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					                 St Kane’s Matters
            December 2010 / January 2011
                        Scottish Charity No: SC 007917

Issue 37
How time flies!        It seems like    celebrations at St Kane’s. There are
yesterday that I was nervously typing   lots of activities for the youngsters and
up my first newsletter, (Fiona is a     a wonderful family service on 19th
hard act to follow) - but it was 12     December, where we will be entertained
months ago…. It has been a busy         by the children. The diary dates on the
year at St Kane’s, new members          inside front page are worth a look.
joining, new Youth Elders, After
School clubs, Youth clubs, another      Lastly I would just like to thank Sandra
successful Summer Holiday Kids          for all her help this past year and to all
Clubs I could go on but I am sure       my other helpers - I could not do this
there was something else …… oh yes      without you all. Here’s to a blessed
the arrival of Joy and Pastor Paul!     Christmas and a peaceful and happy
Enough from me - let us focus on the    New Year.
coming Festive season and the                      Alison & Sandra

                                             Hogmanay Family Ceilidh
    1st New Deer Boys’ Brigade
                                             Friday 31st December 2010
            Soup & Sweet
                                                     Church Centre
    Saturday 4 December 2010
                                           8.30 pm to just past midnight!
      St Kane’s Church Centre
                                            Bring your own nibbles and
          11.30 am - 2 pm                  soft drinks (no alcohol please)

                                               Free entry by ticket only
                                             available from Mustard Seed
             Sales tables                   Stovies served during evening

  Where everyone’s welcome, nobody’s perfect, and anything is possible.

                        St Kane’s Church, New Deer
                               Dates for your diary

03 Dec     Children’s Disco, Church Centre (see page 9 )
04 Dec     Gentleman’s Breakfast, 8.30 am, Church Centre
04 Dec     BB Soup & Sweet, 11.30 am - 2 pm, Church Centre
05 Dec     Sunday Service and Youth Groups, 11.30 am
05 Dec     Youth Service, 7 pm, Church Centre
10 Dec     Children’s Christmas Party, Church Centre (see page 9 )
12 Dec     Family Service, 11.30 am,
17 Dec     Mustard Seed Cafe closes for Winter break
17 Dec     St Kane’s Ladies night out
19 Dec     Youth Breakfast, 10.15 am - 11.15 am, Mustard Seed Cafe
19 Dec     Family celebration of Christmas - with Praise Band, 11.30 am
19 Dec     Traditional Carol Service, 6.30 pm
24 Dec     Christmas Eve Service, 7pm, St Kane’s Church
24 Dec     Carols by Candlelight, 11.30 pm, Maud & Savoch Church
26 Dec     Sunday Service, 11.30 am
31 Dec     Hogmanay Family Ceilidh, 8.30 pm, Church Centre (see front cover)

01 Jan     New Year’s Day Lunch, 1 pm, Mustard Seed Cafe
02 Jan     Sunday Service, 11.30 am
02 Jan     Youth Service, 7 pm, Church Centre
09 Jan     Sunday Service, 11.30am
16 Jan     Youth Breakfast, 10.15 am - 11.15 am, Mustard Seed Cafe
16 Jan     Family Gathering, 11.30 am
23 Jan     Sunday Service, 11.30 am                            Are you
30 Jan     Sunday Service, 11.30 am                         housebound?
31 Jan     Mustard Seed Cafe re-opens                 Ask your elder to get you a
                                                                regular CD of the service.
                                                                 Please contact William
                                                                  Brown 01771 (637283)

Worshipping at St Kane’s: Everyone is very welcome to join us on Sunday in the church
at 11.30am. We sing a mixture of Psalms, hymns and modern worship songs and seek to
apply the unchanging message of the Bible to our lives in a changing world. A crèche is
available, and after enjoying the first part of the service the young people move through to
the centre for their own groups.

The Gathering is an all age service on the 3rd Sunday of each month and it is an informal
service, led by a modern worship group. It is a great place to start if you are new to church
of have not been for a while.

