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									Detox - Your guide to getting it right!

Re-energise, revitalise, detox: Your guide to cleansing!

Detoxing is just another word for cleansing.

The aims of a detox programme are:

Cleansing the colon- one of the main organs involved in elimination from the

Enhancing circulation to clear toxic substances.

Eliminating foods from the diet that add to the burden or are allergenic.

Providing nutrients to support and protect the liver- the main organ involved in
detoxing the body.

To increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

To stimulate other body parts or systems responsible for cleansing and

Do you need to detox?

Answer the following questions to decide. Score 1 point for every yes, 0 for no.

1) Do you feel tired upon waking in the morning even though you have slept for
7-8 hours?

2) Do you drink more than 3 cups of coffee, tea or fizzy drinks per day?

3) Do you suffer from skin rashes, spots or eczema?

4) Do you suffer from bloating after meals?
5) Do you drink alcoholic drinks most days?

6) Do you smoke or live with smokers?

7) Do you live or work in the city?

8) Do you rarely eat fresh fruit or vegetables?

9) Do you eat red meat more than once a week?

10) Do you eat fried or take away foods?

11) Do you suffer from constant colds, hay fever or allergies?

12) Do you have mood swings?

13) Do you crave certain foods such as sweets or bread?

14) Do you skip meals especially breakfast?

15) Do you put on weight easily?

16) Do you find it difficult to concentrate?

17) Do you often have irregular bowel movements( I.e. constipation or diarrhoea)

18) Do your joints and muscles sometimes ache?

19) Do you feel tired and lethargic most of the time?

20) Do you suffer from fungal infections such as thrush, athletes foot or

How did you do?

Less than 5= No need to detox, keep up the good work.

Greater than 5= It's time to think about detoxing. Detoxing should be a well
planned process and approached gently. This prevents unpleasant side effects
such as head aches.

Are there times when I should not detox?

Yes in the circumstances below detoxing is not appropriate:

If you are underweight.

If you are pregnant, breast feeding or planning a pregnancy.

If you suffer from eating disorders.

Immediately after illness or surgery.
If you are diabetic or hypoglycaemic.

If you are on medication please consult your GP to check that it is safe for you to

Preparing to detox!!

Preparation is the key to detox success!

Items you may need in the kitchen:

Airtight containers to store dried foods, seeds or nuts for example.

A steamer. This is an excellent way to cook vegetables to retain flavour and

Food processor to reduce chopping time.

A juicer- Juicing fruit and vegetables increases their surface area thus aiding their
absorption therefore improving your digestion.

The bathroom.

Skin brush with natural bristles.

Loofah or flannel mitt.

Exfoliating scrub or salt.

Your favourite essential oil, added to a suitable carrier oil.

Detoxing your kitchen.

Remove all fatty, sugar laden foods.

Remove all processed and refined foods.

Restock the kitchen with your new improved nutritious detox foods. Where
possible buy organic.

Top ten detox rules.

No alcohol.

No artificially produced flavourings, tomato ketchup, vinager, mustard etc.

No biscuits cakes or doughnuts.

No coffee, decaffeinated coffee or tea-except herbal teas.

No dairy produce.
No fruit except bananas.

No jams or spreads except honey.

No red meat.

No sugar, chocolate or sweets.

No wheat, gluten or yeast.

Sounds difficult huh? Why not visit The Surrey Clinic's nutritionalist for some help
on a detailed personalised detox diet. Sure we can all buy a book but can we stick
to it without face to face help and guidance?

Water, the source of life!!

The body is made of approximately 70-80% water therefore it is extremely
important for us to drink 2 litres of water a day. Water uses in the body are
immense for example cell hydration, temperature regulation, remove toxins and
waste products and the list is endless! Tap water is a combination of water from
domestic waste, rainwater and surface water from rivers and reservoirs.
Chemicals are added to rid the water of impurities and is then filtered to eliminate
any parasites. The chemicals used may not be completely removed and it is worth
thinking about the drugs excreted in people's urine e.g anti depressants, the
contraceptive pill in women. It is therefore not advisable to drink large amounts
of unfiltered tap water. Ideally drink mineral water.

Mineral water contents.

Bicarbonate- regulate body acidity.

Calcium- necessary for bone formation and used in muscle activity.

Fluoride- needed for healthy teeth.

Iron- essential for red blood cell formation and prevents anaemia.

