ecoLEN economical operation by nikeborome


									       ecoLEN: economical operation
:: 5               The ecoLEN was developed                          Dedicated software for
                   for engraving operations                          improved workflow
                   where cost of operation is an                     All advantages of the
                   overriding factor. It incorporates                bestIMAGE CAD software
                   the same technology as the                        package can also be used
                   bestLEN, yet is considerably                      together with your ecoLEN
                   less expensive. And you can                       engraving system.
                   still obtain better quality than
                   with competitive processes
                   such as ink mask exposing.
                   With the ecoLEN you can
                   enjoy all the benefits of laser
                   engraving for a lower level of
                   initial investment.

                   Overview of key specifications (ecoLEN):
                   Resolution                                      330 – 2032dpi
                   Operating speed                                 max. 7 m/sec
                   Frequency                                       30KHz
                   Focus                                           140 µm

                   Type	   	                  screen	length	                sealed	laser	      repeats

                   ecoLEN 5312             300 - 2100 mm                   150 W            537 - 1168 mm
                   ecoLEN 5313             300 - 3500 mm                   150 W            537 - 1168 mm
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bestLEN and ecoLEN

Excellent laser engraving systems

Stork Prints
       Better for your business
                                                                            are necessary to engrave a
                                                                            screen. Ink mask exposing
                                                                            typically requires six. Stork
                                                                            laser engraving systems need
                                                                            only three: colour separation,
                                                                            engraving and endring gluing.
                                                                            This obviously simplifies and
                                                                            accelerates the production

                                                                            Screens can be pre-coated,
                                                                            polymerised and stored before
                                                                            engraving. This means that,
                                                                            when a new screen has to
                                                                            be engraved, the engraving
                                                                            process can start immediately
       There is a host of reasons        Stork laser engraving systems      and after engraving the screen
       why CO² laserengraving is         are the ideal platform for         is ready for printing. This is
       preferable to other methods:      taking your engraving              especially important when
                                         process to new heights.            printing production is halted
       •   No wet area                   Faster, more efficient, better     because a new screen is
       •   Less process steps            quality, more economical,          required.
       •   Work under normal light       less environmental impact:
           conditions                    there are many ways in which       Easy-to-use
:: 2                                     our laser engraving systems        Stork laser engraving systems
       •   Reduced chance of errors      can improve your business.         are simple to use.
           (rejects)                     Furthermore, these systems         All operations are carried out
       •   Through prepared              are completely digital, and        using the connected PC,
           polymerized screens,          therefore designed to provide      and an on-line help facility
           fast repeat orders are        cutting-edge engraving well        provides support for even the
           accomplished                  into the future.                   most advanced procedures.
       •   Very high engraving quality                                      Process data can also be
                                         Laser engraving is a               stored for future use.
       •   Reduced space requirements    technology whose time has
           (40% less compared to LEN)    clearly arrived. They are a        Excellent repeatability
       •   Reduced energy                whole host of reasons why it is    Running repeat orders has
           consumption                   preferable to other engraving      never been easier. Being a
       •   No gas, water or wax          methods:                           digital system, you simply
           required – thus, reduced                                         load the appropriate data file
           operational costs             High quality                       and your system is ready to
                                         An advanced laser control          engrave. The potential for
       •   Very user friendly – fixed    system and the precise focus       errors is virtually zero, and
           focus, no gas mixing          of the beam leads to more          consistency is guaranteed.
       •   Sealed-off laser system –     sharply engraved edges and
           no gas consumption            extremely fine reproduction of     Reduced chance of error
       •   Easy to maintain – high       detail. It also enables the high   Laser engraving is a largely
           longevity                     quality required for half-tone     automated process in
       •   Water cooling unit and        engraving.                         which manual handling is
           exhaust unit are included                                        reduced to a minimum.
           within the scope of supply    Less process steps                 Unlike conventional engraving
       •   Raster "on fly"               With some conventional             processes, no films have to be
                                         engraving processes, as            attached to the screen prior
                                         many as ten separate steps         to engraving. The possibility of
human error is consequently       itself requires no water, so you   Leaders in laser engraving
much lower.                       don’t have a ‘wet area’ in your    We were the first company to
                                  production facility.               introduce laser engraving, in a
More economical                                                      move that revolutionised the
Consumable use is negligible.     Less environmental impact          way screens were engraved.
Stork laser engraving             The process does not produce       Today we can call on
machines incorporate a sealed     any toxic run-off.                 approximately two decades of
laser unit, so extra gas is not   No rinsing water is required;      experience in the development
needed. Naturally there is no     unwanted lacquer on the            and manufacture of two
consumption of ink or wax.        screens is simply vaporised by     leading systems:
And the engraving process         the laser.                         the bestLEN and ecoLEN.
bestLEN: ultimate performance
in laser engraving
              The bestLEN is the original        new range of possibilities
              Stork laser engraving system,      in textile preprint workflow.
              and has already proved itself      Interfacing seamlessly with
              many times over in some            your Stork laser engraving
              of the most demanding              system, bestIMAGE gives
                                                                                   4   ::
              conditions the market has          you unprecedented support
              to offer.                          and flexibility in textile
                                                 design development, colour
              Dedicated software for             separation, engraving and
              improved workflow                  collection printing. This leads
              bestIMAGE is a CAD                 to increased productivity and
              software package designed          higher levels of consistency
              specifically by Stork to           and more importantly it
              enhance the engraving              enables a fully calibrated
              process by simplifying the         engraving process.
              creation and editing of
              designs while offering a whole

              Overview of key specifications (bestLEN):
              Resolution                         380 – 2032dpi
              Operating speed                    max. 14 m/sec
              Frequency                          300KHz
              Focus                              90 µm

              Type               screen length      sealed laser       repeats

              bestLEN 5412      300 - 2100 mm            250 W     537 - 1168 mm
              bestLEN 5413      300 - 3500 mm            250 W     537 - 1168 mm

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