Youth Club Held on Friday evenings. It run’s from 7.30pm till 9.30pm in the Church Cen-
tre. Hot food and a tuck shop will be available. For ages of P4 upwards. Cost £1

After School Kids Club is held on a Wednesday from 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm in the Church
Centre. It is for all Primary School levels (P1 - P7). Games, Stories and Food!!

Youth Service - Held for the youth of the Church by the youth of the Church. Will be held
on the first Sunday evening of each month in the Church Centre.
Dear Church Family

As you read this we are approaching the celebration of our Lord’s birth – a truly global
event that brings us closer together. I hope that you will come to the special services
that are planned. I pray that our gatherings will be a testimony to our “Community”
that “everyone's welcome, nobody's perfect and anything is possible"

As we draw to the close of another year and open the New Year, you may well ask the
question “was my year successful”?

The question is, “How do we measure success?” How will we know if we had a “good”

Too often we use material prosperity as the measure: “Am I richer or poorer than
the previous year?” Yet, money isn’t the measure. We might have less than the year
before, but that is deceptive because we are still very well off compared to many in our
nation and world. God has blessed us here in Scotland.

We might make employment the measure of success: “Do I have a job(s).” To be
employed is a great blessing in a time when many have lost jobs. The steady income
gives us and our family security. But even those without jobs may have had a
successful year - if they stayed close to family, God, and were gracious to their

We might make health the measure. But again, that is deceptive because poorer
health often leads us to greater trust in God, greater prayer, more meaningful worship.
We learn not to worry and to take each day as a gift from God and live it to the fullest.
That is true wisdom.

Success is best measured by how well we have seized the spiritual
opportunities God has given us. Are we more courageous in dealing with adversity?
Have we spent quality time with family and dear friends? Have we nurtured the Spirit
of Jesus inside - cultivated greater prayerfulness and emulated Jesus? Have we done
justice - caring for the needs of the suffering and needy? If so, the year has been a

As we look to 2011, will you join me in setting appropriate goals for success - not
wealth, or job, or health - but godliness.

Question: What will you do to attain greater godliness in 2011?

The Apostle Peter put it this way: “Make every effort to supplement your faith
with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and
self-control with endurance, and endurance with godliness, and godliness with
brotherly affection and brotherly affection with love.” (2 Peter v5 – 6)

Won’t you become more committed to Christ in 2011 and more involved at St Kane’s
New Deer?

Best wishes for a Blessed Christmas and New Year

Pastor Paul

         The Alternative
         Christmas Card

Anyone who’s ever written dozens of individual Christmas
cards to friends knows just how much of a headache that can

But now there’s a solution. With World Vision’s brilliant giant card
you can share your greetings with everyone at St Kane’s. Everyone
gets involved and everyone benefits. Simply write your greeting on
the card for everyone to read and if you are able, put the money you
would have spent on individual cards in the donation box.

All the money that gets collected is sent to World Vision – which
means more life-saving work among the world’s poorest children and
their families. World Vision is a Christian relief, development and
advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families
and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Motivated by
their faith in Jesus Christ, World Vision serves alongside the poor
and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all

The card will be in the Mustard Seed Café and Church door from 1st
December. Remember to complete the Gift Aid section if you are a
tax payer as this allows World Vision to claim an extra 28p for every
pound you give. Give everyone at church another reason to rejoice
this Christmas!

Note from the editors : Thank you to everyone
who used the giant card to convey their
Christmas wishes last year. A total of £197.20
was raised for World Vision.

The third part of our mini series ‘Food for Thought’

Few of us enjoy the experience of being “lost”, be it on an unfamiliar road in
thick fog, on a mountain track or in rough weather at sea. Our sense of peace
and security disappears and we ask, “Where am I? Where am I going?”

Pilots who at one time or another in their careers are uncertain of their position
are often less than willing to admit that they are simply lost.

I had a friend who heard an emergency transmission from a pilot in real
distress – he was lost. He was saved from certain disaster by some quick
thinking on the part of my friend – saved from slamming into some high
mountains - saved because he called out for help.

