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Asiabizservices Offers Affordable Singapore Branch Office Setup


Singapore Company Formation Service, We provide company registration,incorporation, immigration, accounting and taxation services to entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.

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									Asiabizservices Offers Affordable Singapore Branch Office Setup

Singapore’s entrepreneurial landscape is open to all investors regardless of where they come from. Since
last year, it has been among the Asian countries to have paved the way to recovery following the Lehman
Brother’s declaration of bankruptcy that resulted in global crippling of economies.

Singapore’s economy is able to maintain its vibrancy. In fact, 2010 was highlighted by the opening of two
integrated casino resorts, which created hundreds of thousands of jobs; launching of CleanTech One
park, the first building erected on Singapore’s cleantech park, and increase in economic conditions
among its citizens and foreign employees as evident in the number of households that shifted to more
comfortable dwelling places.

A Branch office is among the business structures adopted by foreign companies as they explore and take
advantage of Singapore’s market potential.

“Registering for a branch office is not expensive,” assures Asiabiz Services, a professional firm founded
in Singapore in 1998 to provide business solutions and non-core business process among companies.

“The requirements needed are at least one corporate shareholder and two Singapore resident agents,
and a registered office address in the city-state,” continues Asiabiz.

Asiabiz catalogues company registration as among its specializations. The Companies Act of Singapore
does not let foreign nationals take care of the registration of a business on their own, except if they hold a
Singapore Personal Access or NRIC.

“When availed of our services, we do not require the physical presence of investors to Singapore until
such time when the company is registered and their labor passes are released, both processes we
handle efficiently,” remarks Asiabiz.

It continues: “Among the documents we ask for registration are a certified true copy of the foreign
company’s Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association, personal details of the
foreign company’s directors including their nationality, identification, and residential addresses.”

Asiabiz Services provides nominee agents for a branch as an option in its packages of services. During
registration, the details of the agents are lodged in the Memorandum and Articles of Agreement, and the
branch office must first be created before it can apply for an Employment pass for all its foreign staffs.

“After the registration and release of labor passes, we transfer the position of an agent to the appointees.
Meanwhile, while they are at it, the nominee agents can execute their functions to help the branch,” says
Asiabiz in conclusion.

Asiabiz urges investors to visit its website for a comprehensive table of services and corresponding
professional charges, which are reasonably priced.

About the Publisher:
Asiabizservices offers one-stop business solutions to companies, particularly, those that are managed
and owned by foreign investors. Since its inception, Asiabizservices has successfully helped foreign
entrepreneurs form a Singapore company. Among its specializations are Singapore company setup,
corporate services, accounting services, nominee services, company registration, whether as a sole
proprietorship, private limited, limited liability partnership; offshore company formation, incorporation
of foreign companies either as a branch or subsidiary office, accounting services including payroll
preparation and more.

Asiabizservices is the leading provider of Singapore Company Incorporation services and has
successfully helped thousands of both local and foreign entrepreneurs Incorporate a Singapore
Company. It also provides chartered secretarial services.

For more information visit:
AsiaBizServices PTE LTD
address: 120 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068589
phone: +6563034614

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