Magnesium- excellent for menstrual cramps, those with heart problems as it has
a relaxing effect on heart muscles.

Potassium- involved in blood pressure control. Low levels can result in high blood

Silica- needed for strong bones, nails and health.

Sodium chloride- maintains fluid balance. Needed for digestion, muscular and
nervous system function.

Sulphate- Involved in haemoglobin production. Haemoglobin in the blood uptakes

Zinc- known to improve and boost the immune system.

A successful detox plan involves you looking after your body and mind in
with the elimination diet. Your physical well being is intimately connected with the
health of your body and spirit. Exercise and beauty programmes complement the
detox process because they promote circulation, sweating deep breathing and

Basic body detox.

A daily and weekly body care routine to carry out at home , which will improve
your skin appearance and aid toxin elimination.

Skin Brushing.

The body loses about 0.5kg of waste products through the pores each day,
therefore looking after your skin is an important thing. Brushing:

helps your skin to breathe by cleaning the pores and thus improving their

Boosts blood and lymph circulation thus causing efficient excretion of toxins.

This helps to relieve water retention.

How to brush your skin.

Use a long handled, natural bristle brush, loofah or dry flannel. Do not wet or
moisturise your skin and avoid brushing the face-the skin here is very delicate.
Strokes should be long and firm and towards your heart. Spend about 5 minutes
a day dry brushing your skin. You may experience a tingling and warm sensation
due to the improvement in your circulation.

1) Start at your feet and work up the body. Brush both sides of your feet and up
your legs.

2) Brush towards the heart and over the breast. Brush the stomach in gentle,
circular strokes in a clockwise direction. This follows the flow of your intestine.

3) Raise each arm in turn and brush from the hand to the armpit.

4) Brush from the buttocks up to the back of the neck.

Daily Shower or bath.

Water has an effect on the body's blood flow. Warm water dilates the blood
vessels, reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow to the skin and muscles.
The improved circulation aids toxin removal and encourages oxygen and nutrient
transferral to cells.

Cold water has a stimulating effect. The blood vessels constrict and increase
blood flow towards the internal organs, thus allowing them to function better.

Having a warm bath or shower followed by a blast of cold water will help the
circulation thus improving skin appearance.

This process gently removes dead skin cells and should be done at least once a

How to exfoliate.

1) Relax in a warm bath for at least 10 minutes.

2) Lift each limb out of the water and rub your exfoliating scrub in firm circular
motions all over you body.

3) Get out of the bath, gently dry yourself with a warm towel and apply a
moisturiser or body oil.

Epsom bath salts.

Have an Epsom salt bath everyday. Epsom salts can be purchased from a good
chemist. Avoid Epsom salt baths if you have a skin condition or have any cuts or
grazes. Epsom salts are pure magnesium which allows the body to maintain
healthy tissues, draw off toxins and improve circulation. Begin relaxing in the
bath for 10 minutes slowly increased your bathing time up to 30 minutes. Get out
of the bath after 10 minutes and wrap your body in a warm towel. Lay down on
your bed for 20 minutes and relax.


Having a facial is extremely relaxing. It is very important to relax during your
detox process as excessive stress levels have a negative effect on the body and
mind. Not only relaxing but facials are deeply cleansing. Why not visit The Surrey
Clinic and have one of our tailored made facials.

Breathing and relaxation.

Controlled breathing can induce calm and relaxation thus reducing stress levels.
Stress can pollute the body and mind with toxins.

How to breathe deeply.

Abdominal breathing will encourage you to breathe more deeply and encourages
bowel movement.

Sit in a comfortable position. Place one hand on your chest and the other over
your diaphragm. Breathe in through your nose, try to breathe using your
abdomen keeping your hand on your chest as still as possible.

Repeat 4 times concentrating purely on your breathing. Repeat daily.


When your body is not relaxed or your mind is cluttered and you are feeling
stress your muscles tense reducing toxin elimination. It is essential to take time
out and allow your body to relax.

Relaxation at The Surrey Clinic.

Infra sauna an hydro massage shower.

Hopi ear candles


Massage: holistic, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy.


Stress management.

Healing- Reiki.


Allow yourself to unwind from the stresses of modern life and achieve inner calm
and balance. The process helps detoxing as it reduces stress. At first meditation
may be difficult as it takes time to be able to ‘switch off' and fully relax but with
time it will become much easier.

