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Product Facts

Sentinel System Filter
Removes Circulating Debris from Central Heating System

                                                                                         Technical Specification
Features & Benefits                                                                      Mounting:           Vertical
                                                                                         Connectors:         22mm comp
    •    Compact design                                                                  Material:           Brass
    •    Suitable for all types of wet central                                           Total Height:       232mm
                                                                                         Total Width:        130mm
         heating systems                                                                 Total Depth:        54mm
    •    Eliminates all types of circulating solids                                      Weight:             1.85kg
    •    Helps prevent sludge build up
    •    No use of magnets
    •    Complements chemical cleaners and
    •    Proven technology

Most hot water central heating systems suffer
from the accumulation of sludge deposits. These
deposits are usually a mixture of black iron                    The Sentinel System Filter unit features the
oxides, water hardness scales, casting sand,                    following benefits:
welding debris, non-ferrous metal flakes, paint
                                                                • Removes all types of debris – The unit
particles and other undesirable material. If
                                                                     filters out all suspended material, both
allowed to circulate in the system water, this
                                                                     magnetic and non-magnetic.
debris can cause wear and premature failure of
pumps and valves or can settle causing                          • Optimised flow design - to yield a specific
blockages and upsetting the balance of the                           flow-through pattern to eliminate blockages
system, resulting in loss of boiler efficiency and                   whilst ensuring the pressure drop across the
system effectiveness.                                                unit remains low, providing less strain on the
                                                                     pump and consequently maximising energy-
Description and Use                                                  saving.
Unlike filter units which contain a simple magnet,              •   Enhances normal chemical cleaning and
and which therefore remove only magnetic                            treating –     Once the system has been
debris, the Sentinel System Filter unit controls                    flushed and inhibited, the use of the filter
and removes all types of debris commonly                            ensures any remaining magnetic and non-
associated with wet central heating systems. It                     magnetic debris is collected quickly, reducing
provides fast and effective removal of both                         risk to system components
magnetic and non magnetic debris, helping to                    •   Easy cleaning and maintenance - Cleaning
maintain optimum system operation and                               the unit is easy via a built-in ball valve at the
efficiency once the flushing and inhibiting                         base of the unit to allow it to be emptied
process has been performed.                                         without the need for the system to be
The unit does not rely on magnets, but instead                      drained. No dismantling is necessary.
utilises a directed water flow pattern and a                    •   Vertical Mounting – Allows the unit to be
special gauze arrangement which together force                      sited easily.
suspended material down into the bottom of the
unit, where it collects ready to be drained away
by simply opening the ball valve provided at the
base of the unit.

Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd, The Heath Business & Technical Park
Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 4QX T: +44 (0) 1928 588330 F: +44 (0) 01928 588368
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