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Credit transfer                                  What do we mean by credit?
If you have successfully completed a course      It is our policy at Brookes to encourage
in higher education after leaving school or      students of all ages and from all
gained extra qualifications at work, your        backgrounds to study with us. We realise
studies may count towards an Oxford              that many people will have significant
Brookes University award, and may shorten        achievements either through work or private
the time needed to study here. This guide        study before coming to Oxford Brookes, for
aims to answer any questions you might           which we can give them credit when they
have about credit transfer, and how it works     apply to join one of our courses. Your ‘prior
in practice at Brookes.                          learning’, which you might have gained
                                                 through study at either college or work, can
Please read this guide carefully, as the area
                                                 then be counted as credit towards an
of credit transfer is quite complicated. There
                                                 academic qualification. Prior learning can
is no general rule that can be applied to
                                                 come in two forms, certificated and
everyone and every case has to be looked
at individually. This guide should be used in
conjunction with the current Undergraduate       §    Certificated learning will have taken
Prospectus, which gives a full description of         place in a recognised institution such
all our courses and an overview of life at            as a college or university. It will have
Brookes. Please note that the number of               been formally assessed and will have
places available for entry to Years 2 and 3 of        resulted in a particular qualification.
our undergraduate courses is limited and
                                                 §    Un-certificated learning comes in a less
variable according to the University’s overall
                                                      structured way, perhaps through a
student numbers. Applications for entry with
                                                      company training scheme, or through
credit are subject to the same process of
                                                      learning on the job, acquiring skills
academic selection as for all other
                                                      through experience.
applications. You may also find the Mature
Students and Part-time Students guides
useful. These are all available from the
Student Liaison Enquiry Centre telephone
+44 (0) 1865 484848 email
How does credit transfer work?                     I’ve heard of CATS points, what are
A large number of higher education                 they?
institutions now award ‘credit’ or points to       The Credit Accumulation and Transfer
their programmes of study which students           Scheme, or CATS, is a system of credit
accumulate as they complete assessments            transfer recognised by Brookes and many
at each stage of their course. (Depending          other higher education institutions
on the way an institution organises its            nationwide. Participating institutions are able
courses and assessment, this credit may be         to measure their awards in terms of the
awarded in small amounts two or three              amount of credit, or CATS points, and the
times in the year, or in total at the end of a     level to which it belongs within the National
full year of study.) Most of these institutions,   Qualifications Framework (NQF).
including Brookes, recognise each other’s
                                                   §    HE level 1 (NQF level 4) operates at the
credit so that students moving from one
                                                        first year level of an undergraduate
college or university to another can take
                                                        course, HE levels 2 and 3 (NQF levels
their credit with them via credit transfer.
                                                        5 and 6) operate at the second and
It is not an automatic process – whether                third year levels on an undergraduate
your prior learning will count as credit                course.
towards a course at Brookes will depend on
                                                   §    A normal full-time year at each of the
your qualifications as well as the
                                                        levels is worth 120 CATS points.
requirements of the course you wish to
study. When a potential student approaches
us for credit transfer we need to be satisfied

§    their qualifications are at the necessary
     level; and

§    that they are relevant to the course in
     question; and

§    that they are sufficiently current to be
Part-time courses operate to the same tariff,        level 1 study to achieve the 120 points
the only difference being that students              needed at that level to meet the
accumulate their points over a longer time.          requirements for the award.
Many but not all institutions, are part of the
                                                     If we consider that your prior learning does
CATS network. If a higher education
                                                     not match the course you wish to join, the
institution is not part of the scheme, we will
                                                     amount of credit you have earned may not
normally be able to give credit in line with
                                                     all be counted towards your new course.
CATS if you have successfully completed
                                                     This may mean that additional study at a
your award, or passed assessments that
                                                     lower level is needed to meet the standard
show you have successfully completed a
                                                     necessary to proceed to a higher level.
full-time year of study.
                                                     Marks awarded by a different institution or a
Using the CAT Scheme, credit awarded at
                                                     course that is not part of Brookes’
one level will normally only be transferred at
                                                     Undergraduate Programme will normally be
the same level.
                                                     transferred as passed or failed, without
The points value you have been awarded is            marks, and will therefore not impact on the
not negotiable. If you have credit of 110            marks earned at Brookes for the purposes
points at HE level 1 you may be allowed to           of classifying awards.
continue into your second year and start
level 2 study, but will still have to do more

  Awards –         Total credit   HE level 1/    HE level 2/   HE level 3/         Normal
  General          required       Certificate/   Intermediate Honours/             period of
  tariff within                   NQF level 4    / NQF level 5 NQF level 6         full-time
  the NQF                                                                          study

  Certificate of   120            120            -                 -               1 year

  Diploma of       240            120            120               -               2 years

  Degree           300            120            120               60              3 years