It is a tragic fact that many people, whether lost in the air or in the spiritual
sense, are not really aware that they are lost. They do not realise that they are
in trouble and need help. It is also tragic that those of us that should be
listening for cries of help just do not hear them when people call. Quite simply,
we are on the “wrong frequency”.

A book was recently written called “I Sold my Soul on E-Bay” and is the journal
of a professing Atheist who visited a large number of Churches – small –
medium and large – as part of a quest for faith. He tells the moving stories of
talking with people who could not communicate their faith to him because they
were not really “listening” to him, even though he was “lost”.

You may well be able to reach out this week on your own particular journey.

I love the first class example of Jesus recorded in the Bible (Luke ch 19) where
he “tuned in to people”. A tax-collector too short in stature to see climbed a tree
in order to catch sight of Jesus as He passed through the city of Jericho. Instead
of passing Zacchaeus by, Jesus stopped and invited Himself to his home for a
meal – much to the disgust of some of the “Church people” of the time, who
abhorred tax collectors. Later this man chose to become a follower of Christ and
lived an honest life!

It is a privilege to be a Pastor and watch people who really do know how to
“listen” and “tune in” to those who are hurting and lost.

                     Fellowship weekend - Kincraig

The weekend of 9/10th October saw the annual fellowship weekend at Kincraig.
Although fewer in number this year, 13 from St Kane's and 1 from Maud Parish
Church, they enjoyed the glorious weather. They were blessed by the teaching
of guest speaker Rev Albert Smith, who along with his wife Janet, joined the
group for the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon saw their prayer walk around Loch Morlich. The scenery
was amazing, God's creation in all its glory, with the sun shining on the
changing colours of Autumn! (see pictures below)

Everyone enjoyed worship, fun and fellowship together, thanks to Kathryn for
organising the weekend, Anne for the food and Ian for the music.

 The beauty of a Scottish Autumn

                                                 Below - Inside Kincraig
                                                 and the group in the
                                                 garden on the Sunday.

                   Challenging Lifestyle House Groups

The House Groups are relaxed, friendly and designed to reflect and share
experiences and thoughts inspired by six talks given by Nicky Gumbel at Holy
Trinity Brompton. Each talk is based on the Sermon on the Mount. Gumbel, by
examining modern day ideas, explains the relevance of Jesus’ teaching to the
challenges in our lives today.

The talks guide our search and discussion to help us find the answers to the big
questions we all have to confront within our families and personal lives.
If you would like to come to a house group just let us know, everyone is

Fiona, Nancy and Sandra

                        What are the Big Questions?

                     How to find the secret of happiness?
                    How to change the world around us?
                   How to understand the Old Testament?
                            How to handle anger?
                   How to approach sex in the 21st century?
                         How to respond to divorce?

                                       Youth Breakfasts

                   The Sunday morning breakfast for young people, in the
                   Mustard Seed Cafe is from 10.15am until 11.15am. It was
                   originally started for anyone from 15 years upwards to meet
                   for breakfast and fellowship before going on together to the
gathering but it should be noted that all young people and their friends will be
made welcome regardless of age.

It has been know for the occasional adult to enjoy a bite with us as well in
return for doing some dishes!

The dates for the next two Youth Breakfasts are Sunday
19th December and Sunday 16th January 2011.

                                      News from The Guild

                     Project Pots
                     Project pots are St Kanes Guild’s venture to support the
                     Guild Project Partnership Scheme. We are asking people to
                     take home a pot, squeeze as many silver coins into it and
                     return the pot to the collection plate any Sunday Morning.

The Six Current Projects the Guild supports are:

♦    HIV/AIDS Project : A new hunger, various countries

♦    International Justice Mission : Terrify No More,

♦    Ministries Council A Place for Hope

♦    Mission Aviation Fellowship: Mission Run

♦    World Mission : Interfaith Support Israel/Palestine

♦    Crossreach : On the other side Scotland

More information can be obtained by visiting:

First Meeting 2011

You are welcome to come along to our first meeting of 2011 on Thursday
27th January when Calum Donald will be speaking on his trip to Nigeria.
Meeting in Church Centre at 7.30pm.