The ideal environment needs to be warm, comfortable and quiet. Perhaps light a
candle to create a relaxing feel to the room.

Close your eyes and focus purely on your breathing. Try to empty your head off
all thoughts and you will begin to relax. Focus on the exhaling and inhaling of
your breathing. At first your mind will draw on events and images of the day.
Imagine you are filing these thoughts away in your mind and your mind is
becoming as blank as possible. Focus your attention on the candle flame or
visualise an image that you find particularly claming. Perhaps the sea lapping up
on the shore line or a beautiful orange sunset. Close your eyes and keep them
closed. When you feel comfortable slowly open your eyes and look at your
surroundings. Do this for 10-15 minutes each day to encourage body and mind
relaxation. This encourages your mind to detox.

Complementary therapies: to aid the detox process

It is an excellent idea to complement your elimination diet and beauty regime
with some complementary therapy to maximise the detox. Why not visit the
detox suite at The Surrey Clinic and have an aqua detox or infra red sauna with
hydro massage shower.

Detox therapies include:

Aromatherapy massage using detox oils.

Colonic irrigation.

Lymphatic drainage massage.


Emotional detoxification. One may consider hypnotherapy, a non invasive
treatment for people who wish to generate change in their lives. In the same way
we need to cleanse our bodies, we need to detox our emotional system and rid
the debris from our brains to enable us to restore emotional balance and
harmony. One may consider visiting a counsellor to work through these issues
that may surface during the detox process.

Detox supplements.

It is not essential to take herbal preparations or vitamins while detoxing.
However, doing so may speed up the detoxing process. The body can be given a
welcomed boost which may be extremely helpful if you feel lethargic, bloated or
feel you carry excess weight.


Antioxidants mop up free radicals in the body. Free radicals are thought to
involved in causing a healthy cell to turn cancerous.

Blue green algae.

These are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, mineral, enzymes, essential
fatty acids, amino acids and proteins. A number of blue green algae are available
as supplements for example chlorella or spirulina.

Green tea.

Is known to lower cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure. Green tea conatins
powerful antioxidants. The Surrey clinic stocks DR Stuarts green tea, a deliciously
light and refreshing china tea. Green tea is known to promote bowel movements
thus aiding the detox process. The antioxidants in green tea are known to fight
viruses, slow aging and have an overall health benefit.

Detox tea

Dr Stuarts detox is a delicious herbal tea that helps you cleanse and refresh your
system. Packed with pure natural flavours of dandelion and burdock, sage and
ginger, peppermint, spearmint and a host of others.


Anti bacterial and viral. Is an excellent immune system stimulant. Good for colds,
flu, chronic fatigue and respiratory problems. Dr Stuarts Echinacea plus blends
the ever popular Echinacea with peppermint, blackberry leaves and orange.


Dr stuarts naturally caffeine free tea is naturally high in antioxidants and Rooibos
antioxidant also includes ‘green rooibos' with an even higher level


Is known to be good for heart, skin and eyes. Is found in dark leafy vegetables
e.g. brocolli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. ( Irritable bowel sufferers should avoid
this food group known as brassicas as this can result in gas formation and
therefore worsen I.B.S. symptoms).


Thought to reduce risk of lung and prostate cancer. Found in cooked tomatoes,
watermelon, pink grapefruit, peaches and spinach.
Milk thistle.

Encourages detoxing of the liver and kidneys supports them from pollutants and
toxins. Is excellent for boosting the immune system.

Psyllium husks.

The husks contain insoluble fibre which swells up in the body and as it passes
through the bowel it creates a cleansing action removing debris as it moves
through. These need to be taken with plenty of water due to the swelling of the


Zinc has several uses in the body; acne prevention, formation of bone and
collagen, esssentail for growth and function of reproductive systems, wound
healing and for a healthy immune system. Zinc is naturally found in eggs, kelp,
pecans and whole grains.

Digestive aids.

To help the digestive process. They also reduce flatulence, bloating, indigestion
and decrease the incidence of constipation.

Amylase, peptin and pancreatic enzymes.

Produced in supplement form when digestive enzyme levels are low in the body
possibly due to reduced liver function or too much acidity.


Highly absorbent agent excellent for flatulence and bloating.


Improves digestive secretions.


Excellent calming nature on the digestive system. Helps with bloating, flatulence
symptoms of over indulgence. The Surrey Clinic stocks DR Stuarts peppermint
and fennel tea.

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