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									                                                                                                           August, 2010

Students Share their
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                                                                                   a publication of the education
                                                                                   board of africa federation

                                   We Aim, We Work, We Achieve

                                                  et Started! What is your purpose for going to college? Do you
                                                  actually know what you want or what your goal is? If not,
                                                  then start thinking about it. Time is money. You need to make
                                                  a decision and make an aim at what you want to achieve.
                                        This will guide you on what you need to do to achieve your goals.
                                         So now you already have an aim? However are you prepared for
                                         the work? Nothing comes easily. To be successful you need to work
                                         hard. To pass your exams and be a successful student you need to
                                        organize and prepare yourself on how you will manage your school
                                        work. Below are some strategies on being a successful student:
                                      Be punctual and attend all your classes. Make sure you attend your
                                     classes on time so that you don’t miss what your teacher says in the
                                    classroom. Explanations from the teacher in a class can be very helpful,
                                     making your work easier. When you read your text books it will be easier
                                      to understand as you already have an explanation on the topic from
                                         the classroom lecture.
                                 Get assignments done on time. Do not delay in working on your
                                 assignments. Try working on them as soon as possible. Are you
                               having difficulty in doing your assignments? If yes, take help from your
         teacher. Do not feel shy and keep quiet. Remember, we learn by asking.
         Create a time log. Not getting enough time to your school work? Try creating a time log.
         Make a schedule. Decide what task has to be performed and at what time. This is a more
         organized manner of keeping up with time and getting your work done. Make sure right
         work is done at the right time.
         Self Confidence. Know what you are doing. Do not hesitate to present your ideas or express
         your thoughts thinking that you may be wrong. Get rid of the inferiority complex. Always have
         the courage to speak out for yourself and have a positive attitude. Never underestimate
         yourself or give up thinking the task is too difficult for you. You never know your strengths
         unless you put them into action.

                                                                                                               EBS Board:
                                                                                                  Chairman: Samir Habib
      Soaring Higher is brought to the students of the
                                                                                             Vice Chairman: Tehsin Takim
      schools that are under the constituent members                                        Hon. Secretary: Shama Dewji
      of the Africa Federation, and those who have                                           Members: Mohamed Sumar
      continued on to University.                                                                           Nishat Esmail
                                                                                           Administrator: Mehdiya Sheriff

                                         Soaring Higher   Issue 3 • August 2010      page 1
                             Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Always be
                             optimistic in whatever you do. However, things that are unexpected
                             may occur. Things may not work out the way planned. Be bold to
                             fight the times of difficulty without giving up. Keep on struggling to
                             reach your goal and success will be yours.
                             Communication. Have the power of speech. It is one of the most
                             important act in becoming a successful student. Ask and talk to
                             people when looking for information. Talk to people so as to know
                             things you are not aware of. Do not judge people on their cultural
                             background. Cooperation and understanding with others is crucial
                             for ones success.
                             Time to socialize. Take time and put in all your efforts to achieve
                             good grades. Do not forget to take a break. Have a balanced
Choosing the right Career

                             life. Give yourself enough time to study as well as make sure to
                             participate in other extra curriculum activities.
                             Be responsible. We know ourselves better than anyone else. Make
                             sure you have an aim in life. Put in your efforts & work hard. Struggle
                             and be prepared to face challenges that might come your way.
                             Be dedicated to your work and finally success will be yours.
                             There you made it! You achieved it! Things may have seemed to
                             be difficult in the beginning but it gets better day by day. With
                             all the efforts & dedication you will surely make it to the peak of
                             With every best wish
                             The Education Board