And finally ......

St Kane’s Mini Market

The tremendous amount of £880 was raised during the week long mini market
at the end of September. Thanks go to everyone who supported this event.

                   Festive children’s activities @ St Kane’s

          Christmas Disco                               Christmas Party

     For Primary School Children                  Friday 10th December at 7pm
            Friday 3rd Dec                      (lasting approximately 1½ hours)
            Church Centre
        6pm – 7.30pm (P1-P3)                        (Nativity Rehearsal 8.30-9pm)
     (Nativity Rehearsal 7.30 -8pm)               Church Centre, New Deer
        8pm – 9.30 pm (P4-P7)                Come & enjoy the fun, games and lots of
             Admission £2                                 party food.
        Juice & Crisps on sale

                                      Christmas Family Service & Nativity

                                               Sunday 19th December
                                                    at 11.30am

                                                 St Kane’s Church
                                                     New Deer

                                      Refreshments in the Café after service

                           BB Annual Dedication Day

On Sunday the 7th of November 1st New Deer Boys Brigade held their Annual
Dedication Day in St Kane's Church, New Deer. Four boys received Duke of
Edinburgh awards, two received their Bronze badges and two their Gold.

                        The presentations were done by Mrs Marion Martin,
                        Officer in Charge of Anchor boys who had seen all the
                        boys through Anchor Boys while in primary 2 and 3. As
                        part of the service requirement the boys have all
                        returned to help out at Anchor Boys and proved to be a
                        real hit with the youngsters. Alistair Mc Lean and
                        Robert Morrow were presented with Bronze, while
                        Gregor Brodie and Andrew McNab have completed their
                        Gold. The Gold Awards will be presented formally
                        at Holyrood next summer at a garden party.

Ms Jane Hodgson was present in her capacity as our Duke of
Edinburgh coordinator for 1st New Deer.

     Boys’ Brigade/Anchor Boys
Anchor Boys                                   Company Section
P2 - P3, Monday, 6.30pm - 8pm                 P7 - S4, Friday, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Church Centre                                 St Kane’s School Hall
Junior Section                                Senior Company Section
P4 - P6, Friday, 6.30pm - 8.30pm              16 -19 yrs, Friday 6.30pm - 9.15pm
Church Centre                                 St Kane’s School Hall
                                              (Duke of Edinburgh work 8.30 - 9.15pm)
                                Contact - Alasdair Brodie on
                                          (01771) 644420

         The Mustard Seed Café                                     New Year’s Day Lunch

                                                                   Are you on your own for
  Will be closing on Friday 17th                                      New Years Day?
  December 2010 and re-open on
    Monday 31st January 2011                                    Would you like some company?

                                                             If so, come along to the Mustard Seed
Anne would like to thank all who                                      Cafe for lunch at 1pm.
 volunteer at the Cafe and to all
her customers for their continued                             If you wish to attend and /or require
             support.                                        transport please let Anne know by 28
                                                                        December 2010.

  Merry Christmas and see you in                                   Contact - (01771) 644814
          the New Year.

                                                                        Flower Rota
 Do you know anyone who requires a pastoral visit as a
     result of illness or other life circumstances?            Would like to be on the Flower
                                                                      Rota for 2011?
  Cards are available at the church door and in the café.
 Cards should be completed and left either in the offering
              plate or in the box in the café.                If so, please contact
                                                                Nancy Rennie on
          Alternatively please call Steve Hay on                 (01771) 644637
                      07926 773607

A little something to put a smile on your face .....

Overheard in a church as a 3 year old says the Lord’s Prayer ‘Our Father,
who does art in Heaven, Harold is his name. Amen’

These actually appeared in Church Bulletins : Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale.
It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Don't forget
your husbands. ☺ Next Thursday there will be try outs for the choir. They need all the
help they can get. ☺ Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM - prayer and medication to
follow. ☺ Next Thursday there will be try outs for the choir. They need all the help
they can get. ☺ For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a
nursery downstairs. (my particular favourite!)