  Honours          360            120            120               120             3 years
What kind of qualifications will give            How do I apply for credit transfer?
me credit?                                       All claims for certificated credit gained at
Brookes recognises certain professional          university or college must be supported by
qualifications awarded by bodies such as         an official transcript from the awarding
the Association of Chartered Certified           institution. This needs to specify the course
Accountants (ACCA), the English Nursing          title, the credit value and level of each unit
Board (ENB) and the Nursing and Midwifery        or module taken, the date each unit was
Council (NMC). We are able to give you           taken, and the results of each unit.
credit for these awards when you apply for
                                                 Please note the following:
a course in a relevant subject.
                                                 §    It is up to you to provide us with all the
Enquiries about this option should go to the
                                                      necessary information about your
Admissions Office, marked:
                                                      previous qualifications and
For the attention of the tutor responsible for        qualifications pending to support an
credit entry for ……….. (here you should               application for credit.
enter the subject you wish to apply for).
                                                 §    You must obtain any supporting
                                                      documentation needed from your
Which Brookes qualifications will my                  previous or present place of study.
credit count towards?                            §    Any enquiries about the credit value of
It is possible to transfer credit into the            your existing qualifications or previous
following awards offered under the                    study should be directed to the
Undergraduate Programme at Brookes:                   awarding institution or body.
Foundation Diploma, Certificate of Higher
Education, Certificate of Associate Study,
Diploma of Advanced Study, Higher National
Diploma, Diploma of Higher Education,
Degree without Honours and Honours
I have already been awarded a                      Will my work experience count as
degree, am I eligible for credit                   credit?
transfer?                                          In some cases it will be possible to assess
Graduates are not normally admitted with           un-certificated learning acquired through
credit to courses that would substantially         work and award credit for this using a
duplicate a previous award. Neither do we          process known as APEL – accreditation of
normally admit students with credit to ‘up-        prior experiential learning. This is a not a
grade’ a non-honours degree to an honours          quick or simple process as it involves formal
degree in the same subject, although there         assessment so it is not normally available at
may be exceptional circumstances where             the point of application but is carried out
we would consider this.                            once you have been admitted to a course.
                                                   The University may charge for the
Contact the Admissions Office for advice.
                                                   assessment either directly or as part of a
Telephone +44 (0) 1865 483040, email
                                                   course fee.
                                                   Your first step is to contact the Admissions
It is more usual for graduates to gain a
                                                   Tutor for the subject you wish to study
qualification in a new subject by taking a
                                                   giving a brief outline of your previous
Diploma in Advanced Study rather than a
                                                   experience to establish if there is a basis for
second degree. Diplomas can be completed
                                                   proceeding with an application and APEL.
through one year of full-time study at HE
level 3 on the Undergraduate Programme.            If this is agreed you will normally be
Credit transfer does not normally apply in         admitted and enrolled so that you can
this case, and it may be necessary to take         register for APEL assessment. To
level 1 modules first in order to be admitted      demonstrate your learning and
to the Diploma.                                    competencies you may be asked to prepare
                                                   a portfolio, complete written tasks, attend a
The Oxford Brookes Postgraduate
                                                   viva or interview for assessment. Following
Prospectus gives full details. This is available
                                                   assessment, credit will be awarded through
from the Student Liaison Enquiry Centre
                                                   a University Examinations Committee.
telephone: +44 (0) 1865 484848 email:                                Enquiries about this option should go to the
                                                   Admissions Office, marked:
If you have the time and wish to study for a
second degree in a different subject from          For the attention of the tutor responsible for
your first, then you may be able to transfer       credit entry for ……….. (here you should
some credit from your first award. This is         enter the subject you wish to apply for).
because many degrees allow for the
inclusion of a proportion of optional or non-
subject-specific credit at level 1.
Contact the Admissions Office for advice.
Telephone +44 (0) 1865 483040, email
How much credit can I bring to                     Does my study outside the UK
Brookes?                                           count?
Up to two-thirds of an honours degree at           Yes. We have procedures for recognising
Brookes may be awarded as credit from              credit achieved abroad. The same rules
your prior learning. Credit can be transferred     about levels, volume, relevance and
onto both full-time and part-time                  providing evidence apply. Also, students can
programmes, although you must spend at             study abroad for part of their course and
least a year (full-time or part-time equivalent)   bring in credit from another institution to
studying here, no matter how much credit is        count towards their degree at Brookes.
transferred.                                       ‘Exchange’ credit earned in this way will
                                                   count towards your programme but must
Undergraduate study at Brookes takes
                                                   always be agreed before you begin your
place under a modular framework in which
                                                   studies abroad.
courses are made up of equal-sized units
called modules. A single module is worth 15
CATS points and is designated either basic         Are there any time limits?
(HE level 1) or advanced (HE level 3).
                                                   Yes. If you gained your credit more than ten
Students entering with credit must take a
                                                   years ago, it can only be transferred to a
minimum amount of credit at Oxford
                                                   new course if you can show it has been
Brookes to receive one of our awards as
                                                   kept up-to-date. Also, depending on the
                                                   amount of credit you wish to transfer into
                                                   your programme and the length of time you
 Award            Minimum        Minimum           have taken to achieve it, Brookes uses a
                  CATS points    number of         schedule to determine how long you can
                  to be          module
                                                   spend taking your award – the more credit
                  passed at      credits to be
                  Brookes        passed at         and study time that you transfer, the less
                                 Brookes           time you will be allowed to complete an
                                                   award. You should make sure you know
 Certificate of   90             6 module          how long we will allow you to complete your
 Higher                          credits at        award because it could affect the rate of
 Education                       HE level 1        study needed to finish in time and the rate
                                                   at which you are charged fees.
 Diploma of       90             6 module
 Higher                          credits
 Education                       including at
                                 least 4 at
                                 HE level 3

