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									Auto Insurance Quotes − Free Car Insurance Quotes
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(fair−NEWS) − has been helping consumers find the
best and most affordable auto insurance quotes online. They make it easy for you to find all
of the top carriers car insurance rates on one simple website rather than having to go to
each individual auto insurance company websites.

Now that auto insurance companies rates have lowered many people are shopping around and
switching to a new provider that can provide the same type of coverage at a lower cost. It just
doesn't make sense to stay with your old company if they are still charging you the same rates as
last year.

It pays to know what you are actually getting with your insurance policy because most people just
choose a rate they feel is affordable but don't really know what they are getting. You should check
to find out what the minimum auto insurance coverage is required by law because if you don't have
a car financed then you may have more coverage than you really need if you were to have to file a

It also helps save a ton of money if you are a cautious driver and have a good driving record. If you
have traffic violations than you will have higher car insurance premiums because you are
considered a higher risk. Don't let that stop you from finding cheap auto insurance though, it just
means you will have to do more research and get more quotes from different providers. There are
many specialty auto insurance companies that understand people may have made mistakes in the
past and will still have decent rates for you.

A few last tips to help you save money on your car insurance are the safer the car you drive the
less money you will pay. A sports car will automatically boost your rates so look for a four door
sedan if possible. Maintain your credit score if it is high or work on paying down any debts you
have because it shows you are responsible and can be another factor when determining your
rates. Lastly it may seem like common sense but simply asking for discounts can often lead to
receiving a discount.

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