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					BSc Accounting and Finance
Professor Mathew Tsamenyi (Programme Director)
O tli

 Why Birmingham
 Programme Overview
  – Aims and strengths
 D t il d programme structure
 Detailed              t t
 Graduate destinations
 General admissions criteria
Why Bi i h
Wh Birmingham

 Well established
  – Research active ‘Russell Group’ University
 Good facilities
  – New School, Self contained campus
 Library and Computing Facilities
 The Munrow Sports Centre
 Winterbourne House
 Barber Institute
 The City of Birmingham
Programme Aims
  Provide a broad based education in accounting &
  – Understand the operations of accounting & finance in
    different contexts
       An international approach
  Develop pe so a a d intellectual s s
   e e op personal and e ec ua skills
  – Higher Education is about intellectual enquiry, and
           p g       p
    developing independent learning   g
  – E.g. writing, problem-solving, numeracy, analysis,
    presenting, organising, critical reflection.
Programme St
P               th
 Well established
    Research active ‘Russell Group’ University
 Good facilities
    New School, Self contained campus
 Vocational links
    Accreditations exempt successful candidates from
                    f th          (6),       (9),
    some exams of the ICAEW (6) CIMA (9) ACCA (6)
    Staff from the ‘big 4’ contribute to the programme
    Prizes, internships
    Proposed partnership with ICAEW
 High employment rates
 Active         l tutoring
 A ti personal t t i systemt
 Welfare tutors
Year 1
  ‘Fresher's’ Week’
      id         f bj t         t di d
  A wide range of subjects are studied
    Provides a grounding in Accounting & Finance
    Provides an introduction to the wider business
    Develops key ‘transferable’ skills
         Professional Skills
            us ess a a e ess, Communication,
           Business awareness, Co    u cat o ,
           Leadership, Team work, Problem solving
  All modules are compulsory
  No prior knowledge assumed
Year Modules
Y 1M d l
 Basic Accounting (assessment - exams75/ CW25)
 Introduction to Management Accounting &
 Elementary Managerial Finance (
            y      g                   )
 Analytical Techniques & IT for Business (80/20)
 Economics (75/25)
 General Principles of English Law (100/0)
 Business Organisation & Management (75/25)
 Professional Skills (0/100)
Y 2
       specialised, in-depth
 More specialised in depth study
 Wider variety of assessments
    E.g.           k     i        t (   tests,
    E coursework assignments (essays, t t
    IT based assignments)
 All modules are compulsory
 The average 2nd year mark counts 25% towards
 your final degree classification
Year Modules
Y 2M d l
 Company Accounting & Accounting Theory (75/25)
 Management Accounting (75/25)
 Auditing & Taxation (50/50)
 Corporate Financial Management (75/25)
 Information Systems for Accounting (75/25)
 Business Law (100/0)
 Introduction t M k ti P i i l
 I t d ti to Marketing Principles (100/0)
 Personnel Management (100/0)
Final Y
Fi l Year
 Choice of ‘option’ modules
    Allows greater specialisation to meet current /
    future aspirations / interests
 Choice of Extended Essay topic
    A 7,000 word research project
                            y     g
    Work with a personally assigned academic
 Breadth in assessment techniques
    E g 100% coursework vs 100% exam
 Marks count 75% towards your degree classification
Final Y Modules
Fi l Year M d l
 Advanced Financial Accounting (75/25)
 Advanced Management Accounting (75/25)
 Ad       d Finance (100/0)
 Advanced Fi
 Advanced Accounting Theory & Policy (100/0)
 Extended Essay (0/100)
 Plus 3 Elective Modules
Current Elective Modules
C     t El ti M d l
 Public Sector Accounting
 International Corporate Governance
 Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
 Principles of Risk Management & Insurance
 Comparative & International Taxation
 E t           i l Small Business St di
 Entrepreneurial & S ll B i       Studies
 Strategic Management
 Human Resource Management
 Retail Marketing
 Business to Business Marketing
 New & Hi-Tech Product Marketing
G adua e es a o s        us ess Sc oo
Graduate Destinations – Business School -
    67.1% (of those who respond) in graduate
    26.4% in further study
    5.2% travelling
    5 2% “travelling”
Graduate Destinations –
Accounting and Finance
 Finance & Accounting roles            80%
  – Chartered Accountancy              47%
  – Commerce/Industry                  19%
  – B ki /I                            5%
  – Public Sector                      9%
 Other roles                           20%
      Including IT, retail, teaching
              g                    g
Recent Graduate R
R                 it
     t G d t Recruiters

J P Morgan                 PricewaterhouseCoopers
Hi h
Highways A Agency          E t & Young
                           Ernst Y
HSBC                       Waterstones
WS Atki                    G ld     Sachs
                           Goldman S h
Chesterton International   Deloitte
Baker Tilly                Grant Thornton
Admissions Criteria
Ad i i     C it i
Places Available = 135
  110 EU / 25 Non-EU
                    p               grades
Offers are made on specific literal g
  3 *A2: AAB
  3 at A2 and 1 at AS: ABB
  Need GCSE Mathematics Grade B
  Excludes General Studies
  However, the overall quality of the application is
Queries: Admissions Tutor: Mrs Anne Ullathorne
Any Questions?
A Q ti ?

 Also Colleagues at the Great Hall