavy duty tungsten
       maximum drilling penetration in soft to                                     carbide inserts that are brazed in place with
       medium formations. The blades are forged                                    a superior silver alloy. The Chevron blade
       from high quality steel and use heavy duty                                  bits are available in 3-way and 4-way design
       tungsten carbide inserts that are brazed in                                 and are more suitable for drilling in hard
       place with a superior silver alloy.                                         formations

                                              4 Way Blades Available on Request

                                                      3 WAY STEP BLADES

Bit Size    3 7/8”   4     4 1/8” 4 1/4” 4 1/2” 4 3/4”                   5”     5 1/8” 5 1/4” 5 1/2” 5 5/8”        6     6 1/8” 61/4”

Weight      3 3/4”    4      4           4           4        4 1/4     4 3/4   4 3/4   4 3/4       5        5     5     5 1/2     5 1/2
             lbs     lbs    lbs         lbs         lbs        lbs       lbs     lbs     lbs       lbs      lbs   1/2”    lbs       lbs
Per set                                                                                                           lbs
of Blades

                                                3 WAY CHEVRON BLADES

                             Bit Size     3 7/ 8”         4    4 1/8”     4 1/4”    4 1/2”      4 3/4”   5 1/8”
                             Weight            4       4         4         4 1/4    4 1/2       4 3/4    5 1/2
                                              lbs     lbs       lbs         lbs      lbs         lbs      lbs
                             Per set
                            of Blades

           BIT HEADS (EA)                                                                         LOCKING RINGS (EA)

    3 way weight      4 Lbs - 3 ozs                                                              3 way weight     1 Lbs - 12 ozs

    4 way weight      4 Lbs - 4 ozs                                                              4 way weight     1 Lbs - 10 ozs

    Length x          6 1/2” L                                                                   Length x         2 3/4” H
    Diameter          3 1/4” Dia.
Blue Demon Auger Bits

           BD-1 SCRAPER BIT can be used in a variety of
           auger applications. The BD-1 is 17/8" wide.

           BD-3 has a 5/8" carbide and is designed to fit most
           common auger heads.

           BD-2 has a tapered shank that drive fits into the
           drill head without wedges or set screws. It can't
           wobble or work loose. BD-2 bits are easily
           replaced with hammer and punch.

           Blue Demon also produces two prong carbide
           auger bits that can be used as pilot bits or drilling
           tools in both vertical and horizontal drilling
           applications. We manufacture a 2”, 2 1/8”, 2 ¼”,
           and a 2 ½” with a 13/16” hex connection and a 3”,
           3 1/8”, and 3 3/16” with a 1 1/8” hex connection.


           Pilot cutting tools
            available in 1-8
           UNC thread and 1
           1/4 -5 stub acme

                                                          2/12/2009 4:46 PM
                           Blue Demon BDA Drill Head
The BDA brings all the advantages of the Blue
Demon BD to air drilling. It's a specially designed
tool that substantially increases penetration rates and
reduces costs in soft to medium rock formations.

When compared with ordinary drill heads with
rotating bits, the BDA will cut up to twice the
footage daily in soft shales, clays, shells, soft
limestone, red beds and other rocks of low
compressive strengths. In addition, it offers the
following important features:

   •   "Step" drilling pattern for fastest penetration.
   •   BD-2 Bits.
   •   Twin bits on outer surface for added
   •   No independent moving parts to become
   •   Requires only a moderate weight for full
   •   Precision machined head.
   •   Durable, trouble-free.
   •   6 sizes for drilling holes from 4½" to 1015/16".
   •   Choice of 23/8", 27/8", 3½" and 4½" API
       shanks. Other threaded shanks on request.

                                                          Cutaway sketch of step drilling pattern as
                                                          cut by Blue Demon BD and BDA Drill
                                                          Heads. Lead bit drills 1½" hole. It is
                                                          followed by other bits that shear and
                                                          ream final hole size. Bits are set at an
                                                          angle to assure fastest penetration
                                                          without scaping, chipping or gouging


                                                          Left: Drilling blasthole with Blue Demon
                                                                       BDA Drill Head.
                           Blue Demon BDC Drill Head
The Blue Demon BDC Drill Head was
developed to drill in harder formation rock
with the same shearing action as our BD and
BDA Drill Heads. The BDC Drill Head
utilizes the same body, but with a round hole
to accept our R-550CS conical bit. This tool
comes with a sleeve retainer for maximum
holding power in the tool, but can be easily
removed from the head with our R-550 puller.
The capped carbide is designed to maximize
tool life even in the most abrasive conditions.
The BDC Drill Head is available in all the
same sizes as the BD and BDA Drill Heads
and can be made with hex, square, or API
threaded connections.


        R-550CS conical bit

 The capped carbide is designed to
        maximize tool life
                                                  550 Puller
                 Blue Demon BD-2 Carbide Bit
     precision machined - extremely durable - easy to change
               BD-2 Carbide Bit

BD-2 Bit is precision machined to closest
possible tolerances for long, trouble-free
service. Its oversized carbide cuts
faster...never balls up...retains its original
effectiveness far longer.

Tapered shank of the BD-2 drive fits into the
drillhead without wedges or set screws. It
can't wobble or work loose. And, unlike
blade-type drill heads, BD-2 Bits are easily                               BD-2
replaced with hammer punch (see below).

