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									Complaining about the
Parliamentary and Health Service

Everyone has the right to expect a good service
We welcome complaints about us as they help us improve
our service.
In considering complaints about us we aim to apply our
Principles of Good Complaint Handling, which means:
•   Getting it right
•   Being customer focused
•   Being open and accountable
•   Acting fairly and proportionately
•   Putting things right, and
•   Seeking continuous improvement.

We are committed to applying the same standards to ourselves
that we expect of others.
What can I complain about?
You can complain about any aspect of our service.
You can complain about our decision on your case. We call this a
request for a review.
You can also complain to us about our handling of, or response to, a
request for documentation under Freedom of Information or Data
Protection legislation.
How do I complain?
You can complain by letter, fax, email or telephone to a member of
the Ombudsman’s staff. We also have a dedicated complaints email
address:, and helpline on
0300 061 4076.
We will not normally consider complaints about our decisions if you
just say that you disagree with us. We would normally expect you
to tell us what aspect of your complaint you feel we have not fully
considered or what we have done wrong. It is helpful if you also tell
us what you would like to achieve.
If we decide not to take further action on your complaint about us
we will write to you explaining our decision.
What happens to my complaint?
Once you have made a complaint to the Ombudsman, we aim
to send you an acknowledgement within five working days. That
acknowledgement will explain that the Ombudsman, or one of her
senior staff, will be responding to you.
We will give serious consideration to the issues you raise and assess
whether our service and/or original decision or response to your
information request was sound.
We will provide you with a response that is clear and explains the
outcome of your complaint about us. Where we identify mistakes
in our earlier decision making or service, we will acknowledge those
mistakes and offer an appropriate remedy.
We expect to respond to the majority of complaints within 16 weeks
of the complaint arriving with us. The time taken to respond will vary
depending on the urgency and complexity of the complaint. We will
assess your complaint about us when it arrives and identify whether,
exceptionally, it should be given priority.
If we are unable to respond within 16 weeks because, for example, the
matters you raise require more detailed work, we will let you know.
What if I still disagree?
Once the Ombudsman or one of her senior staff has considered
your complaint and sent you a response their decision is final. We
will acknowledge any further correspondence from you but, unless it
raises new issues that we consider significant, we will not send
further replies.
Can I appeal against the Ombudsman’s decisions?
The Ombudsman’s decisions can be the subject of judicial review
proceedings and you may wish to seek legal advice on that matter.
Applications for judicial review have to be made promptly (usually
within three months of the decision).
If you remain dissatisfied with our review of an information request
under Freedom of Information or Data Protection legislation, you can
complain to the Information Commissioner. Further information can be
found at or on 08456 30 60 60 or 01625 54 57 45.
To whom do I send comments, compliments
and suggestions?
If you would like to send us a compliment, make a comment or
suggest an idea for improving our service, please contact the
person who is handling your case. Alternatively you can email or contact our
complaints helpline on 0300 061 4076.
How to contact us
If you need further help or advice with making your complaint
you can get in touch with us at:

Helpline: 0300 061 4076

Fax:        0300 061 4000



Our address is:

            The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
            Millbank Tower
            SW1P 4QP

The Ombudsman’s aim and vision is to provide an independent, high
quality complaint handling service that rights individual wrongs,
drives improvements in public services and informs public policy.
We can also provide information, papers and reports in a range of
formats (such as large print, easy read or Daisy) and other languages
as required. Just tell us how you would like the Ombudsman to
communicate with you.
                                                                        PHSO-0073 November 2009

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