                             Students Share their experiences
                             By: Zaheeda Hamza , SUNY Plattsburgh ‘09
                             Bittersweet moments, phone calls, texts, tears, emails, and get-
                             togethers. This is how I spent roughly two weeks of my time in Dar
                             before leaving for New York. Some friends even came to see me off
                             at the airport, leaving me with vivid memories. Being content and
                             happy, thinking of how smooth everything went and how smooth
                             everything will go, I walked into the departure lounge. Little did I
                             know what was in store for me.
                             My trip was long and tiring. When I got to my dorm room, after
                             brushing my teeth, I went straight to sleep. At 8am in the morning,
                             which I think is way too early to wake up someone who has arrived
                             from across the sea, is tired, and jetlagged, my orientation leaders
                             kept knocking at my door. I would not have woken up if they hadn’t
                             shouted out that it was time for breakfast. You know how it is..
                             The real game started when school started. Mind you, it was very
                             cold, (much colder than the cold in Arusha), and you know how
                             cold it gets in Dar? But I’m not going to complain about the cold
                             anymore – all I had to do was wear thermals, winter scarves,
                             jackets, long socks, boots, hats, and gloves.
                             So it’s like this; first week of school is all about learning new things,
                             meeting new people, getting acclimated – which is great, but in

                            Soaring Higher    Issue 3 • August 2010    page 2
classes we already had papers to write, quizzes due, and to prepare
for presentations! Sometimes I’d have 3 papers, 2 quizzes, and a

                                                                                    Great tips for Exams
presentation or two all due in a week. This is when a strong cup of
coffee becomes ones best friend!
How busy you are always depends on how many credits you take,
how involved you get with on campus activities and the traveling
and shopping part too! I always took a full load or an overload,
simply because I liked being busy. Sometimes it would be draining to
watch my friends having fun and I would have to write a paper; then
I would just call my mom and complain to her about everything. It
always worked wonders!
The best thing about studying abroad is that you get an exposure to
such a different world, and different people from all walks of life, and
you really can’t turn your face and walk away, because it could be
your roommate, your professor, or the person who serves you food
that has life choices that are in conflict with yours. It is that moment
when you really make your choice – to either stand out, or not. The
key is to accept differences and celebrate similarities, to stay strong
– spiritually, mentally, and physically -- and to have fun!
If you would like to share with us your experiences /knowledge/ other
information, emails us the articles on: education@africafederation.

Opportunities Your Way!
Did you know the Education Board of Africa Federation has several
schemes/awards to assist you in pursuing further education?
➢	 The Fidahussein & Co Education Loan:
    Offers Loan of up to $10,000 P.A for four years to any one student
    wishing to pursue Undergraduate/Postgraduate Studies in South
➢	 The Late Adbulhussein M. Bhaloo Loan:
    Offers loan of $7,500 P.A for four years for any one student wishing
    to pursue Undergraduate/Postgraduate Studies
➢	 Career Counseling Certificate Scholarship: Offers full scholarship
   to two candidates who wish to pursue a Certificate in Career
   Counseling with Australian Correspondence School Distance
In Addition AFED also issues the below awards to eligible students
every year:
➢	 The Best Student Award: Presented to two students who have
   achieved outstanding results on completion of their Ordinary
   level (Form 4)
➢	 The Brilliant Student Award: offers an annual scholarship program
   that offers a one time award of USD 5,000/- . This is applicable to
   Students who have achieved outstanding results at the Advance
   Level (Form 5 and 6) or equivalent.
For Further Information Visit:                or email:
                            Soaring Higher
                         Soaring Higher         Issue • April 2009
                                             Issue 1 3 • August 2010   EBS page 3
Did you know?
Some Universities in South Africa like University of Cape Town
charges citizens and permanent residents from the Southern African
Development Community (SADC) countries the same fees as it
charges local South Africans.
Tanzania being a member of SADC opens up opportunity to Tanzanian
Nationals to take advantage of the same.

The Instant Intellectual
Here is an addition to your vocabulary!
Ad nauseam
This is a Latin term used to describe an argument which has been
continuing “to the point of nausea”, or to a sickening or excessive
For example, the sentence “This topic has been discussed ad
nauseam” signifies that the topic in question has been discussed
extensively and that those involved in the discussion are sick and tired
of it.

 Soaring Higher    Issue 3 • August 2010   page 4

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