 Degree           90             6 module
 without                         credits at
 Honours                         HE level 3

 Honours          120            8 module
 degree                          credits at
                                 HE level 3
How do I know if my credit is                        Do I have to claim the credit I might
relevant to the course I want to                     be entitled to?
study?                                               It is not always appropriate to use all of the
In assessing your credit, we first establish         credit you have. For example, if you change
the level and amount and then determine its          your mind and restart on a different degree
relevance to the course you wish to take.            you may be entitled to some general credit
We make a distinction between general                at HE level 1. Transferring this credit may
credit, which is not specifically relevant to        reduce your programme to part-time and
the subject of a particular course, and              thereby affect your student loan. In this
specific credit, which relates directly to a         circumstance, you might be advised to
named programme of study. Many higher                study a normal full-time year without any
education awards permit, or even require,            credit being transferred. However, in no
students to include a proportion of general          circumstances is it allowed to circumvent
credit at HE level 1 but significantly less, or      the university’s academic regulations by
possibly none, at level 2/3.                         selective use of prior credit.
You can find information about all the modules
on the Undergraduate Modular Programme at
Brookes through the university’s website as
follows: from, Home Page,
select Students and Staff, then from Online
Resources select Undergraduate Modular
Handbook. Each field (subject) has a list of
modules that it uses. You can use this
information to estimate the relevance of your
prior learning to the course(s) you wish to study.
Do not assume that all credit from one
course will automatically count towards a
similarly named course – there may be
significant differences in the programmes at
different institutions.

§    Students applying for credit must
     support their application by providing
     copies of syllabuses so that relevance
     can be determined within the levels of
     credit to be awarded

§    All course requirements of the Brookes
     course (eg compulsory modules) must
     be met irrespective of the amount of
     credit previously earned.

§    Previous academic failure will be taken
     into consideration in deciding if an offer
     can be made.
How do I apply for entry with credit?               syllabuses) with a covering letter to the
You must apply via the normal channels              Admissions Office marked: For the
using the standard application procedures           attention of the tutor responsible for
(see the Undergraduate Prospectus for               credit entry for ……….. (here you
details). There is no separate application          should enter the subject you wish to
route or form for entry with credit. If you         apply for).
want to study full-time starting at the         §   Do not send additional papers to
beginning of the academic year (September)          UCAS – they do not send them on to
you must apply through UCAS. Applicants             us automatically and retrieving them
for part-time study or mid-year entry need          will waste time.
to use a university application form.
                                                §   Applications for admission with credit
This can be obtained from the Admissions            for the start of the next academic year
Office telephone +44 (0) 1865 483040,               received after 30 June will normally
email                      only be considered in exceptional
Please note that as the process of awarding         circumstances and with the agreement
credit is complicated you must allow                of the appropriate tutor responsible for
sufficient time for documentation to be             credit entry. Enquiries about this should
processed and assessed.                             be made through the Admissions Office.

§   If you are applying for entry with credit   §   Do not rely on obtaining a place and
    for the start of the next academic year         then apply for credit once you have
    after the standard January deadline,            enrolled unless this option has been
    you should contact the Admissions               specifically agreed in writing by the
    Office to enquire if places on the              University. Credit will not normally be
    course(s) you want are still available.         awarded retrospectively.
    Many popular courses, particularly for
    full-time study, are closed to further
                                                How will my application be
    applications by spring because of the
    high demand for places. There is
    usually more flexibility to admit           §   Once all essential information has been
                                                    received, your application and
    students to part-time study.
                                                    supporting papers will be forwarded
§   If you wish prior credit to be                  from the Admissions Office to the
    considered this should be made                  tutor(s) responsible for entry with credit
    explicit on the application form, under         to the field(s) you have applied for. For
    point of entry, qualifications or               combined courses, two tutors may be
    qualifications pending as appropriate           involved. Tutors may contact you at
    and the personal statement.                     this stage for further information or call
                                                    you for interview. All decisions are then
§   Wherever possible your reference
    should be provided by a person with             returned to the Admissions Office.
    recent experience of your academic          §   The Admissions Office will inform you
    performance.                                    of the decision. An offer may be
                                                    unconditional or conditional on results
§   Send supporting documentation (eg
    transcripts, academic record,                   in examinations that are pending.

Admissions Office                                            Student Liaison Enquiry Centre
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