Engineering Project File Index by RickyBibey


									                                                               ENGINEERING PROJECT FILE INDEX

Section A   Project History                                                           Section F   Schedules
            A-1 Project Team List                                                                 F-1 Project Baseline Schedules & Milestones, Revisions
            A-2 Closure comments - Lessons Learned, Other Final Information                       F-2 Detailed Working Schedules – Design, Procurement, & Construction
            A-3 Other                                                                             F-3 Other

Section B   Authorizations                                                            Section G   Procurement
            B-1 NSF Project Initiation/Request Documents                                          G-1 Purchase Requisitions
            B-2 NEPA Documentation – EA, EIS, ROER                                                G-2 Statements of Work (SOWs)
            B-3 NSF Approvals/ Permits/ Compliance                                                G-3 Bid Evaluations
            B-4 Partial and/or Final Project Closeout                                             G-4 Proposals
            B-5 Accounting Closeout (ACO)                                                         G-5 Contracts / POs / Change Orders
            B-6 Other                                                                             G-6 Submittals
                                                                                                  G-7 QA Trips & Reports
Section C   Correspondence
                                                                                                  G-8 Expeditor’s Reports
            C-1 Letters Incoming / Outgoing (i.e. cover letters)
                                                                                                  G-9 Stop Work Order
            C-2 Email & Faxes
                                                                                                  G-10 Other
            C-3 Vendor Specific (includes phone notes & emails)
            C-4 Incoming Transmittals (Design / Vendor)
                                                                                      Section H   Construction and Installation
            C-5 Meeting Minutes & Notes
                                                                                                  H-1 Change Request (CRs) & Request for Info (RFIs)
            C-6 Other
                                                                                                  H-2 Inspection Reports / Acceptance Criteria / Walkdowns
            For Large Projects – Corresp may be sorted by CSI code
                                                                                                  H-3 Non Conformance Reports
                                                                                                  H-4 Punch Lists Status Reports
Section D   Engineering Documents
                                                                                                  H-5 Construction As-builts
            D-1 Engineering Project Definitions (EPD’s)
                                                                                                  H-6 Safety Risk Analysis
            D-2 Prelim Design Documentation, Title I Design; Design Review Comments
                                                                                                  H-7 Subcontractor / Vendor Performance Evaluation
            D-3 Final Design Documentation, Title II Design, Design Review Comments
            D-4 Design Revisions; Reviews & Approvals, Review Comment Sheet                       H-8 Photos
            D-5 Engineering Studies – Value Engr, Cost/Benefit Analysis, etc.                     H-9 Project Beneficial Occupancy Notice
            D-6 Calculations, Specifications                                                      H-10 Project Assistance & Transfer
            D-7 Acceptance Criteria, Quality Assurance Plan                                       H-11 Project Specific Status Reports
            D-8 Other                                                                             H-12 Other
            Engineering RFIs & CRs – Use Sec H-1

Section E   Cost Information and Estimates
            E-1 Scope Estimate
            E-2 Design Estimate 30%, 60%, 90%
            E-3 Bid Estimate – Equipment, Construction
            E-4 Change Order Estimates
            E-5 Other

EN-DMPS-216a                 RPSC                       FEMC                             Revision 2                  07/08/04            Approved By Ric Morris

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