BD-2 Bits can be replaced in seconds. Simply
place punch in hole beneath bit and tap with
hammer. Bit pops out. Then, insert new bit              Peaked carbide designed for tougher cutting
and tap lightly to seat.                                       conditions Specify BD-2LC

                Order Blue Demon BD, BDA and BDC Drill Heads Today!
                                           No. of                                    Hole       No. of
                                            Bits                         Model       Size;     Bits per
                      Model      Size;
                                            per                                      Ins.*      head
                                                                         BDA 4         4½         5
                      BD 4         4½         5                          BDA 5        515/16      8
                      BD 5        515/16      8                          BDA 6         6½         7
                      BD 6         6½         7                          BDA 7        715/16     10
                      BD 7        715/16     10                          BDA 9          9        11
                      BD 9          9        11                          BDA 10      1015/16     17
                      BD 10      1015/16     17
*These measurements may vary plus                                 *These measurements may vary plus
                                           * BDC Drill Heads
or minus 1/16" On BD auger-type                                   or minus 1/16" BDA Drill Heads are
                                           come in the same sizes
heads, specify type of shank - 1½"                                offered with 23/8", 27/8", 3½" and 4½"
                                           as the BD and BDA
square, 2" square, 11/8" hex, 15/8" hex                           API shanks. Other threaded shanks
                                           Drill Heads
and spline.                                                       on request.

 Bits for BD, BDA, and BDC Heads are sold separately. For BD and BDA heads specify BD-
 2 bit or BD-2LC bit. For the BDC Head specify the R-550CS.
Directional Drilling - Pilot Bits

                                Chevron Carbide Bit

                    Designed for tougher drilling conditions in
                 medium hard formations such as caliche and shale

                          Carbide Impregnated Finger Bit

                  Carbide hardfaced fingers heat treated for long
                  life and faster penetration in clay, sand and soil.
                     Fingers peel clay where conventional cutters
                                        ball up

                               Step Type Carbide Bit

                      Excellent bit for toughness and abrasion
                  resistance in soft formations such as dirt, gravel
                                       and shale

                                     Tracker Bit

                  Newest pilot bit where carbides track each other
                  on opposite sides for maximum penetration and
                    faster cuttings removal in soft and medium

                                    **patent pending
Directional Drilling - Pilot Bits

                               Serrated Carbide Bit

                        Bit is well suited to clay, sand, soils
                              and soft rock formations

                                   All Terrain Bit

                         Excellent for clay, sand, soils and
                   soft as well as some medium rock formations

                                  Steep Taper HD

                 This bit is good in hard soils, soft rock and some
                    rock formations. It is designed for better

                                Steep Taper Conical

                 This bit is the same as Steep Taper HD except it
                 uses conical carbides instead of serrated carbide.

                               Heavy Duty (HD) &
                            Conical Heavy Duty (CHD)

                 “HD” bits utilize flat carbide along the side walls
                  of the pilot bit instead of hard facing to reduce
                  “CHD” bits utilize flat and conical carbides to
                      reduce wear and enhance cutting action.

                                                                  2/12/2009 5:10 PM
                                        Example Part Number
                                           Flat Pilot Bits
Position                    1st         2nd          3rd            4th          5th       6&7             8&9

Part #                      D           V            6              B            7         44              ST

                                                 Part Description:
                                  Directional Pilot Bit, Vermeer, 3/4” thick, bent,
                                     7 hole, 4-1/2” wide, step type carbide bit

Style of Bit            Rig Manufacturer                 Thickness of Bit               Straight or Bent

D Directional           V Vermeer                        5 5/8”                         S Straight
                        D Ditch Witch                    6 6/8 (3/4”)                   B Bent
                        C Case                           8 8/8” (1”)
                        O Other

Hole Pattern (# of Holes)               Width of Cut                      Type of Bit

                                                                          SS Steel Bit
                                                                          SH Square Hardfaced Bit
                                                                          TH Triangle Hardfaced Bit
                                                                          RH Radius Hardfaced Bit
                  4                                 40 4"
                                                                          CF Carbide Finger Bit
                  5                           44 4-1/2” (4-4/8”)
                                                                          ST Step Type Carbide Bit
                  6                                 50 5”
                                                                          CT Chevron Type Carbide Bit
                                                                          TT Tracker Type Carbide Bit
                                                                          SC Serrated Carbide Bit
                                                                          CB Conical Carbide Bit
                                                                          AT All Terrain Carbide Bit
                                                                          XTHD Extreme Taper HD
                                                                          XTC Extreme Taper Conical

                                                     Roller Cone Bits
                                                     Available in a sealed bearing or journal bearing bit. Sealed
                                                     bearing bit requires periodic additions of
                                                     grease while journal bearing automatically
                                                     compensates for this.
                                                     Available with jets and no center hole.
                                                     We recommend medium formation carbide bit
                                                     To order please contact factory.
                          .550 BITS / BLOCK

                             PART NUMBER
                               1. 550MS
                               2. 550CS
 .550 Diameter cap and insert carbide tools along with corresponding
                         block are available

                              FLAT CUTTER BITS

                          Part #                  Carbide

                          1 BD-1               (3) 5/8" Square

                          2 BD-2               (1) 1/2" Square

                          3 BD-3               (1) 5/8" Square

Flat carbide cutter with 1/2" and 5/8" carbides can be used in a variety of cutting

                             UNDERCUTTER BITS

    Part No.     Length     Width    Height      Part No.        Length   Width   Height

#1 DD300          2.660     .780     2.219    #5 DD1500-47       1.435    .720    1.500

#2 DD200          2.360     .740     2.219    #6 DD1250-50       1.000    .500    1.250

#3-DD 1750-46     1.500     .750     1.750
                                              #7 DD1065-50        .735    .500    1.065
#4 DD1645         1.306     .500     1.800

   A wide variety of carbide undercutter tools including parts not shown can be welded
                               directly to your backreamer

                                     POXX BITS
                                    PART NUMBER
                                       1. POXX-01
                                       2. POXX-23

  Small cap carbide bits are cut at 45deg angle while large cap tool is at 50deg.
                Allows you to weld directly to your backreamer.

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