                PARISH REGISTER

             Karen Beaton and Stuart Singer
                   23rd October 2010

           Marie Anne Bruce and Don Shepherd
                   6th November 2010

               Mary Watson 12th October
               John Bonner 18th October
              Marilyn Wood 9th November
              Ian Glennie 20th November

          Door Duty
05 Dec:   I Gordon      G Greig         J Greig            S Jackson
12 Dec:   N Keenan      A Linton        G Linton           L Linton
19 Dec:   R McLean      M McMullin A Milne                 N Morrow
26 Dec    F Penny       N Rennie        D Scott            I Scott
02 Jan:   G Shepherd M Walker           B Aiken            W Anderson
09 Jan:   K Bremner     A Brodie        K Brown            M Brown
16 Jan:   W Brown       H Chapman W Cumming                A Dickinson
23 Jan:   K Drane       A Elphinstone W Elphinstone        E Foubister
30 Jan:   D Gordon      I Gordon        G Greig            J Greig

                                              The deadline for articles
                                              and diary dates for the next
The Focus Group,                              issue is 16 January 2011.
which is open to all,                         Articles can be handed in to
meets weekly in the                           the Café, handed to Alison
Church Centre on a                            or Sandra or emailed to
Thursday evening at                 
7.30 to study the
Bible, sing, pray and
enjoy fellowship.                                 Sunday Tea Rota
Even if you can’t make it every week    December 2010    Anne Milne
please feel free to come along when
you can. All new faces especially       January 2011     Anne Dickinson

 Pastor                                 Rev Paul R. Read                                644216
 Session Clerk                         Mrs Elsie Foubister                              644303
 Treasurer                                Mr John Greig                                 637431
 Gift Aid/FWO                             Mrs Gay Greig                                 637431
 Fabric Convener                        Mr William Brown                                637283
 Organist                                    Vacant
 Beadle                                      Vacant
 Flower Convener                        Miss Nancy Rennie                               644637
 Mustard Seed Café                       Mrs Anne Milne                                 644097
 The Guild                              Mrs Lorna Glennie                               653396
 Sunday Club                             Mrs Fiona Penny                                653442
 Rock Solid                            Mrs Edna Brownlee                                644228
 After School Kids Club                Mrs Mary Campbell                                644081
 Youth Club                            Mrs Caroline Morrow
 Boys’ Brigade                          Mr Alasdair Brodie                              644420
 Anchor Boys                            Mrs Marion Martin                               644625
 Church Centre (Bookings)              Mr & Mrs Brownlee                                644228
 “Life & Work” Magazine                Mr Gordon Shepherd                               613677
 Tearfund                              Mrs Kathryn Drane                                644719
 Web Site                              Mr Sandy Brownlee                       (01224) 699937
 Newsletter                             Mrs Alison Greig                                613654
 Social Committee                      Mrs Sandra Jackson                               644558
 Publicity Officer                       Mrs Anne Melia                                 643917

Kirk Session (Elders)                           Congregational Board
                                                The Board consists of all the elders plus these
Mr W Anderson        Mrs E Foubister            elected members:
Mrs K Bremner        Mrs G Greig
Mr A Brodie          Mr J Greig                 Mrs B Aiken               Mrs N Keenan
Mrs K Brown          Mrs S Jackson              Mr A Campbell             Mrs A Linton
Mr M Brown           Mr R McLean                Mr W Cumming              Mr G Linton
Mr W Brown           Mrs A Melia                Mrs K Drane               Mr M McMullen
Mr A Brownlee        Mr N Morrow                Mrs A Dickinson           Mrs A Milne
Mrs E Brownlee       Mr D Scott                 Mrs W Elphinstone         Mrs F Penny
Mr H Chapman         Mr G Shepherd              Mrs D Gordon              Miss N Rennie
Mr A Elphinstone     Mrs M Walker               Mrs I Gordon              Mrs I Scott


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